10 Best Xbox One Games For Kids (2018 Edition)

Minecraft Story Mode: The Complete Adventure

Rating: Everyone 10+
Price: $19.99
Where to Buy: Amazon

If your child still can’t get enough of Minecraft, Minecraft Story Mode is a good choice.

The single-player game follows the story of several characters within the Minecraft universe. Kids can choose what their character says and does, which will then influence how the story plays out.

There are also brief sequences in which kids can explore and solve puzzles, often involving finding objects in an environment.

Though it doesn’t contain the building and crafting elements of the original and the story may seem a little mundane to adults, this is a great option for kids who enjoy other Minecraft spin-off books and stories.

Think choose-your-own-adventure here.

You can check out our review of Minecraft Stories' first episode for more info. 

Published Oct. 5th 2018

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