10 Best Xbox One Games For Kids (2018 Edition)

Super Lucky's Tale

Rating: Everyone
Price: $19.89
Where to Buy: Amazon

Super Lucky's Tale is a 3D platformer, a genre that also includes the Mario games. Kids play as Lucky, a fox who travels through different levels in a quest to protect a magical tome known as the Book of Ages.

The game is fairly easy, allowing young kids to run, jump, and bounce their way through colorful worlds while collecting clovers.

In addition to the main levels, the game includes a number of side challenges, puzzles, and other minigames to keep kids occupied.

Along the way, they'll meet lots of storybook-style characters and outsmart evil cats. This is essentially the tamer version of Crash Bandicoot -- if there is such a thing. 

Published Oct. 5th 2018

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