Top 5 Complaints Gamers Have About the Wii (And Why They're BS)

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To date, one of my best purchases as a gamer has been my trusty Nintendo Wii. The thought of using motion controls was certainly a novel idea when the console first launched -- but after a two generation hiatus from Nintendo in general, I was excited to revisit what I consider to be an old friend.

Over the years, my excitement for the Wii hasn't dwindled. New Super Mario Bros. Wii, Manhunt 2, and Super Paper Mario have taken up considerable chunks of my time. But recently, I seem to have fallen into the minority of Wii users who still enjoy playing on their system.

A considerable of the community has been throwing shade towards the Wii in recent times, most of which I feel is largely unwarranted. From the understandable to the obscene, these complaints are pretty consistent with claims like...

Published Sep. 18th 2017

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