12 most anticipated video game sequels on the horizon

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Battlefield 1

We are in a very interesting time for the FPS genre, especially in the ongoing battle between those two titans of the genre: Battlefield and Call Of Duty.

Battlefield is an odd position at the moment, as previous entry Hardline wasn't exactly beloved and Battlefield 4 had a rocky launch, but there's no question the recent trailers have put fans much more solidly in Dice's camp than Infinity Ward's. Those old school tanks and zeppelins look particularly enticing.

Every clip that has been revealed has just made the hype stronger, as this looks to be the most polished, graphically advanced, and entertaining game in the series. While I have every intention of playing Infinite Warfare, you better believe I can't wait to go back in time to World War I and get my hands dirty with some deadly trench warfare as well!

Published Jun. 29th 2016

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