West Of Loathing Complete Guide To Earning Perks

Need to beef up your Muscle or learn how to chat up Goblins? Dozens of perks are waiting to be earned if you now where to look!

Like the classic Western-influenced and zany RPGs before it, such as Fallout and Wasteland, there are many unique perks waiting to be bargained for, bought, or earned through hard experience in West Of Loathing.

These perks are typically hilarious -- from becoming a Minesplainer by interrupting a woman and explaining how mines work to her (even though you have no idea what you are talking about, to earning the Mostly Scabs perk by repeatedly walking into pointy cacti across the desert.

Besides offering joke material, these perks can be absolutely critical to your success, and are also a viable way to end up with just about any character build you can imagine. With the Nex Mex perks for instance, even a muscle-focused Cow Puncher character (the West Of Loathing equivalent of a melee fighter) can have some serious spell power at their disposal, although there are some skill penalty offsets.

Below we cover every single perk that's been discovered in the game so far. Need help with any specific puzzles or quests? Check out our full set of West Of Loathing guides for more tips.

West Of Loathing Perks

Perk Bonus / Penalty How To Earn
 Glutton For Punishment Gain EXP even when losing battles Lose 5 total battles
Stupid Walking Walk in bizarre and stupid ways Read 6 books in your room before leaving the ranch
White Hair -3 Moxie Read 2 Necromancer Nex Mex Instruction Manuals
Emaciated  -3 Muscle Read 3 Necromancer Nex Mex Instruction Manuals
Thin Blood  -10 Max HP Read 4 Necromancer Nex Mex Instruction Manuals
 Withered Muscles -25 Melee Attack Damage Read 5 Necromancer Nex Mex Instruction Manuals
 Clouded Eyes -25 Pistol Attack Damage Read 6 Necromancer Nex Mex Instruction Manuals
Brawny   +20 Max HP Available Option When Reading a Tome Of Cow Punching
Ever Vigilant  +2 Max AP Available Option When Reading a Tome Of Cow Punching
Big Spleen  +3 Spleen Capacity Available Option When Reading a Snake Oiling Magazine
Expert Poisoner Triple Poison Damage Available Option When Reading a Snake Oiling Magazine
Ruthless Offers special dialog options when dealing with bandits or other characters Kill the sleeping bandit guard
Honorable Offers special dialog options when dealing with bandits or other characters Choose not to kill the sleeping bandit guard
Mostly Scabs +5 Max HP Bump into every cactus you see until the perk unlocks (usually around Dirtwater)
Minesplainer XP bonus for mining meat veins At the Snakepit Mine, explain how mining works to your companion
Green Thumb Gain EXP from Foragin' Forage 10 plants
Spittoon Hand 20% Hot, Cold, Sleaze Resistance Thoroughly (and disgustingly) search four different spittoons
Goblintongue  Speak to Goblins in certain combat, dialog, and world map situations Read the three books found on the shelf in Doc Alice's house in the first town
Appalachian Skull Whisperin'  Speak a very specific language of the dead Listen to the whispering stone in the Old Mission catacombs
Anatomical Learnin'  +3 Melee Attack Damage Examine the mechanical woman in the circus freak show
Anatomical Workin'  +3 Melee Attack Damage Investigate Janet's parts at the Circus or fix the anatomy chart at Kellogg Ranch
Expert Silversmithin'  Craft extra silver bullets Explore the Alexandria Ranch basement
Heavy Trigger Finger +3 Pistol Damage Build A Cheeky Gesture at the West Pole (requires 20 moxie)
Song Of The Spheres  +5 Spell Damage Build an elaborate orrery at The West Pole (requires 20 mysticality)
Heart Of Stone +10 Max HP Build the impregnable tower at the West Pole (requires 20 muscle)
Kellog Brand Purity +30 Max HP Perform the Kellog Brand purity ritual by sleeping in the Chastity Pants found on Kellogg Ranch
Kurtzian Physique +10 Muscle Join the exercise in a tent ion the Fort of Darkness while wearing the Kurtzfitz Pants and Headband
Master Of Flushing +3 Muscle Flush every toilet you come across
Kurtzian Philospher +10 Mystique Talk to Kurt repeatedly in the Fort of Darkness
Silver Tongue +3 Moxie Choose the option to sliver plate your tongue when you find the Silver Plater location
Passin' Fair Mycologist Identify various mushrooms Read the book Mycology, Yourcology which can be found in Alexandria's Bookstore or in plot 420 at the Military Cemetery
  Percussive Maintenance Fix various objects Read the books in the Alexandria Ranch basement
Vein Glorious Get bonus meat while mining  Read the books in the Alexandria Ranch basement
Raise Skeletal Buddy Enchant bones to summon skeletons Search plot 666 at the Military Cemetery
Unlimited Bones Gain access to the Buffalo Piles bones Kill the cultists in Buffalo Pile 
Unlimited Grain Gain access to the Kellog Ranch grain Unlock the barn in Kellogg Ranch


Have you come across any other perks, or found any other routes to earn these perks listed above? Let us know in the comments section and we'll get 'em added, pardner!

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Published Aug. 22nd 2017

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