Kingdom of Heroes: Tactics War Reroll Tier list

Make your team more powerful with this reroll tier list for Kingdom of Heroes: Tactics War.

Kingdom of Heroes: Tactics War mobile offers a vast pool of heroes to choose from, and since rerolling is the only method to get at least one really good character, you'll need to know which heroes are worth rerolling for. 

This guide will tell you the best heroes to look out for based on their stats and abilities. It's worth trying to get at least one of the heroes listed below from the select chest.

SS-Tier Heroes


  • Attack: 688
  • Defense: 686
  • HP: 2007
  • Speed: 112

Vivian is hands-down, the best healer in the game, and the most important hero for your roster.

Besides having a targeted ally healing ability and making all your allies immune to enemy debuffs, she also has an excellent offensive ability called Frost Arrow, which has a 50% chance of increasing the Glancing Rate of enemies.

This makes all enemy attacks a much weaker and automatically increases all defenses for your allies.


  • Attack: 664
  • Defense: 636
  • HP: 2229
  • Speed: 117

Although Ingway is technically a tank hero, he will be your number-one offensive ally. He can choose which enemy area to attack, and when he does, he can transfer his debuffs to those enemies.

His Oncoming Chaos ability can also provoke enemies to attack, which is a great set up for his debuff transfer traps. Lastly, when attacking with Ingway, remember that his damage increases the more HP he has.

S-Tier Heroes


  • Attack: 513
  • Defense: 442
  • HP: 1389
  • Speed: 124

Claudia is a straightforward offensive character capable of landing critical hits in many ways. Her best skill is undoubtedly Double Attack, which works like a physical AoE attack, where she deals critical hits to a whole line of enemies.

If this attack is successful, then it stuns all affected enemies for the next two turns, which is a massive advantage.


  • Attack: 510
  • Defense: 461
  • HP: 1341
  • Speed: 107

Bartholomew's pirate/archer archetype is great for comboing. His first ability, Eroding Shot, is directly connected to his ultimate ability, Lord of Oceans, which attacks any distant enemy with a 10% critical hit chance.

If you use the first ability and it kills the enemy, then it will reset the cooldown of the ultimate ability, which you can activate right away. This great combo can be chained into a series of truly deadly attacks.


  • Attack: 508
  • Defense: 465
  • HP: 1335
  • Speed: 103

While most heroes get a damage increase while their HP is high, Lilith does the opposite; she becomes more powerful as she loses HP.

However, her Life Force ability can drain enemies and restore all of her lost health. Unless you have cooldown bonuses from other allies, you can use the ability every four turns.

Lilith's ultimate is another cool skill that allows you to gain Action Opportunity if you manage to put your enemy below Lilith's own HP level.

A-Tier Heroes


  • Attack: 718
  • Defense: 675
  • HP: 1947
  • Speed: 112

Demeter is a great support hero that can help your team remove cooldown penalties. Do not underestimate this ability; the ability to activate your ultimate skills one turn earlier can make a massive difference between winning and losing.

Use her Vigor Recovery ability to strike all enemies within an area of your choice. If this ability strikes at least one enemy, it will reduce all your cooldowns by one turn.


  • Attack: 707
  • Defense: 628
  • HP: 2124
  • Speed: 114

Ifrit is a true menace. She has some of the deadliest attacks in Kingdom of Heroes: Tactics War and the damage from most of them overlaps with subsequent turns.

Her excellent Flame Slash ability produces wide-area fire slashes that have a 60% chance to inflict continuous damage, which lingers on for at least two more turns. This attack alone is devastating to enemies that are weak to fire elemental damage.


  • Attack: 720
  • Defense: 602
  • HP: 2160
  • Speed: 119

Beelzebub has a similar effect, except his ability chains the cycle of his attacks instead of a direct sequence.

If you use his Energy Spear ability, he will be able to deal a critical hit to any target enemy, and if the hit is successful, then your attack power will be increased, which gives you an even higher chance to inflict a critical hit.

Chaining these attacks together can grow Beelzebub's powers to immense levels.

These are the best heroes for Kingdom of Heroes: Tactics War. Hopefully, this tier list gives an idea of who you should reroll for and who you should keep on your team, even if they aren't S-Tier. 


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Published Aug. 24th 2020

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