What is Hide.io?

Have you heard of Hide.io? If not, read about it right here!

There are so many different .io games out there and so many that are the same, so it’s always nice and refreshing to find something that is nothing like the others. Yes, we know a lot of .io games claim that, but some do genuinely offer a little more game play and less identikit gaming.

Welcome to Hide.io -- the game that takes the simple games of hide and seek and spot the difference and brings them into the 21st century with an app based twist and does it very, very well.

What makes Hide.io unique?

The unique aspect of Hide.io is that everybody knows the rules of Hide and Seek and spot the difference, so anyone can play, there’s no pre-prepared rules, just a bit of strategic thinking. This game is also played out in real time. And not only that, there is a MMO aspect, as players are either team hider, or team seeker.


Hide.io is an online multiplayer with games played within a themed arena (an office, construction site) where players take on the role of either a Hider or a Seeker.

Hiders play a variety of objects that fit within the current level, with the intention of blending into the background and hiding away in a logical place in the level’s surroundings, while the Seekers, try and track down the other hidden items!

Hiders have 60 seconds to hide away in a suitable spot. Whilst hiders are hiding, Seekers cannot see the movement, but they can navigate the 3D map, to memorise how the landscape looked before the arrival of the hiders -- they should know where items have randomly turned up.

Basically, for seekers, it is spot the difference. Once the seekers are released into the game, they have 200 seconds to find all the hiders.

Hiding and seeking

When a player has found a hidden player, they remove them from the game by tapping on them. Get it wrong and seekers lose one of five lives. Providing hidden players remain in the most logical of places, looking like they have been there all along, they will be fine.

If players manage to stay hidden for 5 minutes, they win. If players find all the hidden objects, they win. So, players need to concentrate upon their talent for disguise, running across various locations to find the best place to hide. Use imagination, creative thinking and the power of observation in order to look for the hidden objects.

The world is more interactive and less static than say Mope.io which adds a greater level of game play for pre-empting movement as either hider or seeker.

Overall, Hide.io is a game that is taking traditional games and giving them a brand new and modern twist. This is great; we love when such simple ideas become a great and different gaming experience. I had so much fun playing it and is recommended, it gives a real sense of achievement for the team and individually too.

The game is available for Android and iOS and is free.


Published Dec. 14th 2016

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