MUD2MMO: Legally Live, Livestreaming and The Law

When cameras pop up on our city streets people cry out "BIG BROTHER!" But when more people livestream games without your permission, you don't even know they're doing it..

For many of you regular GS readers, this may seem familiar.  It is--this is taken from an article I wrote on this very website a little while ago.  I'm still sick, originality isn't on my agenda this week.

This show is just bringing up some of the potential problems that live streamers and game companies may run into in the very near future concerning privacy issues and live broadcasts.  Feedback is, as always, welcomed and encouraged.

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Published Sep. 27th 2013
  • Amy White
    Former Editor in Chief
    As a bit of a germaphobe, I appreciate, (admire, even) your somewhat extreme germ barrier methods.

    (Now watch me catch your cold through both the mask and the internet. Poor immune system - go!)

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