What Cars Have Hydraulics in GTA Online

Looking for a low rider? Here are the cars that can have hydraulics in GTA Online, and how to install and use them.

Hydraulics were first introduced in the Lowriders update for GTA Online. But only a number of cars could be modified to be able to use hydraulics, and the installation could be done only in one location. This guide will provide you with the list of the cars that have hydraulics in GTA Online, as well as how to install and use them.

Cars with hydraulics have better suspension and allow you to be more flexible when driving on various types of terrain. If you haven't purchased the hydraulics for your cars yet, then this is a great time to do so.

GTA Online: What Cars Have Hydraulics

GTA 5 Benny's Original Motor Works

You can add hydraulics only to a certain number of cars in GTA Online. This procedure can be done only at Benny's Original Motor Works custom shop located at Strawberry, Los Santos (see the map above for exact location).

In order to modify your vehicle with hydraulics follow these steps:

  1. Open your Internet browser in-game
  2. Search for Benny's Original Motor Works website
  3. Choose the "Stock" option
  4. Purchase any vehicle you like
  5. Travel to the Benny's Original Motor Works shop in your new car
  6. Go to "Categories" menu
  7. Select "Hydraulics" option
  8. Purchase hydraulics for your new car

The price of the hydraulics ranges between $125,000 and $290,000.

The list of the cars that can have hydraulics is limited in GTA Online to the following models: 

  • Buccaneer Custom
  • Chino Custom
  • Faction Custom
  • Faction Custom Donk
  • Glendale Custom
  • Hermes
  • Manana Custom
  • Minivan Custom
  • Moonbeam Custom
  • Peyote Custom
  • Primo Custom
  • Sabre Turbo Custom
  • Slamvan Custom
  • Slamtruck
  • Tornado Custom
  • Virgo Classic Custom
  • Voodoo Custom
  • Yosemite

GTA Online: How to Use Hydraulics

Once your hydraulics have been installed in your vehicle, you need to be able to control them properly. Here are a few tips on how to use hydraulics in GTA Online:

  1. Hold A (Xbox) or X (PS4) or Shift (PC) to raise the car
  2. Press A (Xbox) or X (PS4) or Shift (PC) to lower the car
  3. If you hold A or X or Shift again after raising the car, it will jump
  4. Use analog sticks or arrow keys on PC to control the direction of the jump

That's all you need to know about cars that have hydraulics in GTA Online. For more GTA Online tips and tricks articles, please visit our dedicated hub page.


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Published Jul. 30th 2021

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