8 Surprising Facts About Watch Dogs 2

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Watch Dogs 2 may not be the most anticipated game of the year after the underwhelming performance of the first installment, but Ubisoft still puts a lot of effort into the marketing of the sequel no matter what. This has led to enormous amounts of information appearing online about the contents of the game.

Up to this point we’ve learned many things: the main story will be non-linear; you can finish the game without killing a single person; the quadcopter can be crafted again, if you’ve lost it to damage; 3D printing will have many additional tools for improving your gadgets; there is no need to physically enter the building in order to hack it, you can just sit outside and hack the rooms remotely; etc.

It is hard to say if all of this will be included in the sequel or not, as lately the developers promise too much and deliver too little. However, some of these facts are actually appearing in the game and most of them may even surprise you. They have been discovered during this summer’s gaming conferences (e.g. Gamescom 2016) and through data mining. So, sit back and enjoy the ride!

Published Sep. 13th 2016

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