Black Gold Online Closed Alpha Announced, and I Still Have One More Key to Give Away!

Mark your calendars BGO fans! On March 20th closed alpha for this highly anticipated MMO begins, and I've still got one key left to giveaway.

Snail Games has announced yesterday that an “Alpha Test-Drive” for their highly anticipated game, Black Gold Online, will be taking place on March 20th.  For those of you haven’t heard of BGO, check out my previous article on this upcoming MMO.

This announcement came in the form of a press release, which stated that the alpha will be “invitation only” and requires a key either given out at E3 2013, through a Facebook giveaway, or given out by members of the press (find out how you can get your hands on my last key below).

The release states that the alpha will include 8 playable classes from the four different races.  Half of which from the Steam alignment of Isenhorst, and the other half from the Fantasy side Erlandir.  The specific playable classes in the alpha have not been announced, but most likely will feature a handful of the ones already revealed

The developers also stated that the game will be using an earlier alpha build of Black Gold Online (most likely the one used in its initial release in China) to test the waters for a western audience.  Snail Games emphasized that they are looking for experienced testers who will do more than just play, but rather,  take an active role in finding bugs and providing constructive feedback. 

BGO will feature a numerous amount of features such as: a distinctive “steam-punk vs. fantasy” art direction, two warring factions, heart-pounding PVP with over 100 vehicles which can be used, immersive dungeons, and “multiple-dimension warfare” – allowing players to fight anywhere, and everywhere.

Have a key already?

If you’ve been one of the lucky ones to already receive a key, click here to activate it.  Black Gold Online also started a survey to offer gamers an extra chance at Alpha access which can be found here.

How can I get that last alpha key?

Simple, just like with my last giveaway, all I ask is that you follow me on Twitter and retweet this article.  The winner will be chosen sometime next week.  I made it easy for you: 


Published Feb. 25th 2014

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