New Action-MMO Black Gold Online: Exclusive Interview

Steampunks and Fantasy Lovers are pitted against each other in this action MMO, featuring a unique vehicular combat system.

Steampunks, wizards, and war vehicles oh my!  If you haven’t heard of Black Gold Online yet, here is your chance to check out one of 2014’s most unique and under-the-radar MMOs currently in development.  In nutshell, BG online marries a steampunk and fantasy lover’s themed world, throws in tons of vehicular warfare options, and finally, garnishes it all with a fast paced (and beautiful looking) combat system.  Developed by Snail Games, (creators of the highly successful Age of Wushu) Black Gold Online strives to maintain a unique aesthetic, all while broadening the spectrum of traditional, rollercoaster, MMOs through the use of on foot and vehicular combat.

I spoke to Black Gold Online’s very own Community & Content Lead, Johnny Lau, and he gave me the skinny on what Snail Games has in store for their next exciting MMO.  If this game tickles your fancy, scroll below and find out how you can win a free beta key on me – as a token of thanks for reading.


Tell us a little bit about both factions – Kingdom of Isenhorst and Elandir Union – and what kinds of traits and powers that make them unique.

"The two factions are rivals in both culture and style: it’s Steampunk versus Fantasy, Industrial firepower versus Elemental control.

"The mystical Erlandir Union in the East: the feline-like Kosh are masters of magic with absolute magical prowess. The Yutonian humans are equitable in both magic and physical combat. Aureks are barbaric shapeshifters, striking with primal rage on the battlefield.

"To the west, we have the steam powered Kingdom of Isenhorst: The fanatical Buvontian humans who denounced tradition for technological advancement. The Lokemean Dwarves are inventors of steam technology, rigorous in their pursuit of science. The Upyrian vampires are cruel and vile due to their influence on the curse of blood, they’re able to match the Kosh in terms of magical prowess."

How big is the world of Montel, and what features and characteristics make it stand out compared to other MMO worlds?

"The continent of Montel is created with over 30 square kilometer of vivid landscape. The Ellescadia mountain ranges divide the mysterious Eastern land of Erlandirfrom, and the Western, heavily industrialized Isenhorst Kingdom, so we have two completely different cultures coexisting in the same space. 

"Expect brutal PvP play (same faction enabled),  intense world-wide vehicular warfare, guild-specific area management and more!"

Tell us a little a more about this PvP action.  Will we see combat in the open world, or instanced battlegrounds?

"PvP action will be everywhere: we have instanced battlegrounds, Guilds fighting over Energy Well control, Chambers of Greed, mini-events and not to mention every corner of the continent is contested. What's more is that we implemented same-faction PvP: similar to Age of Wushu where you turn on "PK mode", you'll be able to slaughter your own brethren. Be fully aware that you are now labeled as a wanted killer and appear as a "RED NAME"."

If you can, give me an example of how player-actions can affect gameplay as a whole.

"We are exploring different options on how to realistically implement this function. Please stay tuned to official content updates."

What role will the over 100 vehicles play in the game? Will they be used in PVP, PVE, or both?

"Both. For one, vehicular warfare is the core of PvP combat: strategic placement of countering vehicle types is crucial in turning the tides in one’s favor. The battlegrounds will feature a host of combative rides and mechs (war-beasts for Erlandir counterparts) from land to air. Personal vehicles can be customized and upgraded, are deployable outside battlegrounds, as well to assist players in PvE questing or open-world PvP."

As a follow-up regarding vehicles, how many different kinds will we see in game and what kind of customizations will be available?

"We currently designed five types of vehicles:

Raid - High speed, Substantial maneuverability: effective against players

Assault - Average Speed, armed with piercing attacks that counter all vehicle types, weak against players

Siege - Slow Speed, able to deal massive damage to defensive structures and battleground objectives

Aerial - Flying units with unmatched maneuverability

Anti-Air - Extremely effective against aerial types

"Players may construct more than one type of vehicle provided if they have sufficient resources, each type is complete with their unique advancement path."

Your site talks about the “limitless” combat system.  Does this mean that we can expect traditional MMO roles (tank, healer, DPS) to be gone, or varied in a new way?

"The development team is exploring different options - we will keep the community updated on this particular aspect."

Will the use of first person be beneficial for certain classes, and can you give me an example?

"The FPS perspective will be more effective for the Gunslinger class - who wields guns and rifles that require precision aim. Players will go into FPS view by default upon entering their vehicles, but they may scroll back to third person if they wish to the see the entirety of their ride."

Can your character physically obtain the precious “black gold” resource, and if so, what sort of value does it hold?

"Black Gold currently exists as a trade currency, they can be acquired through Energy Wells, daily missions, and through disenchanting "Vials of Time". We will have more detailed info in the coming months."

Will there be a crafting options beyond just building vehicles?

"Definitely! Here's a list of basic crafting professions you can expect in-game: Weaponsmith, Tailor, Armorsmith, Alchemist, and Jeweler."


Black Gold Online is currently in beta-testing, and speaking of beta, if you would like to get your mitts on a beta code here’s how: simply retweet the emebedded tweet below!  Don't forget to follow me too.

So, what do you think so far of BGO?  Can hold its ground against the likes of ESO or Wildstar – or will it make a nice pit-stop on your 2014 MMO roadmap?  Feel free to comment below!


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Published Jan. 9th 2014
  • Macbigicekeys
    My gameskinny on Black Gold Online:
  • Ashley Shankle
    Associate Editor
    Been waiting for this BGO for a while, it looks pretty good. Hopefully it turns out as good as it looks!
  • Chris Hendricks
    Featured Contributor
    Hadn't heard of this game yet, looks pretty interesting. I'll have to read more into it, thanks for the info.

    Editing Note: The link to Age of Wushu in the first paragraph is misspelled AgeofWishu.
  • Richard Whelchel
    Thanks for spotting that!
  • Proto Foe
    Senior Intern
    Who doesn't love a bit of steampunk? :D

    I am not sure if can compete with ESO/Wildstar, not out of the gate, Purely due to the lack of advertising behind BGO. However, let us see what a year after a launch looks like!
  • Venisia Gonzalez
    Featured Columnist
    This games sounds awesome!

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