3 Reasons Why You Should Be Hyped for Code Vein

The vampire gimmick is actually pretty cool

The vampires here aren’t your garden variety bloodsuckers, and they’re definitely not like any of the glitzy, yuppie versions that we’ve seen from other media like Twilight or True Blood — they’re actually kind of interesting, terrifying, and a fresh take on the monster of legend.

From the promotional material that has been released for the game, we know a little about Code Vein's novel world. Setting the stage for Code Vein's post-apocalyptic future, we find that humanity is almost entirely wiped out and that vampire-like beings known as the Revenant are at the top of the food chain.

These new ghouls aren’t exactly on Easy Street, though, as the power of these dark beings isn’t without complication. Concerning their mysterious past, their insatiable thirst for blood has become a driving force behind their incessant hunting.  

Some of the Revenant aren’t exactly content with the status quo, and they adventure out into the world to find their memories in a dangerous hellscape, one in which they live against a number of different threats, like the Lost, former Revenant who transformed into vicious monsters after they let their thirst get the best of them.

Even though the amnesia trope is one of the most tired conventions that we’ve seen in RPGs, the vampire-themed twist on the concept is one that’s admittedly captivating in its own right, as well as for the conceit of vampires in general.

Published Apr. 29th 2017

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