Take the Fight to Your Friends in Daemon X Machina's New PvP Mode

That's not all the free DXM content we'll be getting either, as Nintendo released a content roadmap detailing updates through December.

Daemon X Machina, the Armored Core revival many waited so long for, is about to get even more content in the next few months.

Nintendo recently shared a content roadmap of free updates coming to DXM between now and December.

First up is this month's addition of PvP mode, including an online ranking system. These matches can either be one versus one or two on two, and since we believed the base game doesn't quite reward players for the hard work they put into building their mech, this is the perfect way to up the challenge and make all that effort worthwhile.

The Daemon X Machina PvP update should be live now.

Early November will see new appearances for your Outer (avatar character) based on some kind of collaboration with another, as-yet unannounced, franchise, and late November will introduce new missions, weapons, armor, and bosses.

Last on the content map is December, which brings with it gifts of new co-op missions and yet more armor and weapons. This might not be the last we see of new Daemon X Machina content either since the map says "Other features are being considered."

Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more as it develops. 


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Published Oct. 11th 2019

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