The 17 Best Hour of Devastation Cards for Sealed Format in MtG

Angel of Condemnation

A four mana 3/3 flyer with vigilance would be more than enough for this card to be an insta-pick for your Sealed deck. Yes, it's a Rare, so you most likely won't get more than one copy in your pool. But it does so much that one should be more than enough.

The first of the two abilities could be used to cure your own creatures that got enchanted by auras like Compulsory Rest or Illusory Wrappings. The second one is the same as Angel of Sanctions' main ability, which was a true bomb in the Amonkhet meta.

Angel of Condemnation could have easily been a Mythic Rare, but it looks like WOTC simply wanted to make another Glorybringer-class creature for Hour of Devastation, too.

Published Jul. 7th 2017

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