The 12 Best Classic Style JRPGs on Steam

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Stoneshard: Prologue

Update: Stoneshard is now out in Early Access on Steam and awaiting the Trollslayer update. Check out our full look at this indie gem over here.

A little different from the rest of the JRPGs on our list, Stoneshard: Prologue isn't exactly a JRPG. Instead, it's more like a turn-based version of Diablo with a hint of Darkest Dungeon thrown in for good measure.

NES, SNES, and Genesis fanatics will still want to make a point of checking out the Stoneshard demo anyway. The game's turn-based combat, classic pixel-art style, dungeon exploration, and dark take on magic and religion will strongly appeal to JRPG fans.

Right now, the short Prologue version is up for grabs for free, while Stoneshard itself launches in Early Access this coming February. I suspect it will turn some serious heads when it's finally finished.

Published Jan. 6th 2020

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