The 12 Best Classic Style JRPGs on Steam

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With literally hundreds of RPG Maker games on Steam right now and many more than that available to download for free through other sites it's a good bet we missed dozens of titles that are well worth playing.

What did you think of our list, and should any other games have been included in our look at the best old school JRPGs on Steam? Let us know in the comments!

Outside of Steam, console players may have another big JRPG resurgence in the near future. There's tantalizing possibility on the horizon of fans getting to replay classic PS1 RPGs on an upcoming console.

While we're still waiting some more concrete news, rumors have been swirling about PS5 being backwards compatibile with every earlier iteration of the console  and the possibility of an expanded digital catalog of PlayStation 1 and PlayStation 2 JRPGs, though we learned nothing new of that prospect at CES 2020

As someone whose copies of Chrono Cross and Vandal Hearts no longer work because the decades-old discs freeze up regularly, all I can do is plead with Sony to make it happen. 

Published Jan. 6th 2020

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