The 12 Best Classic Style JRPGs on Steam

Ara Fell

Both might utilize a pixel style and turn-based combat, but Ara Fell is a totally different experience than Echoes of Aetheria. On almost every level, Ara Fell showcases how varied the genre can be when indie developers work on passion projects. 

Coming from Stegosoft Games, Ara Fell is a classic SNES/Genesis-style RPG from beginning to end. In some ways, it's arguably better than many of the original 16-bit titles that inspired it.

From its phenomenal soundtrack to its lush colors and intriguing story, Ara Fell hits all the right notes in a symphony of nostalgia. The setting itself is a huge draw as well, featuring people living on floating islands amidst elven ruins, with vampiric creatures lurking down in the Abyss of the surface world.

If you fondly remember getting drawn into classics like Albert Odyssey: Legend of Eldean, you will absolutely want to play Ara Fell. Not sure if you're willing to drop the $10 on a retro RPG? Ara Fell has a free demo on Steam that lets you play through the prologue and part of the opening chapter.

Stegosoft Games is currently working on a follow-up titled Rise Of The Third Power, and you better believe it's a modern JRPG that should be on your wishlist.

Published Jan. 6th 2020

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