The 12 Best Classic Style JRPGs on Steam

Grimm's Hollow

For something well off the beaten path, Grimm's Hollow is almost like a fantasy RPG version of Dead Like Me. Here, you wake to discover you are the latest grim reaper, and you're tasked with helping ghosts move on in the afterlife.

Although Grimm's Hollow is very short, and I badly wish I could turn off the walking steps sound effect that constantly clacks everywhere you go, it is an otherwise fabulous JRPG experience.

It's a quirky, fun, and very different take on the traditional fantasy turn-based RPG. And while the subject matter diverges, it's a good bet you'll dig Grimm's Hollow if you liked Earthbound or anything that pushed the original boundaries of 16-bit RPGs.

Did I mention that it's totally free? Even though it's only a 2- to 3-hour experience, the devs really should set a price commiserate with Grimm's quality and concept.

Published Jan. 6th 2020

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