The Top 5 Pieces of Borderlands Merch | Gaming Gear, Ep. 2

This week’s episode of Gaming Gear rounds up the top 5 pieces of Borderlands merch... from shot glasses to Butt Stallions!

This week on Gaming Gear, I'll be rounding up the top 5 pieces of merch from the Borderlands series!

I absolutely love Borderlands - the characters, the game design, the setting…everything. It’s one of those games that really sucks you into its immersive world and doesn’t let go. Since Borderlands has such a unique and quirky vibe, I’ve scoured the interwebs for the top 5 pieces of merch that really embody what the game is all about.

First up is the "Danger My Ally” T-shirt from Look Human.

The t-shirt features Sir Hammerlock, one of my personal favorite characters in Borderlands 2. The tee is $23 and comes in a variety of sizes and styles. I really love how it’s got a monochromatic color scheme, because you could easily pair it with a bright cardigan or hoodie to finish the outfit.

Next is the Hyperion Varsity Hoodie from the official Gearbox Store.

I grabbed one of these jackets for my husband during the C2C Gift Guide and was really impressed with the overall quality and design of the jacket. It features a subtle Borderlands branding with the Hyperion logo on the chest, but is styled to look like a varsity jacket - which is really trendy right now for men. So you get to rep a game and look good? Perfect. The jacket is $60 and is available only in mens sizes - But fear not lady fans, simply go down a size to achieve the same look! 

For my all my lady Borderlands fans, I’ve got these amazing Vault Hunter earrings from Etsy.

They feature the iconic Vault Hunter logo and are versatile enough to wear for a night out or to a gaming convention. The earrings are $10 and available to order now. 

Get your drink on with these Dahl branded shot glasses from the official Gearbox Store.

The shot glasses are a heavy design that are great for a party or drinking alone while playing Borderlands.

And last, but certainly not least, is the Butt Stallion Tee from Gearbox.

This tee is the visual embodiment of all Borderlands represents. Seriously. It’s $20 and is available in both mens and women’s sizes. 

So what’s been your favorite item we featured?

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Published Sep. 1st 2017

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