8 awesome pieces of Undertale merchandise for the hard core collector

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Undertale, an adorable retro-RPG by indie dev Toby Fox, is one of those games that while we may not have expected it to do so, quickly rose to fame as a cult game.  The game's unique combat -- or non-combat -- mechanics, as well as its puzzle system and beautiful narrative earned it a lot of love from gamers and critics alike -- some of which are reading this now.

Of course, like true fans of anything, Undertale fans, too, love owning items that show off their admiration for the game. Some want something simple and subtle... maybe something to add a bit of flair to their abodes. Others want something that screams it out loud and proud while they're out on the town. 

To help you find the perfect thing that shows everyone just how much you love the game, we've taken the time and compiled a list of super cool items you can buy right now. One of these is sure to fit your needs.

Published Jul. 12th 2016

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