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Desperados 3

Love a game with spaghetti-Western gameplay but maybe the action-RPG elements of Red Dead Redemption 2 aren't up your alley?

For you, there's Desperados 3, the latest entry in THQ Nordic's strategy series.

From Mimimi Productions, creators of Shadow Tactics, they've taken their expertise out of feudal Japan and into the Wild West for a squad-based tactics game where the emphasis seems to be on using the titular desperados to lay elaborate traps, draw in the enemy, then give them a delicious lead sandwich for dinner.

The game even seems to have learned a few lessons from Red Dead, insofar as reputation matters. In the game, you'll have to make decisions between causing mayhem and keeping the peace, and townsfolk will react differently to your characters as a result.

This is a departure from the classic XCOM-style game that tends to have a much heavier emphasis on linear progression through a series of field combats.

Best-case scenario, what we'll get is a rich world and branching story. Mimimi has certainly set their sights high.

Desperados 3 is expected to release in Summer 2019.

Published Nov. 19th 2018

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