Top 10 Strategy Games We're Looking Forward to in 2019

Phoenix Point

What happens when developer Julian Gollop, whose works include UFO: Enemy Unknown, the game that launched the XCOM series, tries his hand at a new sci-fi IP?

Well, the answer might just be Phoenix Point, developed by Snapshot Games, the studio behind the Kickstarter-funded Chaos Reborn.

The story is your classic "scientist finds alien tech underneath ice sheet, which then nearly wipes out humanity" (this time it's a virus, but it could be a Borg drone or a dimensional-portal-opener-upper, the details never seem to matter in these sorts of games...)

Anyway, cue the XCOM-esque gameplay, where you'll engage in strategic thinking, diplomacy, and good old-fashioned killing, all in a world that's less Enemy Unknown and more journey into the heart of a Lovecraft-inspired world of eldritch horrors.

Will stirring Lovecraftian horror into a classic sci-fi trope from a classic sci-fi developer be the road to glory, or will the whole thing be a giant mess?

C'mon, it's Julian Gollop. When Phoenix Point drops, it will instantly end up on every strategy gamer's must-play list.

Published Nov. 19th 2018

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