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Update 2/21/19: This article has been updated to provide a quicker, more efficient way to farm monstrous bison. It can be found at the end of the first section below. 

Circuit boards are some of the rarest crafting components in Far Cry New Dawn. They aren't impossible to find; rather, they just aren't as plentiful as other components such as duct tape, copper, and gears. 

In fact, circuit boards are rarer than titanium and carbon fiber, some of the more laborious components to collect. 

Nevertheless, there are two dependable ways to get more circuit boards faster: hunting "monstrous" animals and completing Expeditions. This guide will quickly go over those two methods so that you can craft more powerful elite weapons and vehicles as quickly as possible. 

Hunt Monstrous Animals For More Circuit Boards

Although animal skins and pelts aren't directly used to craft most weapons and vehicles in Far Cry New Dawn, and the halcyon days of Far Cry 3's deep crafting system are long gone, pelts and skins are still important because they are a tradable commodity.

As is the case with titanium and carbon fiber, circuit boards are one of the items you can trade for using pelts and skins. In this case, you'll need to hunt two specific "monstrous" animals: the monstrous cougar and the monstrous bison. 

  • Monstrous cougar: 10 circuit boards each
  • Monstrous bison: 10 circuit boards each

The biggest issue here is that both of these animals are difficult to hunt for different reasons.

If you've played any recent version of Far Cry, you know that cougars are cunning, quick, and elusive. Hunting them in New Dawn's mountains isn't a walk in the park. Monstrous cougars are even more powerful than their Level 3 counterparts. 

Monstrous bison, on the other hand, are almost nothing but sheer power. They will quickly charge to protect their weak underbellies. Quickly dodging their charges and keeping them on the high ground are keys to a quick kill.

However, be wary: Level 3 bison almost always come to their aid. It's easy to get quickly overrun by two or three angry, high-level bison. 

Note: The best place to farm monstrous bison is right outside Prosperity. Equip the elite bow and go out the front gates. Go to the right and toward the sunken area with the water and tree just outside the camp.

A monstrous bison will spawn there. Shoot it in its weak underbelly to get a one-shot kill. Go back through the front gates at Prosperity and then return. The bison will respawn. Thanks to Reddit user THE_HERO_000 for the tip. 

Complete Expeditions For More Circuit Boards

Expeditions provide some of New Dawn's most compelling content. They also provide some of the more interesting and fun ways to get crafting components. Aside from substantial bits of titanium, Expeditions are also good ways to get circuit boards. 

Like outposts, Expeditions gradually become more difficult the more you complete. Starting out, you only have access to the base-rank Expeditions. However, keep playing and completed Expeditions will automatically rank up, eventually reaching Rank 3. 

Here's what you get from each successful Expedition completion: 

  • Rank 1 Expeditions: 15 circuit boards
  • Rank 2 Expeditions: 20 circuit boards
  • Rank 3 Expeditions: 25 circuit boards

Keep in mind that while there are seven separate Expeditions, each with three ranks, anything past a Rank 1 Expedition almost makes co-op mandatory. That's because Rank 2 and Rank 3 Expeditions drastically increases the difficulty found in Rank 1. 

Get Circuit Boards by Exploring the World

Just like titanium and carbon fiber, circuit boards can also be found simply by exploring the world. By following our treasure hunt guide, you'll stumble across a few circuit boards in and around prepper stashes. 

It's also possible to find circuit boards in heavily-defended complexes and around some outposts. However, it appears that circuit boards don't spawn in these locations as much as other crafting materials. Consequently, hunting and completing Expeditions are two of the fastest ways to acquire the crafting item. 


That's all you need to know about carbon fiber in Far Cry New Dawn. For more tips and walkthroughs, visit our growing Far Cry New Dawn guides hub

How to Get Carbon Fiber in Far Cry New Dawn https://www.gameskinny.com/73uv9/how-to-get-carbon-fiber-in-far-cry-new-dawn https://www.gameskinny.com/73uv9/how-to-get-carbon-fiber-in-far-cry-new-dawn Fri, 15 Feb 2019 13:04:41 -0500 Jonathan Moore

Update 2/21/19: A previous version of this guide said that Level 3 outposts could not be completed multiple times. This guide has been amended to note that they can be. 

Much like titanium, carbon fiber is an essential crafting material for elite-level weapons and vehicles in Far Cry: New Dawn. While it's harder to find than titanium, it's not as hard to find as circuit boards, New Dawn's other premium, high-level crafting material. 

Carbon fiber is important because as you progress through New Dawn, enemies and, in particular, outposts become much more difficult. Taking down elite highwaymen essentially requires elite weaponry and armor piercing ammo. 

This guide will show you exactly how to get and where to find carbon fiber. Luckily, there are only a few places to look, greatly focusing your efforts. 

Get Carbon Fiber by Hunting Monstrous Animals

Hunting animals becomes more lucrative as you get further into New Dawn. That's because as you upgrade the workbench and garage, you gain access to new, more powerful weapons. 

Additionally, as you explore the map, you will come across more ferocious animals, whose skins you can trade in for high-level crafting supplies. The most vicious of these are New Dawn's "monstrous" animals. Two of these, the monstrous bear and the monstrous boar, give you carbon fiber.

  • Monstrous bear: 10 carbon fiber each
  • Monstrous boar: 10 carbon fiber each

Of the two, the monstrous bear is probably the easier one to hunt and kill. Because the monstrous boar is relatively small and is typically found in areas with dense brush, it can be difficult to kill. 

Get Carbon Fiber by Completing Outposts

After you complete an outpost for the first time, New Dawn allows you to scavenge it, which gives you a little bit of ethanol and hands the outpost back over to the highwaymen. 

Each outpost can be scavenged twice. Each time an outpost is scavenged, its defenses get stronger and new, more powerful enemies will appear to guard it. 

However, scavenging outposts also means that your rewards will be better the next time you take it. You won't get carbon fiber when you liberate a Level 1 outpost, but you will get carbon fiber for liberating Level 2 and Level 3 outposts. 

Here's what you get: 

  • Level 2 outpost: 15 carbon fiber
  • Level 3 outpost: 20 carbon fiber

It's important to note that Level 3 outposts can be completed infinitely. Each completion rewards you with 20 carbon fiber. 

Get Carbon Fiber by Exploring the World

Carbon fiber can also be found by exploring New Dawn's open world. There are tons of houses, buildings, and complexes to explore across post-apocalyptic Hope County.

When looking for carbon fiber in the world, focus your attention on larger facilities and compounds, gas stations, and brick and mortar houses. Carbon fiber isn't often found in wood shacks, although there are one or two exceptions. 

However, while some random places in the world have carbon fiber, let's point you in a more actionable direction: treasure hunts. By following our treasure hunts guide, you will stumble across a good deal of carbon fiber while looting prepper stashes. 


That's all you need to know about carbon fiber in Far Cry New Dawn. For more tips and walkthroughs, visit our growing Far Cry New Dawn guides hub

Best Prosperity Facility Upgrades in Far Cry New Dawn https://www.gameskinny.com/ij2jm/best-prosperity-facility-upgrades-in-far-cry-new-dawn https://www.gameskinny.com/ij2jm/best-prosperity-facility-upgrades-in-far-cry-new-dawn Fri, 15 Feb 2019 12:00:41 -0500 Jonathan Moore

Although Far Cry New Dawn looks a lot like Far Cry 5, Ubisoft has added a few wrinkles to make the latest foray into Hope County just different enough

Outside of Expeditions, upgrading your home base of Prosperity and its many Facilities is one of the most obvious new mechanics in New Dawn. In fact, many of the game's progression systems are specifically built around upgrading Prosperity. 

While there may be better Facilities than others, there are a few upgrade paths that are more efficient than others, especially when considering different play styles. In the guide below, we'll look at the two essential Facility upgrades all players should prioritize, as well as a few optimal upgrade paths for specific playstyles. 

As with any best/worst list, it's worth acknowledging that this isn't a definitive guide for every playstyle. Instead, it's more of a set of guidelines to help you plan your upgrade path more efficiently. 

Increasing Prosperity's Base Level

Prosperity's base level and Facility levels are closely entwined.

In order to level some Facilities, Prosperity must first reach Level 2. However, for Prosperity to reach Level 2, a number of Facilities must first be upgraded from Level 1 to Level 2. The same is true for Prosperity Level 3.

You'll gain the ability to upgrade Prosperity's base level from one to two during the game's second mission, aptly titled "Upgrading Prosperity". You'll then be able to it from two to three after completing the mission "The Siege".  

Essential Prosperity Upgrades

As mentioned above, there are two essential Prosperity upgrades all players should focus on early in Far Cry New Dawn: the workbench and Expeditions. 

Leveling the Workbench

Far Cry New Dawn Workbench

In Far Cry New Dawn, there are two ways to get weapons: picking them up off of dead highwaymen and crafting them. While the weapons you pick up from highwaymen can most certainly cause damage, they're nowhere near as powerful as some of the guns you get by crafting. 

What's more, crafted weapons are graded by three different Ranks, with Rank 3 being the highest, most powerful tier.

  • Rank 1 weapons can easily get your through New Dawn's first act.
  • Rank 2 weapons can easily get you through Act 2 and Act 3.
  • Rank 3 and Elite guns and weapons are vital for completing high-level Outposts and Expeditions. 

All in all, you'll need 1,350 Ethanol to fully upgrade the workbench: 

  • Level 1: 150 Ethanol
  • Level 2: 500 Ethanol
  • Level 3: 700 Ethanol
Leveling Expeditions

Although Expeditions are some of New Dawn's best content, and they're great ways to get more titanium for weapon and vehicle upgrades, unlocking new Expedition ranks is important for another reason: fast travel. 

  • Level 1 allows you to fast travel to liberated Outposts.
  • Level 2 allows you to fast travel to discovered locations.
  • Level 3 allows you to fast travel to supply drop locations and unlocks airdrop, which is fantastic for dropping in from the sky and using your wingsuit to get to undiscovered locations quickly. 

Spending the time to upgrade Expeditions to Level 3 is more beneficial than building a helicopter and slowly traveling to different map locations. 

All in all, you'll need 450 Ethanol to fully upgrade Expeditions: 

  • Level 1: 75 Ethanol
  • Level 2: 125 Ethanol
  • Level 3: 250 Ethanol

Other Prosperity Upgrades

This is where things can get a little muddy in terms of Facility upgrades.

For the most part, these will be predicated on your specific playstyle and highly subject to conjecture. Below, we'll loosely rank them (if that's possible), providing pros and cons for each and the types of playstyles they best benefit. 

Note: Some facilities have base level benefits, meaning they provide you with something prior to upgrading. For example, the Explosives lab automatically gives you access to molotov cocktails, smoke grenades, and throwing knives. Other facilities, such as the Infirmary, must be upgraded to Level 1 before they begin providing benefits. 

Explosives Lab

Outside of weapons, explosives might be the most important items for players that like to go in guns blazing. However, if that's not your playstyle, it's worth paying at least some attention to the Explosives Lab. 

While you can pick explosives up from highwaymen and stashes, relying on those erratic pickups later in the game is highly inefficient. Once you start going up against Rank 3 baddies and Elite enforcers, even Rank 3 weapons will only deal average damage. 

Having explosives in your inventory, and being able to readily buy/craft their more powerful variants, becomes increasingly important as you get deeper into New Dawn. What's more, an upgraded Explosives lab also gives you access to more powerful ammo, such as piercing and fire ammo.

Here's what you can make at each new Explosives Lab rank: 

  • Base Level: Molotovs, smoke grenades, throwing knives
  • Level 1: Dynamite, piercing ammo
  • Level 2: Remote explosive, fire ammo
  • Level 3: Proximity explosive, pipe bomb, explosive ammo

All in all, you'll need 850 Ethanol to fully upgrade the Explosives Lab: 

  • Level 1: 100 Ethanol
  • Level 2: 300 Ethanol
  • Level 3: 450 Ethanol

Don't overlook the Infirmary, especially if you play more Rambo than 007. It's not immediately obvious, and it's very easy to overlook, but the Infirmary is where you upgrade your overall health bar. Of course, this means you can take more damage before having to retreat or use a medkit.

As you get deeper into New Dawn's third act, scavenge more Outposts, and play more Expeditions, this is simply something you can't ignore. Even if you're a stealth player, Expeditions force you into combat at the very end of each gameplay loop, rendering stealth almost entirely moot. 

Here's what each new Infirmary rank gives you:

  • Level 1: 150% health
  • Level 2: 200% health
  • Level 3: 250% health

All in all, you'll need 1,350 Ethanol to fully upgrade the Infirmary: 

  • Level 1: 150 Ethanol
  • Level 2: 500 Ethanol
  • Level 3: 700 Ethanol
Healing Garden

The Healing Garden can be misleading. That's because when you pick up plants and healing herbs in New Dawn's open-world, they are used to revive fallen Guns for Hire. The confusion comes in when you look at the Healing Garden and see the same plants and herbs. If you don't use Guns for Hire much, then it's likely you might skip right over the Healing Garden. 

However, do so at your own peril. While not as necessary as the Infirmary, the Healing Garden pulls in at a close second. That's because this is where you can upgrade the effectiveness of your medkits. This is where both aggressive and stealthy players both can benefit. 

Aggressive players will, of course, need more efficient healthpacks and a larger healthbar for firefights. However, stealthy players could potentially benefit more from the Healing Garden because it gives them the benefit of increased health as well as the ability to spend precious upgrading resources on things like The Explosives Lab and Expeditions. 

Here's what each new Health Garden level gives you:

  • Level 1: Medkits regen health for a solid 5 seconds
  • Level 2: Medkits regen health for a solid 10 seconds
  • Level 3: Medkits regen health for a solid 20 seconds

All in all, you'll need 450 Ethanol to fully upgrade the Healing Garden: 

  • Level 1: 75 Ethanol
  • Level 2: 125 Ethanol
  • Level 3: 250 Ethanol
Training Camp

Word to the wise: Only upgrade the Training Camp if you consistently use Guns for Hire. Stealthy players should most likely steer clear of this upgrade. 

However, aggressive players will most likely want to invest in this Facility sooner as Guns for Hire can certainly turn the tide of battle in Outpost takeovers and Expeditions. 

Here's what each new Training Camp level gives you:

  • Base Level: Rank 1 Guns for Hire
  • Level 1: Rank 2 Guns for Hire
  • Level 2: Rank 3 Guns for Hire
  • Level 3: Elite Guns for Hire

All in all, you'll need 850 Ethanol to fully upgrade the Training Camp: 

  • Level 1: 100 Ethanol
  • Level 2: 300 Ethanol
  • Level 3: 450 Ethanol


Unless you're after specific animals, loot, or collectibles, there's very little reason to upgrade Cartography at all. Even if you are searching for specific things, such as prepper stashes and monstrous animals, we've got guides for both here and here respectively, meaning you won't need to needless spend ethanol on this Facility. 

However, if you'd rather experience Far Cry New Dawn blind and not use the locations guides above, here's what each new Cartography level gives you:

  • Level 1: Unlocks maps for gears, springs, fish, and birds
  • Level 2: Unlocks maps for treasure hunts, photographs, and music players
  • Level 3: Unlocks maps for predators and monstrous animals

All in all, you'll need 450 Ethanol to fully upgrade Cartography: 

  • Level 1: 75 Ethanol
  • Level 2: 125 Ethanol
  • Level 3: 250 Ethanol

For all intents and purposes, you could completely skip the Garage and not know the difference. You don't need the helicopter since it's slow and you have fast travel via upgraded Expeditions. You don't need cars either; not just because of fast travel but because vehicles are strewn all of the world. 

The only reasons you would conceivably want to spend Ethanol upgrading this Facility is because A.) You'd rather fly, drive, or pilot a boat; B.) You'd rather look cool; or C.) You want to shoot things with a vehicle-mounted .50 caliber heavy machine gun. 

If any of that applies to you, here's what each new Garage level gives you:

  • Base Level: Rank 1 vehicles, helicopters, and boats
  • Level 1: Rank 2 vehicles, helicopters, and boats
  • Level 2: Rank 3 vehicles, helicopters, and boats
  • Level 3: Elite vehicles, helicopters, and boats

All in all, you'll need 850 Ethanol to fully upgrade the Garage: 

  • Level 1: 100 Ethanol
  • Level 2: 300 Ethanol
  • Level 3: 450 Ethanol


Ultimately, it's up to you how and when you upgrade each Facility in Prosperity. Some are better earlier in the game, while some aren't subjectively upgrading at all. Depending on your playstyle, it's probably you might re-order this list. 

Regardless, you now know what each Facility provides at what level, as well as how much Ethanol you need to invest in each. Visit our Far Cry New Dawn guides hub for more tips and walkthroughs. 

How to Get More Titanium in Far Cry New Dawn https://www.gameskinny.com/tc6vv/how-to-get-more-titanium-in-far-cry-new-dawn https://www.gameskinny.com/tc6vv/how-to-get-more-titanium-in-far-cry-new-dawn Thu, 14 Feb 2019 06:15:01 -0500 Jonathan Moore

Titanium is essential for crafting some of the mid- to high-level weapons and vehicles in Far Cry New Dawn. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to get it. 

The primary thing to keep in mind while playing is that titanium isn't simply lying on the ground. Unlike other crafting supplies such as duct tape, copper, gears, and springs, titanium can only be found in certain locations or by performing certain activities. 

Below, we'll outline what those activities are as well as provide links to more detailed information, such as how to find Far Cry New Dawn's many safes, which always contain a good amount of reliable titanium. 

Farm Titanium by Hunting Animals

When you hunt and kill an animal in Far Cry New Dawn, you are rewarded with a pelt, sometimes two if you're lucky. However, unlike previous Far Cry games, you won't use these pelts to craft with (except for some Monstrous animal skins). Instead, these pelts are primarily used to get various other crafting supplies, such as copper, duct tape, black powder, and solvent. 

However, some reward you with titanium. 

To trade animal pelts for resources such as titanium, you can either visit the game's traveling traders, which are denoted by green, three-tiered bag icons in the game world, or simply open the workbench or the garage in Prosperity or any liberated outpost.

After opening a workbench or talking to a trader, click "Trade Loot" in the upper right-hand corner of the screen to open the trade menu. 

Here is a list of the animals you need to hunt as well as the amount of titanium they will give when selling their skins: 

  • Level 2 Wolf skin: 30 titanium each
  • Level 3 Black Bear skin: 40 titanium each
  • Level 3 Grizzly Bear skin: 40 titanium each

Get Titanium from Expeditions

Expeditions are brand-new to Far Cry New Dawn, and they provide some of the game's most unique content. Instead of taking place in Hope County, Expeditions allow players to experience areas outside of the "boundaries of the setting in which the game takes place," taking them to maps set on aircraft carriers, at Alcatraz, and even amongst the wreckage of the International Space Station.

Much like Outposts, Expeditions increase in difficulty, delivering harder odds and more lucrative loot. The main difference is that difficulties are determined by the game as you complete more Expeditions, whereas you control when Outposts get harder.

Although I wasn't able to unlock all four levels of each expedition, I was able to get through the first two levels of the first three Expeditions by launch. 

For those first two levels, you are rewarded with 300 titanium for each Level 1 completion, and 350 titanium for each Level 2 completion. As Expeditions can ultimately reach Level 4 difficulty, the titanium rewards they provide are obviously highly profitable. 

However, each level provides new challenges, making them increasingly difficult to complete alone. For levels three and higher, having a co-op partner is a must. 

Unlock Safes for Titanium

There are dozens of safes in Far Cry New Dawn, and every one of them contains some amount of titanium; typically, values range between 15 and 20 titanium for each safe.

As you play, you'll find some safes while completing the game's treasure hunts. Other safes you'll find while completing specialist side missions or by simply exploring the world. 

However, before venturing out, you'll want to unlock the Lockpick skill as quickly as possible. You won't be able to unlock safes without it. Luckily, an added benefit is that the Lockpicking skill also keeps you from having to track down keys for various locked doors, which often hide either safes or much-needed crafting materials. 

Although not as lucrative as Expeditions, unlocking safes is fantastic way to get titanium throughout the main New Dawn experience. Since a majority of locations have safes, it's an easy way to wrack up what you need for new weapons and some vehicles, such as the helicopter. 

You can see our full safes locations guide for more in-depth info on those you can find by completing side missions, story missions, and outpost. Our compete treasure hunt guide will help you find all 10 safes hidden away in prepper stashes.  

Buy Crafting Materials Packs

Ideally, you never want buy any materials packs for titanium; there's really no reason to spend real-world money when you consider titanium is relatively easy to obtain. By completing all of the tasks above, you will acquire more than enough titanium for what you need to craft in Far Cry New Dawn

However, if you want to speed things up and don't mind spending real-world cash to do so, this is what the following crafting materials packs provide: 

  • Small Crafting Pack: 300 titanium
    • Cost: 250 Far Cry credits
  • Medium Crafting Pack: 630 titanium
    • Cost: 500 Far Cry credits
  • Large Crafting Pack: 1,380 titanium
    • Cost: 1,000 Far Cry credits. 

To put things in perspective, 500 credits costs $4.99, and 1,000 credits costs $9.99. In my experience, you won't need much more than 1,380 titanium throughout the entire game, so it all boils down to if you want to plunk down the extra cash or experience New Dawn more organically.  


And there you have it, the best ways to get more than enough titanium to craft weapons and vehicles in Far Cry New Dawn. Be sure to check out our other Far Cry New Dawn guides for more information on best perks, the best upgrades for Prosperity, safes, animal locations, and more. 

See why we said Ubisoft's latest entry in the franchise is "much more than just an expansion" in our official review

All Safe Locations in Far Cry New Dawn https://www.gameskinny.com/x9lzz/all-safe-locations-in-far-cry-new-dawn https://www.gameskinny.com/x9lzz/all-safe-locations-in-far-cry-new-dawn Thu, 14 Feb 2019 06:15:01 -0500 Jonathan Moore

Safes present one of the better ways to get titanium in Far Cry New Dawn. However, tracking them all down yourself can be a huge time sink. 

Instead, this New Dawn guide will show you the location of (hopefully) every safe in the game. The following will be broken down into safes you can find while exploring in the open world, those you can find during story missions and side missions, and those you can find after liberating outposts. 

For the 10 safes hidden in each of New Dawn's prepper stashes, head over to our complete treasure hunt guide

If we've overlooked a safe and it's not on this list, let us know in the comments, and we'll make sure it gets added. 

Open-World Safe Locations

Laurel's Shanty

Go to the area indicated in the screenshot above. On the left side of the house, look for what appears like a rusty above-ground pool surrounded by barrels. Across from that, there is a platform jutting out from the house; climb that and break open the boards blocking the attic entrance. 

Climb in and open the safe for 15 titanium. 

Davenport Plains

When you arrive, look for the windmill. Near it, there are two sets of tractor tires set against a rusty, fallen silo. Climb the silo and use the zipline to enter the barn. 

When you land, turn around and break the boards to the left of the barn doors. Destroy the boxes inside to find the safe nestled in the back corner. Inside the safe you'll find 19 titanium. 

Doverspike's Hill

Climb up the hill and go into the house. Make your way to the hallway, turn right, and pick the lock on the red, rusty door. When you enter, turn left. The safe is in the corner behind the door. Inside is 18 titanium. 

Deadgas Crossing

Deadgas Crossing can be found roughly 586 meters east of the Broken Forge outpost. To get there, take a vehicle from Broken Forge and turn left on the road just outside the outpost.

Continue along, and Deadgas Crossing will be at the next primary intersection; it will be the gas station on your left. 

Go inside the gas station and look for the safe on the right-hand wall. There is 20 titanium inside. 

Bookworm Ridge

When you get to the location above, look for the basketball court. Next to it is a small building with a red tin roof and a beehive. Go behind the building. 

The safe, as well as 17 titanium, is hidden among the boxes and pallets stacked against the wall. 

Redler's Hollow

Here, go into the large silver building. Inside, there is another smaller room filled with lockers. The safe is against the wall, and inside you'll find 19 titanium. 


When you get here, go to the back of the area, toward the large house with solar panels on its roof. In front of the house is a teal cargo container. 

Jump inside the container and open the safe for 20 titanium. 

Kellet's Howl

When you arrive at this location, look for the two pink silos. To the left, there will be a three rusted barrels sitting on three separate platforms. Look under the tallest one and find the safe, along with 20 titanium. 

Rye & Daughter Aviation

You'll end Jerome's Guns for Hire mission at the Rye & Daughter Aviation flight school east of Prosperity. To find the safe, go into the hanger and locate the cage with the bloody mattress. 

To the left of the mattress, you'll find the safe. There is 20 titanium inside. 

Near the Target Practice Treasure Hunt

Go to the location indicated in the screenshot above. Face toward the section of the house buried in sand. Go past the house in that direction, and into the woods behind it. Continue down the path and look for the small shack guarded by a highwayman. 

Just outside the shack is a safe with 15 titanium. 

Traitor's Bluff

Find the small shack behind the house. Inside, there is a door that leads to an underground bunker. Go inside. The safe is along the right-hand wall in the second compartment. Inside you'll find 20 titanium. 

Garden View Desert

Next to the fallen, rusted silo is a small shack. Break the boards covering the entryway to find the safe and 19 titanium inside. 

The Old Project

Travel across the bridge from Garden View Desert to find The Old Project. Once there, go to the left side of the house (the side facing the nearby river) and break the boards barring the window. 

Jump inside and turn right. The safe is in a small room; it contains 19 titanium. 

The Old Compound

Whether you travel here by water or by land, look for the half-submerged church; however, don't go to it. Instead look along the shore just across from its front doors. The safe is halfway in the water, next to a rusty platform. Open it to get 15 titanium. 

Hollyhock Corner

One side of the building in this area has an open entryway. Go inside and turn left. Pick the lock on the door in front of you, and then turn right. The safe, as well as 19 titanium, is in front of you. 

Worm Shore

Along the front of the overgrown house in this area is a boarded up window. Bust the boards and climb inside. The safe is directly in front of you. Inside you'll find 16 titanium. 

Main Story Mission Safe Locations

Breakout (Blacklung Mine Outside)

Before you go inside the mine to continue the mission, go to the main tunnel in the central area. It is behind the overturned minecarts and has the bright yellow sign hanging above it. 

Break the boards and go inside. In the back is the safe and 17 titanium. 

Breakout (Blacklung Mine Inside)

After you climb down into the mine, follow the path into the first pink room. Just before turning left toward the enemies, turn right to find a set of loose boards along the wall. 

Breaking the boards will alert the enemies in the area, but you'll find 15 titanium inside the safe. If you missed it the first time through, you can fast travel back to Blacklung Mine later in the game.  

Specialist Sidemission Safe Locations

Losing Streak (Bean)

There are two safes in Bean's mission. The first can be found in the stash in Dick's Hole. You can't miss it; inside is 17 titanium. 

The second safe can be found after you complete Bean's mission. 

After you give the information to Bean in Bradbury Woods, look to the run-down building to your right. At the right end of the building, there is a caged area with several breakable boards on it. Break the boards and go inside to find a safe with 17 more titanium. 

Adventures in Babysitting (Sharky)

This safe is super easy to find. When you first meet Sharky in the central area, speak with him and then turn around. Go inside the hot pink boxcar and turn right. The safe is along the far wall; it contains 18 titanium. 

Deep Dive (Selene)

There are two safes in this side mission. 

After you raise the water the first time, re-enter the silo. Turn right and kill the pack of dogs in your path. Afterward, continue down the path and turn right at the first fork. There is a safe in the far back corner with 18 titanium. 

The second safe can be found after your raise the water a second time. Climb up the ladder and follow the stairway up. Continue ahead along the path and turn left before entering the first large doorway. Look left to find another safe with 16 titanium. 

Outpost Safe Locations

The Chop Shop

Face the workbench. Turn around and find the safe with 20 titanium along the back wall of the Leased Lag bar. 

Sacred Lumber

Start with the gun workbench to your right. There is a rusted woodchipper, three body bags, and a shack with a barred window to your left. 

Pick the lock on the shack's door and open the safe inside for 20 titanium. 

Broken Forge

After liberating the outpost, go to the forge area to the left of the ethanol tank. Go over to the big racks at the back of the room to find the safe nestled into some crates. Pick the lock to get 15 titanium. 

The Pantry

With your back to the workbench, go underneath the teal trailer with the black graffiti. Continue right. On the other side, turn left and pick the lock at the red door.

Go inside and look immediately to the left by the beds. The safe with 15 titanium is inside. 

The Watering Hole

With your back to the workbench, go toward the teal reservoir in front of you. To the left of the rusty bridge that goes over it, there is an opening that goes down into the reservoir. 

You'll find the safe here, along with 20 titanium. 

The Refinery

Go into the run-down refinery; enter through the opening underneath the "Bright Warden Radon Spa" sign. When you hit the first bush, turn left and go through a second bush. The safe will be nestled in the left-most corner. Crack it open to get 16 titanium. 

Trailer Town

From the center of the area, go to the building with the helipad. You'll find the safe right out on the porch. There is 17 titanium inside. 

Empty Garden

With you back to the garage and the weapons workbench to your right, look to the middle of the area. There are two cages stacked on top of each other. 

The top cage holds the safe and 19 titanium. Simply shoot the door off of the cage and jump up to access it. 

The Island

Looking at the outpost's scavenge table, turn right. Behind the crate in front of you is a small crawlspace. Go inside and look on the left wall just before the exit. 

The safe is on the wall. Inside is 15 titanium. 

Signal Point

Go to the large plywood building in the middle of the area. To the right of the front stairs and down near the bottom, you'll find an opening. Go inside; to the left you'll see a set of loose boards. Break them and open the safe to nab 18 titanium. 


That's it. Every safe in Far Cry New Dawn. As mentioned at the top of this article, if we've overlooked a safe, please let us know in the comments below,and we'll make sure it gets added. 

For more tips and locations guides, be sure to head over to our growing Far Cry New Dawn guides page. Be sure to check out our review of Ubisoft's latest forway into Hope County to see why we think "it doesn't get much better than Far Cry New Dawn."

Far Cry New Dawn Treasure Hunt, Stashes Locations Guide https://www.gameskinny.com/wkc7j/far-cry-new-dawn-treasure-hunt-stashes-locations-guide https://www.gameskinny.com/wkc7j/far-cry-new-dawn-treasure-hunt-stashes-locations-guide Thu, 14 Feb 2019 06:15:01 -0500 Jonathan Moore

The wilds of Far Cry New Dawn are full of loot and treasure, you just have to know where to look. The best locations, however, are found by completing any of the game's 10 treasure hunts. 

Spread across the lower and middle portions of the map, these hunts lead to stashes full of crafting items, perk magazines, Far Cry credits, and titanium. These items allow you to level up Prosperity, complete New Dawn's skill tree, purchase unique skins, and craft certain vehicles and weapons. 

This guide shows you exactly where to find those stashes on the map as well as how to solve the puzzles guarding them. 

Note: You do not need to speak or interact with NPCs before discovering or opening these stash locations. You can simply go to the areas marked in the screenshots below. 

Far Cry New Dawn Stash Locations

Stash #1: For Whom the Bear Tolls

Map showing For Whom the Bear Tolls Treasure Hunt Location

This is one of the easier treasure hunts in Far Cry New Dawn. Travel to the FANG center north east of Bean, which doubles as a run-down church, located at the coordinates above. 

When you arrive, mind the two highwaymen on the roof of the church as well as the highwayman in the caged area to the left of the church. Take them out and then aim at the bell in the bell tower. 

Shoot the bell three times to call a Level 3 Grizzly bear to your location; it will come from the back of the church. To make quick work of the bear, shoot it in the head as quickly as possible. 

After taking the bear down, take the key from its corpse and head toward the back of the church, keeping left.

Eventually, you'll see a large hole in the ground. Climb down into the hole to access the bunker there; inside, you'll find three perk magazines, numerous crafting supplies, Far Cry credits, and titanium in the safe.  

Stash #2: Going Haywire

Map showing Going Haywire Treasure Hunt Location

From the last stash, head east. As you enter the fields in this area, look for the two radio towers up on a hill. Directly behind the towers, through a small patch of woods, look for a house. Next to the house will be a large device spewing electricity in all directions. Underneath the device is the entrance to a bunker. 

Be wary of the enemies in this location as well as the electricity being emitted from the device; it's easy to get caught in a perpetual damage loop if you're struck by it. 

To turn the device off, go into the house, turn left, and go all the way into the back. Flip the switch in front of you.

Go back to the device, which should now be off, and go into the bunker to finish the treasure hunt. 

Stash #3: High Art

Map showing High Art Treasure Hunt Location

Staying in the same region, the next treasure stash is further east. Coming from the previous location, look for a large barn on the other side of a tributary. 

As you approach, look for the highwayman outside doing some graffiti work. Take him out and go around to the back of the barn. There, look for a windmill with a grapple point.

Use the grapple point to climb up the windmill and zipline across to the barn. Break open the loose boards and go inside. 

Inside the barn, follow the path to the right and jump down. Turn immediately around and go right; turn the yellow valve behind the chicken wire barrier to your right. This raises the teal car in the center of the room. 

Climb back up from where you originally came from and use the lowered car to get to the other side of the barn. Turn left and turn the valve along the left wall. This moves the orange car down below. 

Jump back down, enter the new room, and get three more perks points, 45 Far Cry credits, and 15 titanium in the safe. 

Stash #4: Riddle Me Fish

Map showing Riddle Me Fish Treasure Hunt Location

This treasure hunt is one of the harder ones in Far Cry New Dawn, especially if you don't know what to look for. 

When you reach the area indicated above, take out the highwaymen and look for the small tin building next to the left of the main house.

To the right of the tin building, there is an overhang jutting out from the side of the house. Go through the opening underneath the overhang and open the safe if you have the Lockpick perk; inside is 17 titanium. 

Grab the titanium and the crafting parts, and then go into the house through the door to your right. Kill the skunks inside so they don't spray you and look at the back wall, past the generator in the middle of the room.

Activate the generator and watch the fish mounted on the wall. The order in which they move is the code to the bunker underneath the tin building. 

If you miss the order, or just want the code without trying to figure it out, it's 246135

Now, go to bunker and enter the number by activating the fish on the wall. Open the door; inside the normal loot of three perk mags and 45 credits. There is also 17 more titanium inside. 

Stash #5: Target Practice

Map showing Target Practice Treasure Hunt Location

Clear the highwaymen from the area and the face the front of the house. Turn  left and go toward the cliff face; climb down or use the small path to the right to walk down to the cave below.

Kill the highwayman there if you haven't already and enter the cave. 

Inside, there is a contraption in the very back of the cave that you need to activate to raise the gate protecting the treasure stash. While looking at the gate, turn left and activate the switch. The gears on the left side of the room will begin to move. 

The large gear closest to you (to the left of the switch) has a space in it. Watch the gear. When the target enters the empty space, shoot it. This activates more targets along the left wall. Shoot all of them and the gate will open halfway. 

Now, turn your attention to the right side of the room. The targets here are in a straight line and much easier to hit. Shoot them from left to right. 

The door will open, and you can grab the treasure stash. 

Stash #6: Light 'Em Up

Map showing Light em Up Treasure Hunt Location

This treasure hunt is southwest of Sharky. Look for an old church in the mountains about 550 meters east of the Sacred Lumber outpost. 

Kill the enemies when you arrive and mind the Level 2 wolverine lurking around. The entrance to the stash is in the shed next to the church. However, you need to go inside the church to get a key first. 

With the shed to your right, go to the right side of the church and look for the loose boards on the lower wall. Bust through and go inside. Follow the path all the through to the wolverine's nest. 

Grab a molotov cocktail nearby and light the nest on fire. Grab the key from the wolverine's corpse.

Go back outside and open the shed to get three perk mags, crafting supplies, and Far Cry credits. 

Stash #7: The Best Laid Plans

Map showing The Best Laid Plans Treasure Hunt Location

When you reach this area, you'll see that the bridge is out. Go underneath the bridge and to the far end; look for the area where the box cars are dangling from the bridge.

Climb up to the top of the boxcars using the grappling hook and follow the path to the next broken section. 

Grapple across this section, but make sure to have enough momentum and release at the apex of your jump; if not, it's easy to hit the water, forcing you to start over. 

Grapple across the next several gaps and follow the main path. The stash will be at the end. 

Stash #8: Burning Souls

Map showing Burning Souls Treasure Hunt Location

East of Best Laid Plans, you'll find Eden's Pyre. Here, you'll need to throw five New Edeners into a fire pit and light their corpses ablaze. 

The first body id on the benches to the left of the pyre. Pick it up and drop it into the pyre pit. With the pyre to your back, go counterclockwise. 

The next body is a dozen or so meters from the last, on the right-hand side of the path underneath an overhang. From there, the next body is inside the large shelter near the entrance to the area. 

From there, continue counterclockwise, picking up the fourth body up on the fortification near the shelter. Finally, continue up the path to the top of the cliff. Look down and you'll see the last New Edener lying on a platform above the pyre. 

Once all five bodies are in the pyre pit, use a molotov cocktail to light it aflame. The stash will be behind the pyre. 

Stash #9: Go With the Flow

Map showing Go With the Flow Treasure Hunt Location

When you get to the location indicated in the screenshot above, you'll find a cave guarded by four or five wolves. Instead of taking them on, head left and cross the small stream to the other side. Look to the cleft in the rock wall behind the tent to find a key. 

Next, go left and cross the small wooden bridge with the white flag next to it. Follow the white flags all the way to the end.

Eventually, you'll come to a broken bridge. Follow the water and jump down just past it. 

Turn left and follow the path up, past the dead white wolf. Use the key to open the gate protecting the stash. 

Stash #10: Rescuers Down Under

Map showing Rescuers Down Under Treasure Hunt Location

This might be the most head-scratching treasure hunt in Far Cry New Dawn outside of Riddle Me Fish.

The best way to get here is by helicopter not only because it's high in the mountains, but also because the area is littered with Level 3 mountain lions, wolverines, and black bears. 

From the sky, you'll be looking for a large pit that goes down into the mountain. It will be surrounded by large log piles, and a very ornery Level 3 black bear will be close by. Land, kill the black bear (and harvest its pelt for titanium), and jump down into the hole. 

Dive down and follow the path through cavern until you reach the derelict cars inside. There will be a note that says you need to "release the brakes" of the car on the precipice above the water. To do so, jump over and look at the back passenger-side wheel, which will prompt you to release the brakes. 

With the car in the water, use the car to hop over to the ledge across from it and grab the stash. If you hit the water, try getting a running start and jumping from the very edge of the car hood.  


That's all you need for finding all of the treasure hunt stashes in Far Cry New Dawn. If you're looking more of the game's safes, be sure to head over to our complete locations guide, and if you want to find even more strategies on getting more titanium, we've got something for that, too. 

For more tips and tricks for Ubisoft's latest first-person shooter, be sure to visit our Far Cry New Dawn guides page. To see why we said "it doesn't get much better than Far Cry New Dawn," here's our review

Where to Pre-Order Far Cry New Dawn https://www.gameskinny.com/6k3qr/where-to-pre-order-far-cry-new-dawn https://www.gameskinny.com/6k3qr/where-to-pre-order-far-cry-new-dawn Thu, 06 Dec 2018 23:50:13 -0500 Jonathan Moore

Far Cry New Dawn may have just been announced at The Game Awards, but a handful of retailers and marketplaces, including Amazon, Gamestop, PlayStation Network, Steam, and the Xbox Marketplace, already have pre-orders locked and loaded for the game's February 19, 2019 release. 

New Dawn will, of course, be available in both physical and digital formats, and there will be two editions, a $39.99 standard edition and a $49.99 deluxe edition.

As of this writing, and since the game was just announced, we don't know the exact pre-order bonuses each retailer will be providing, but we do know that the deluxe edition will give you access to "additional weapons, outfits, and vehicle skins". We will update this article when bonuses for each storefront are announced.

Here's where you can pre-order each edition right now. Note that not all platforms and editions are available on every storefront at the current time, but they should be made available in the coming days. 


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PlayStation 4
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Set in post-apocalyptic Hope County, Montana, the newest installment in the long-running FPS series is set 17 years after the ending of Far Cry 5, and it is the first game in the franchise to be a direct sequel. 

Based on the game's reveal trailer, players can expect more Mad Max than Fallout, as well as a vibrant color palette that rivals the one seen in Rage 2.

Far Cry New Dawn will also feature online co-op play, and allow players to craft new weapons from old items, including (hopefully) the high-profile saw-gun that's been heavily featured in the game's trailers.