Pax Prime Tagged Articles RSS Feed | Pax Prime RSS Feed on en Launch Media Network Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns gets release date and trailer Sat, 29 Aug 2015 10:06:11 -0400 Marshall Jenkins

At last and with little delay, Guild Wars 2's first expansion pack Heart of Thorns has had its release date revealed. Appearing at the popular PAX Prime event in Seattle, the trailer highlighted many of the features fans have already been craving. 

The Heart of Maguuma

This is a new region of the game for players to explore with a high amount of verticality that expects players to be at their best in terms of character movement. New storylines for lore-craving players to explore will be available, along with additional boss battles that add a greater challenge. 


Similar to the scrapped World of Warcraft concept Path of the Titans, the mastery system is a max level progression system that will give players addition options to gain power with their characters. Completing elements of the story, finding hard-to-find and hard-to-reach locations, defeating bosses and group challenges, exploring entire maps, and completing challenging achievements are ways of gaining mastery. 

A new profession, raiding, guild halls, new PvP options, and a great number of balance changes await players when the game releases on October 23rd.

What additions are you excited for? Let us know in the comments!

PAX Prime is approaching! Check out what Nintendo has in store for you! Tue, 25 Aug 2015 17:58:05 -0400 Steven Troya

PAX Prime starts on August 28th and Nintendo has plenty in store for everybody. Games like Super Mario MakerStar Fox Zero, and many other games.

Check out what Nintendo's doing at PAX Prime:

  • On August 29, you can check out Wyvern Theater at 2:30PM to see the Xenoblade Chronicles X panel. Here, you can see the inspiration of the game as well as take part in a Q&A session and concept art of the game.
  • From the beginning to the end of PAX Prime, you can try out the games such as Super Mario Maker, The Legend of Zelda: Tri-Force Heroes and more.
  • There will be multiple tournaments out for Super Smash Bros. for the 3DS, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, and the latest Pokemon games, Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire.
  • You can also go to Sheraton Seattle Hotel to check out some Nindies games, chat developers, and play some games.

Don't forget that Nintendo will be hosting an event before the actual PAX Prime, so if you make it there early, you should check it out.

Runic Games (Torchlight) reveal Hob, an exploration game Tue, 18 Aug 2015 11:33:46 -0400 Charly Mottet

Runic Games, the studio who brought us FATE and the Torchlight games are now changing up their style completely with this new reveal: Hob. Used to making action-RPGs, the studio's reveal video for Hob shows a different kind of game featuring full-on exploration. 

Hob puts you in the shoes of a strange character in an unknown land. Well, planet, really. All seems peaceful on the surface, but as you move along, you discover the dangerous machines that hide underneath. In order to advance in the game, you must discover this endangered planet, learn how to survive, gain skill points and work with nature. And do all that with no loading screens. 

"There is no dialogue in the game. There are no NPCs that say anything. There's barely interface on-screen at all. There's a huge process of discovery and learning that is non-verbal," says Runic Games CEO Max Schaefer to Polygon

There will be problems and puzzles to solve along the game, and some battles will come your way, but the main focus of the game remains exploration. 

The game will be present at PAX Prime in Seattle from August 28th to the 31st. Until then, all that is known is that Hob will be released on PC and gaming consoles. Nothing else was specified. 

A little bit about Runic Games

Runic Games was founded by brothers Max and Eric Schaefer, along with Travis Baldree. Before creating Runic Games, they had worked on projects such as the first two Diablo from Blizzard, as well as Hellgate: London and Mythos from Flagship. 

Their speciality has been the action-RPG, and they worked with that on their hack-n-slash Torchlight games. However, co-founders Eric Schaefer and Travis Baldree left Runic Games to create their own company, Double Damage Games. 

That does not mean that Runic Games fell apart, though. Hob is the story of how this company is picking itself back up again. 

Red Dead Redemption 2: Rumored but Likely Thu, 04 Sep 2014 14:57:07 -0400 Jay Prodigious

The rumor mill is always churning out false hopes, and sometimes not so false, for game titles such as another Final Fantasy game or the next installment of Mass Effect. It’s no surprise that Rockstar’s successful game, Red Dead Redemption, has been rumored for a Red Dead Redemption 2 since its release back in 2010.

Whispers have been heard frequently since 2010 but a large boost in hype in late 2013 from a professional networking site, LinkedIn, from the Senior Graphics Engineer, Doron Feinstein. On his profile he put he was “working on a sequel to a famous IP from Rockstar”, leading people to leap right to either of their two heavy hitter games, Grand Theft Auto or Red Dead.

This rumor was squashed when Feinstein was announced  to have done work on GTA V and not long after its release, he left Rockstar New England for TURBO Studios.

Though the hopes were dashed at this information, the mood was soon lifted earlier this year by CEO of Take-Two, who spoke at a conference regarding their “Permanent Franchises.” Strauss Zelnick spoke openly about their future use of games like GTA and Red Dead, he was quoted to say:

I pretty much know the ones that I can assure you are permanent. It's obvious that GTA is a permanent franchise as long as we keep delivering this incredible quality; it seems quite obvious that Red Dead is a permanent franchise, again with the same caveat, or Borderlands, for example, and NBA and others.

It shows that there is a small glimmer of hope for Red Dead Redemption 2, given a status of permanent means a sequel is more than likely. Rumor has it, that on the convention floor this past PAX behind closed doors, a reveal of Red Dead Redemption’s HD release for PC, PS4, Xbox One was shown. The release date was slatted as March 2015.

In this same reveal, RDR2 was mentioned (or shown) but no I have not been able to confirm it in my search in other than a repeated post around the net talking of excitement and a likely reveal. That same word has predicted to be seen in an official reveal by E3 2015.

I know it’s not a lot to go on, hearsay and over excitement, but with the information adding up, it seems more likely to be coming. Seeing how 4 positions have been put up for Rockstar San Diego (developer of Red Dead Redemption), including Newtorking programmer to sync game mechanics in open world games and design/security for in game content (like missions, etc.) dating back to at least 10 months ago.

With the huge success of the last installment and the reveal of an HD Version coming to Current Gen consoles, the signs are here so we now at least have a solid footing for the likelihood of seeing a Red Dead Redemption 2.

Fun Plants vs Zombies Cosplays Thu, 06 Mar 2014 09:48:58 -0500 Venisia Gonzalez


Photo of some memorable zombies taken by imalipusram at Epitanime 2012.


Photo taken of a dancing zombie by richgrohl


Photo taken by FlyByPhoto at MegaCon 2011.


Photo of a pair of sunflowers and pair of zombies taken by Ysterath


This is a photo taken by WebJiCi at Otakuthon Halloween 2012 of a cosplayer.


This photo was taken by Yama13 at a zombie party.


This photo taken by KaniKaniza at AmeCon 2012 of cosplayers ChiDan as the Jalapeño and soul-of-the-wild as the Peashooter.


This photo was taken at PAX Prime 2012 of cosplayer lelental (dressed as Emilia from Dance Central 2) with some PopCap Zombies.


Here we have a tribute to Craaaaazy Dave by Silantre.


This photo was taken at the San Diego Comic Con 2013 by pa68.


Picture of silverwordz and friends at MegaCon 2011.


This is the official mascot of Plants vs Zombies here at E3 in 2013 in a photo with IDiivil-Official.


It's been over a week since the release of the hilarious Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare from PopCap and EA. I thought it'd be fun to find some wonderful cosplay paying tribute to the amazing Plants and Zombies who have entered our hearts.

GameSkinny News Roundup - Episode #2 Electric Boogaloo Mon, 09 Sep 2013 02:51:14 -0400 GSRoundTable

Hi inter-peeps! It's that time again for the GameSkinny News Roundup! This week we discuss the biggest news to come out of PAX Prime as well as other big news that came out in the past week.

Unfortunately some of our regular members of the subcast were not able to join us. However, we were lucky to have some awesome folks from the GS Roundtable to help us out!

This time we have StephanieLuiErnesto and Ryan joining us.

What We Talked About:

We decided to change our recording schedule and now we record on Friday nights, but we still hope to have the episode out by that Saturday. This week's episode was recorded on Friday, September 6, 2013 at 9:30 PM EST.

As always, thank you for watching and if you have anything you would like us to change or add, please let us know in the comments below!

This week's recap was brought to you by Ryan.

Pax Prime 2013 - Indie Game Roundup Sun, 08 Sep 2013 20:29:45 -0400 Nicole Nymh

Six months ago at Pax East in Boston, I began my Gameskinny journey. Together, we’re giving you an inside look at some of the best indie titles at Pax Prime 2013 in Seattle, Washington.

With over 88 games on display at the Megabooth, it was a force to be reckoned with on one of the main show floors. Despite Prime being extended to a full four-day schedule, it still didn’t feel like enough time to play everything indie had to offer me at Pax. Aside from the Mega and Mini Indie booths were tons of indie development teams hawking their wares across three different areas, not including tabletop. While this was a bit of an overload, I loved every second of it. Here are some titles that stood out, and why (in no particular order):

Armello  - By: League of Geeks

Platform: iOS                     Release Date: TBA

This turn based RPG drew me in with some absolutely stunning artwork. Turn-based games aren’t really my style, and yet this title kept me around a little longer than normal. I couldn’t turn away from the outstanding graphic work in their iPad build, and the play controls made it easy to pick up. With no help whatsoever, I was able to get my character over to an enemy target, and start an attack as well. The gameplay style definitely makes this title appear user friendly for a somewhat younger crowd, while still drawing the attention of older gamers who may be intrigued by the game’s offering on mobile devices.

Crypt of the Necrodancer – By: BraceYourself Games

Platform:  pc/mac            Release Date:  Late 2013 Early Access 

This is the first of two games on this list which incorporate rhythm and music as a basis for movement and action in game. While this roguelike dungeon crawler seems like any other from a distance, up close and personal it brings a unique flair and personality to the genre. Moving your character through dungeons and passageways must be done in time to the rhythm of the game’s soundtrack, which can be pre-ordered with the game now on their site. Additionally, bonuses like disco lighting and multipliers are also unlocked the longer you can keep in rhythm.

These guys also get special points for adapting their game to allow for gameplay using an old Dance Dance Revolution game pad. The devs said they came up with the idea just a few short days before Pax, and it was a huge hit.

Foul Play – By: Mediatonic

Platform: PC/XBox 360   Release Date:  September 18, 2013 (Steam)

The incredibly polished and theatrical adventures of Daemon Hunter Baron Dashforth are hilariously re-enacted through theater/stage based brawls with both local and online co-op. Recreations of the many monsters and bad guys from Baron Dashforth’s travels make this beat-em-up title incredibly unique. Play to the crowd’s taste with as much blood, gore and violence as possible, and watch them go crazy for your bravado and antics. (Also, Baron Dashforth looks like a very close relative to the Monopoly man, which made me giggle more than once.)


Jungle Rumble – By: Disco Pixel

Platform: iOS/Android   Release Date:  Late 2013

Do you like “Freedom, Happiness and Bananas? “ If you do, and you also enjoy catchy drum beats and rhythms – then Jungle Rumble is a definite must. The second game I found at Pax Prime incorporating rhythm as its function for movement does so in a much more innovative way. Tapping and interacting with the drum rhythm is the only way to move your monkeys, defend your coconuts, and ward off the enemy (also monkeys!). Navigate maze-like treetops, sometimes while racing to beat a timed scrolling level, anticipating the oncoming attacks and impending banana theft. Thinking I would give Jungle Rumble 5 minutes or so of my time, 25 minutes later I came out of the practically meditative trance this game put me into, with a huge smile on my face.


Little Legends: The Battle for Willow Lane - By: Reentry Games

Platforms: iOS/Android/PC/Mac/Web/Ouya      

Release Date: PC/Mac/Web editions available now for early access, Mobile TBA

Little Legends was by far one of the most addicting titles I came across. A traditional match-three title, they have added in elements of local and online co-op, allowing players to use matches of tile themes to load up attacks on their opponents. Beyond that, earning gold and points while leveling up your player and equipment allows you to level up a lovable “Floom.” I’m honestly not sure what your Floom is for, but I’m definitely excited to find out. What makes Little Legends stand out from the rest you ask – players compete against each other in real time, using the same board. More than once I exclaimed when I found a great match, only to watch that match be utilized by my opponent before I could act on it. Frustrating, but incredibly fun.


Faeria - by Abrakam

Platforms: PC/Mac/Linux (Mobile TBA?)   Release Date: TBA, Betas Sept 2013

Faeria caught my eye in a different show floor area of Pax Prime, and boasts a unique blend of boardgame/tabletop gameplay basics, with deck-building elements. While I am normally wary of turn-based games (which seemed ever-present at Pax this year), and also not usually a deckbuilding fan, the artwork and style called to me from across the booths. Players were allowed 20 minute demos, teaming up one on one to build terrain, collect and build resources, and utilize cards to play spells, creatures and objects. Utilizing three actions per turn, you slowly worked toward attacking and eliminating your opponent’s home base, and it never really felt cumbersome. Open beta sign up is going on now, and you can bet I’m on the list.


Contraption Maker – by Spotkin

Platforms: PC/Mac          Release Date: Early access available now on Steam (Alpha)

This game put the tools, challenges and frustrating fun of Rube Goldberg projects into my hands. Creator Spotkin, the makers of the original “Incredible Machine,” have definitely built heart, soul and giggles into the different ways to solve simple problems. The current alpha build offers 5 challenge puzzles, or an available sandbox mode. Use the available tools to fill in the gaps of a Rube Goldberg machine, and press play to test and re-test your contraption. Once it’s complete, record the video and save it for posterity.


Even four days isn't enough for everything.

These are some games I loved, but couldn't squeeze into my crazy crazy schedules.

  • Spellirium by Untold Entertainment Inc., for PC and Mac. Solve puzzles by spelling words from a 7x7 letter grid.
  • Life Goes On by Infinite Monkeys Entertainment for PC, Mac and Linux. A Limbo-esque problem solving platformer – kill your character repeatedly, in order to solve problems with his corpses.
  • Legend of Dungeon by Robot Loves Kitty, for PC, Mac and Linux. Randomly generated dungeons fuel this  RPG roguelike with pretty pretty pixels.
  • Always Sometimes Monsters by Vagabond Dog. After hitting rock bottom and setting out on the road, will you be able to overcome?
  • Contrast by Compulsion Games. A puzzle platformer with striking 2D/3D gameplay and art styles--take control of your own shadow to get through unique and innovative levels.
  • Death Road to Canada by Rocketcat Games. Road trip simulator meets hoard style zombie killing, with horse heads.
"Hopefully we will keep getting better" - Penny Arcade's Mike Krahulik Apologizes Thu, 05 Sep 2013 14:26:44 -0400 Amanda Wallace

If you've somehow missed the controversy, you can read more about it here

After re-opening the whole Dickwolves controversy Monday, Mike Krahulik (aka Gabe) from Penny Arcade posted a blog post titled "Some Clarification." In the post,  a decent read if you've been offended by PA's recent activities, outlines the situation and his personal feelings on the matter. 

Mike says that the whole rape culture statement that he was accused of making with the initial comic was never the intention of Penny Arcade;

the comic itself obviously points out the absurd morality of the average MMO where you are actually forced to help some people and ignore others in the same situation. Oddly enough, the first comic by itself is exactly the opposite of what this whole thing has turned into.

The Dickwolves situation bloomed into something else because of the response Penny Arcade made to the hurt feelings expressed by fans and critics alike. Instead of moving on or issuing a sincere apology, they made a joke out of the discomfort of others. 

Mike apologizes for the follow-up strip, expressing regret for what he calls...

"a knee jerk was a massive AOE that hurt a lot of innocent people. We should have just stopped right then but we kept going and made the merchandise."

The merchandise he discusses is a shirt with the a wolf's head and with the word "Dickwolves" on it. People who were initially unaware of the conflict became more aware and became much, much angrier. 

"I apologized for it at the time and I will still apologize for it. Everything we did after that initial comic strip was a mistake and I regret all of it."

According to Mike, what he meant when he said that they never should've pulled the Dickwolves merch (the statement made this Monday), was the pulling the merchandise reignited the dying controversy. He believes that if they had just stopped talking about Dickwolves it would've gone away. 

You can read the entire statement on the Penny Arcade website

What do you think about Mike's apology? 

PAX Prime 2013: Here's what's cookin at Gearbox Wed, 04 Sep 2013 08:40:50 -0400 GirlGoneGaming

Amongst all of the PAX Coverage, a relatively low-key panel was held for Gearbox, the developers of Borderlands fame, but of course that doesn't mean they haven't been busy shaking things up! During their panel, Gearbox confirmed that they have actually been working on two brand spankin' new titles, both headed straight to the next generation of consoles.

While being relatively hush about the projects, Randy Pitchford, big boss over at Gearbox, let conveniently slip that as part of their upcoming Community Day fans will be able to hustle early beta access to one of the titles with the purchase of a digital access pass. 

Included in the Community Day digital access pack will be beta pass, a HD live stream of the event, plus two exclusive Borderlands 2 heads and skins, along with Homeworld HD and Homeworld Classic. You will be able to snag the access pack for a cool $20, which is a small price to pay if you're interested.

And if you have yet to get your fill of killing psychos on  Pandora, The Ultimate Vault Hunter 2 pack also drops today so go cop that!

So Mark your calendars! Gearbox Community Day will be held on September 14 in Dallas, TX.

PAX Prime Wouldn't Have Been the Same Without You Wed, 04 Sep 2013 00:07:29 -0400 Brian Armstrong

I went to PAX Prime in Seattle with The Quest Gaming Network, and saw a lot of cool stuff. There's a lot of great games coming out and some incredible new technology on the horizon, but one of the best things about PAX Prime was the people.

Granted, there were too many of them. There were WAY too many people in there for the size of the venue, which was the Washington State Convention Center. Trying to make your way through the masses of sweaty, smelly, yet altogether awesome people was tricky, especially when I wanted to work my way through individual booths. Sony, for example, was so jam packed that I got stuck in one spot for about three minutes waiting for people to clear out enough for me to be able to continue moving. Lines were long, but the worst part was how long they actually took to wade through. It's not like at a theme park where you have long lines for a two minute ride, so it moves fairly fast. In the case of The Elder Scrolls Online, the line peaked at a two and a half hour wait for a 25 minute demo. So 25 minutes with the game would have been pretty good, but two and a half hours hardly ever moving in a line would not have been.

So yes, there were too many people, it was too jam-packed, and there was a fairly significant odor almost everywhere I went (come to think of it... maybe it was just me?). But what a treat it was to interact with other fans, game developers, and celebrities. I met IGN's Greg Miller (my industry hero), IGN's Mitch Dyer, Destructoid's Jim Sterling, and Dragon Fantasy creative director Adam Rippon. I spoke with the people who make Chivalry, inFamous: Second Son, Strife, and Forza Motorsport 5. And while waiting in line for Titanfall I was able to geek out with another gamer in a lengthy discussion about Fable. It was these moments, not necessarily the actual gameplay itself, that made PAX Prime such an amazing experience.

Not to mention the fact that I was there with two friends, Joe and Evarwyn from QGN, who helped make it a great weekend. Together, we cruised the exhibit halls, crashed parties, got on stage to play Infinite Crisis, interviewed some of our gaming heroes, had some great food, and went home completely exhausted. Throw in some next generation gameplay time, and it was an experience so fun and exciting that it may be hard to top.

My overall impressions of PAX Prime are that there were too many people in too small of a venue, and it was way too loud inside. But thanks to my friends, and all of those people who were there that helped make it such a great time, I want to say thank you. Thank you for being yourself, for feeling free to come to a convention like this and dress up as your favorite character, geek out over Hatsune Miku: Project Diva, and make me feel like I'm not alone.

You're the best. Game on!

Why I'm Still Supporting PAX, Even If I Probably Shouldn't Tue, 03 Sep 2013 22:25:12 -0400 Amanda Wallace

Chances are you've heard about the issues surrounding the promoters of PAX.  Founders of PAX's namesake and parent organization Penny Arcade Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik have made it very difficult to support them lately. 

There is almost too much to sum up. For one, there is the dickwolves controversy, which had finally almost been put to rest since it's 2010 inception, brought back like a festering wound over the weekend. The comic that started the mess wasn't the worst part, but rather the way that Penny Arcade handled it, which was to say that it was just comedy, and to start selling "Team Dickwolves" merchandise. As you can imagine, the people originally offended by the rape joke were further incensed by the companies handling of the situation. There is a timeline here for those interested in reading more about it.  To say that the whole situation spiraled out of control is to put it lightly. It famously included Mike Krahulik saying it felt "pretty good" to encourage rape culture, a quote that I'm pretty sure was meant sarcastically. 

More recently the creators of PAX stirred up another controversy when Mike again insulted a marginalized group, this time transgender people. Whether or not he intended to do so, once again it was made worse by the continued fighting. What could have been an opportunity to educate or inform became a mud slinging contest with a great deal of controversy. Games backed out of PAX, including Gone Home, and transgender and allied attendees vowed not to return. The later apology was viewed as being "too little, too late." 

Whatever good will PAX might have regained from hosting panels at Prime about transitioning in the games industry and diversity support, they managed to once again inflame the public with their Monday closing panel where Mike said that "pulling the dickwolves merchandise was a mistake." 

 This was, at it's heart, an unnecessary jab at the people who were initially offended by the dickwolves controversy. They didn't have to mention it ever again. But they chose to. They brought it up again, long after it had died, and decided to make it a joke. They wear the blanket of satire, but are they just perpetuating bigotry? 

At their heart, they are comedians and comic writers, but they are now the public face of a multi-million dollar gaming empire. Child's Play, the charity boosted by it's assocation with Penny Arcade, raised $5 million dollars last year. The PAX conventions are huge, both in terms of merchandising and in their support of the games industry. They have to realize that what they say has weight, and when so many are listening, they can offend. But instead of handling it professionally, they lash out and offend even deeper. 

There are people who now want nothing to do with PAX. Brilliant, intelligent game designers who would've brought a great deal of diversity and creativity to PAX. They have been hurtful, offensive and dumb, all in the name of satire and a joke that wasn't that funny to begin with. 

The people who are choosing to end all future involvement with PAX are well within their rights. They have been hurt. They have seen people they love be insulted with casual disregard. 

I don't support Mike Krahulik, and I don't support Jerry Holkins. I can't understand how they could reopen this wound and taint an organization. 

It isn't with some sort of sense of bravery that I say that I will be attending PAX East next year if I can. I wish that Mike and Jerry would resign and allow their business to be taken over by people who have more sense. I wish that they hadn't said all of the things that they said. 

But I've seen first hand the massive good that the Penny Arcade Expo has done for indie developers, and it's an industry that I love. My friends are indie developers. My boyfriend is an indie developer. PAX gives them the opportunity to be seen. I honestly can't think of another convention with the scope of PAX, and it's distressing that it has been tainted by hate and bigotry, all in the name of comedy.

In a statement, Mike Krahulik said "We want PAX to be a place where everyone feels welcome....From not allowing booth babes to making sure we have panels that represent our attendees."  I think everyone is hoping for a less controversial PAX, and hopefully there will come a time when the people who have been rightfully offended feel comfortable enough to return. 

Pax Prime: Look at XCOM: Enemy Within Mon, 02 Sep 2013 23:08:40 -0400 Amanda Wallace

This weekend at Pax Prime, I got the opportunity to watch a demo of XCOM: Enemy Within a new expansion for the XCOM series. 

The demo was set on top of a dam. First they demonstrated the devastating effects of the alien characters on the basic army units, and then brought in the new heavy weaponry that comes with XCOM: Enemy Within. 

The two new modifications for soldiers in Enemy Within are G-Mod soldiers and Mech Troopers. Mech troopers have tank guns and can cause collateral damage to the surrounding area. Big and bold, they're a new tank-style class that will certainly wow. The G-Mod soldiers are genetically engineered soldiers, who you can modify parts of them. The genetically modified soldier demonstrated was a sniper with genetically modified legs. This allowed her to jump to areas previously inaccessible due to lack of ladder, giving her greater range. 

Another genetic modification was neural feedback, which gives soldiers defense against neural assault by sectoids and alien species, and appeared to actually hit back. Genetic modifications can affect brain, eyes, legs, skin and chest, and each soldier is slotted with five options. If you choose to go the mech trooper route you open up a whole other tree of options, but unfortunately close off the genetic modication route. 

The demonstration showed the efficacy of the G-Mod troops and the Mech Troopers, and also introduced players to the power-suit wearing sectoids, a super strong enemy type that will be sure to be a game changer in certain conflicts. 

Firaxis, XCOM's developer will be releasing the Enemy Within as a standalone DLC for PC and Mac for $30. Unfortunately for XCOM fans on the PS3 and Xbox 360, the DLC will have to be purchased as part of the Commander's Edition of XCOM: Enemy Unknown. The Commander's Edition will include the base game, all previous DLC, as well as Enemy Within.  

Pax Prime: Peak at Telltales' Upcoming Title the Wolf Among Us Mon, 02 Sep 2013 22:36:57 -0400 Amanda Wallace

At Pax Saturday, I got the chance to play Telltale games' soon to be released the Wolf Among Us. Based off of the comic series Fables, The Wolf Among Us is the point and click adventure you've been waiting for after last years critically acclaimed the Walking Dead. 

After a two hour wait, fans were brought inside the Telltale booth, built up to look like a grimy hotel, steeped in florescence and lost cat posters. The demo was about twenty minutes long. 

The game itself is solid, at least as far as demonstrated. Fans of both Telltale and the Fables series will be sated. It's difficult to avoid comparisons between the Wolf Among Us and the Walking Dead, as the series bear many similarities to each other. 

The Pax Demo features Sheriffy Bigby responding to a call at the Toad's apartment complex to deal with an old, drunken rival, the Woodsman. 

Play/Graphic Style

Much as in the Walking Deadthe Wolf Among Us features decisions that will carry over throughout the series. If you slight a character early on in the game, he will remember it for the rest of the game. Characters that die remain dead. It's a moral system that assists in telling the story and lends itself to multiple play throughs. 

The best part of the demo was the look and feel. It had a stylized appearance, similar to games like Borderlands or the Walking Dead. But the colors are what really lend themselves to the atmosphere. The game is colorful, but gritty. Crayola grimy. It's flourescent, but noir reminiscent. 


The combat system was, for me, a sticking point. Like the Walking Dead, it is a game that is assisted by Quick Time events. This is not a slight against the game, it makes the encounters feel more cinematic and evolved. The situation is with a part of the combat that involves matching right trigger presses with a circular location on the screen. The purpose of these things were not initially very clear, and it dragged on the combat longer than was probably necessary. Eventually they became clear, and combat flowed more smoothly. 


The game is exactly what people who loved the Walking Dead were waiting for, and is an excellent addition to the Fables canon. 

Pax Prime: Inside Peak at Watch Dogs Mon, 02 Sep 2013 22:13:18 -0400 Amanda Wallace

Ubisoft's next big title is Watch Dog's, which turns hacking and an entire city into your weapon. This year at Pax Prime, attendees could watch a brief demonstration of the possiblities for playing Watch Dog's. 

A lot of games seem to be focusing on integrating tablet technology with next and current gen technologies. Watch Dogs is no exception. Users can download a free application on their tablets and control aspects of the city in their friend's games. 

The demonstration at Pax Prime involved two Ubisoft employees, one on the console and the other on a tablet device. The console user was in a free-roam style of play, outside of a mission. While they are in that mode, they can be sent challenges from their tablet-bound friends. 

These challenges are things like "races," where the console user runs through the streets, avoiding obstacles set by the tablet-user. The tablet user has command of the CtOS, the Central Operating System for the city of Chicago in game. The tablet-user views the in-game screen as an illuminated mini-map. The more of a rampage the console-user inflicts, the more facilities that the CtOS allows the tablet-user to have. 

This functionality looks incredibly fascinating, and like the perfect augment for your non-gamer friends who want to be in on the action. 

Watch Dogs will be available at launch for all next gen consoles and late November for the Wii, Playstation 3, and Xbox 360. 

PAX Prime 2013: Keiji Inafune Talks About His Past and Announces Mighty No. 9! Mon, 02 Sep 2013 14:11:54 -0400 Ryan Chizmar

Keiji Inafune, the man known as "the father of Mega Man," held a panel at PAX Prime this past weekend. During the panel he discussed many things about his past, such as why he chose to work at Capcom (it was closer to his home than Konami, his first choice), how he went from character artist to being the producer of the Mega Man series, as well as what he thought when he first saw the Western art that was produced in the early days of the Mega Man legacy (at the time he thought "Westerners really don't get art").

He started work at Capcom as an artist for the Street Fighter series and after about one to two months, he started working on Mega Man. One interesting fact that popped up is the reasoning behind why the Mega Man team decided to make Mega Man blue: the color palette for blue on the NES and Famicom had the largest variety of any color, thus making it easier to be more descriptive with the character design.

Another interesting fact is when he became the head of Mega Man X, he initially wanted Zero to be the main character but still call it a Mega Man game. However, internally they wouldn't allow that to happen, so he added in Mega Man as the main character but he left the coolest parts to be played as Zero.

While it was very interesting to hear about his past, Mr. Inafune had a huge surprise for every old school gaming fan. About halfway into the panel he played a video which announced the new title his studio Comcept has been working on: Mighty No. 9. 

Everyone in the audience was very excited to hear about this latest project and rightfully so. It looks like Mr. Inafune's love letter to all Mega Man fans considering the staff is composed of people who have all worked on past Mega Man titles.

Expressing how he wants to give back to the fans he decided to create a Kickstarter to fund Mighty No. 9, thus making it all dependant upon them. He and his team will listen to fan feedback and implement ideas into the game, thus truly making it something everyone interested can enjoy. Some donation rewards include helping create a challenge, helping create an enemy, and you can also have your face or voice in the game.

Before the panel came to a conclusion, Mr. Inafune had one last announcement which actually turned out to be a gift to everyone in the audience. Those who attended the panel were given a special Mighty No. 9 t-shirt, each with an individual Mighty Number, as well as a registration form that linked the number they received to the Mighty No. 9 forums making that number truly their own. Those who pledge $9,999 or more on their Kickstarter campaign can also receive a shirt, but they are Mighty Numbers 1 through 8 making them extremely rare.

Within thirty minutes the Kickstarter campaign reached $10,000 of its $900,000 goal and not even 48 hours after it was announced it has already been fully funded. Comcept plans on bringing the game initially to PC with Mac and Linux versions available if they reach a stretch goal of $1,350,000. Also, if they happen to reach $2,500,000 in donations they will also release a version for the PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii U.

They have partnered up with the fine folks at The Humble Bundle and Fangamer to distribute the game and game-related goods for those who have backed the project. As of now, Mr. Inafune has stated that Capcom have yet to say anything about the project, so things look to be in the clear...for now.

Being a huge Mega Man fan myself, I really hope this project gets released. It looks absolutely amazing and I wish I had at least $250 to donate to the project so I could get the signed hardcover artbook/strategy guide. Once thing is for certain, as evidenced by the swift funding of this project, people still want to play these kinds of games and if given the chance, they will put up the money for it.

What are your thoughts? Do you want the signed hardcover artbook/strategy guide as much as I do? Or do you want to go all the way and have dinner with the man himself? Let me know in the comments below!

Rumor - Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster Delayed Until 2014? Mon, 02 Sep 2013 00:34:28 -0400 Ashley Shankle

This could have been a Final Fantasy-filled year, but unfortunately it looks like Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster will be pushed back until sometime next year.

Some NeoGAF users spoke with Square Enix representatives during PAX Prime over this past weekend, both of which with similar bad news: the game will likely not be making it to North America in 2013. One representative was quoted as saying it would not be seen in NA until 2014 unless fans are "REALLY lucky".

Delayed in EU as well?

With the apparent turmoil brewing behind Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster's North American release, it should be no surprise that its European counterpart may be seeing a delay as well.

Last week we reported that the game was seen on and UK retailer Zavvi's website with October release dates, but today Zavvi's FFX/X-2 HD page states the release to be March 31st, 2014. The store page has yet to change at the time of writing.

It is possible that this information could just be rumors, but we will wait to find out once Square Enix makes an official announcement on Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster in the west.

PAX Prime Explores Storytelling in Games Sun, 01 Sep 2013 15:29:22 -0400 J Nicole Miller

Chris Tihor moderated an intriguing PAX Prime panel featuring Cameron Harris, Marc Laidlaw, Richard Dansky, Tom Abernathy, and Toiya Kristen Finley. These people are experts in the art of storytelling in video games, making them perfect candidates to debate an interesting question: is storytelling the most important element in games?

The general consensus of the panel is that storytelling is important, but the level of its importance varies based on genre: “When we put narrative and gameplay in this false opposition,” said Richard Dansky during the panel, “is when we run into trouble.”

Dansky went on to further qualify that both narrative and gameplay are parts of the “gamer experience.” Both are important in all games, but the levels in which they are present must be tailored to the game. He noted, for example, that a tower defense game doesn’t need an incredibly detailed backstory, just enough of one to draw in the player.

How important is story to gamers?

Tom Abernathy cited a study showing that, once gamers had been sorted into various demographics based on how they game, almost half of the demographics ranked storytelling as the most important element in games. The other half ranked it in the top three most important elements, and every demographic ranked it above gameplay. According to Abernathy, “if you don’t have gameplay, you don’t have anything.” However, gamers want story, and they value it above almost everything else that makes up video games.

The story of a game is something we continue to experience even when we’re not playing the game anymore. When Toiya Kristen Finley asked the audience if they had ever actually dreamed about games, hands shot up all over the room. In Marc Laidlaw's words, storytelling is “a part of the game that keeps playing in your mind".

Narrative, however, must be integrated and work cohesively with the rest of the game. As Dansky noted, “not only does narrative touch every other aspect, every other aspect touches narrative.” A game that just has a story taped onto it as an afterthought won’t have the same meaning to a gamer as one where each little detail of the world and gameplay is related to the story of which the gamer is now a part. The same holds true for a game with an incredibly story but poorly executed gameplay and mechanics. Both are required for a game to be great.

But what about agency?

The panel touched on how agency works in relation to mature themes such as interrogation and general violence.

“Every artist has a responsibility to be thoughtful about the work they’re doing,” said Dansky. However, he does not believe that they should have to shy away from mature themes in games with high sense of agency. Rather, in his opinion, these games must simply “approach material respectfully.”

“What players who value story want [is] to be at the intersection of agency and meaning,” noted Cameron Harris. From her perspective, these gamers want their actions to have meaning. They desire to be important and change the world they’re experiencing. What they really want is for the game to say “you exist” and “you matter".

Storytelling is ancient and comes naturally to humans. We use it to explain and connect dots. “We naturally impose narrative,” said Harris. Gamers care about story in games because we care about story in general. While storytelling is not the only thing a game needs to be successful, it’s clear that its presence is vital to all games in some form.

Possible Legal Battle Over Mighty No. 9 Revealed at PAX Prime 2013 Sun, 01 Sep 2013 15:20:22 -0400 Corey Kirk

PAX Prime in Seattle, WA is currently underway and already there are reports of possible legal disputes between devs and corporations. As you may have read, Keiji Inafune, the co-designer for Mega Man announced last night that he has started a Kickstarter for a new Mega Man-like game called Mighty No. 9.

In an interview with Kotaku at PAX, Inafune had this to say,

"We haven't heard anything from Capcom at this point. If it turns into a legal battle, then obviously it'll be lawyers that hash out what the solutions are. However, from my perspective, Mega Man is something that I created. It would be like having a child, then having somebody adopt that child and then saying that child isn't really yours. That child has your DNA in it, no matter what anybody says. So, since my style, my spirit isn't something that I can't change as a human being, if I create anything and it's something that looks like [Mega Man], well, it was created by the same person, me. To say that Mighty No. 9 looks like Mega Man is to say that my work looks like my work.

But we have been careful. The base gameplay is not the same as Mega Man. The naming, the character, all that is not the same. The details are very different. Personally, I've gone out of my way to make sure that this is something original. And if Capcom does come back and say something, I would be surprised."

Obviously with Capcom holding the rights to the Mega Man franchise, the similarities of the two games are striking and the legal team may take some sort of action against it. This would be bad for backers since the Kickstarter has already raised over $500,000, more than half of its initial goal of $900,000 in less than 24 hours after launch.

It will be interesting to see if Capcom does anything. I would hope that since Inafune is one of the original designers, Capcom would go easy on him out of respect. Hopefully, we will have a great Mega Man alternative for all of us PC players in the future. 

PAX News: Mighty No. 9 in Kickstarter Sat, 31 Aug 2013 23:06:48 -0400 Courtney Gamache

Today at PAX Prime in Seattle, the creator of Mega Man, Keiji Inafune announced a new project in mind. This project is called Mighty No. 9 and is currently requesting funding on Kickstarter.

Character, Beck

Within the game, Mighty No. 9, the main character will be called Beck, and is "the 9th in a line of powerful robots, and the only one not infected by a mysterious computer virus that has caused mechanized creatures the world over to go berserk."

Theres not much to be said about the game yet, or features but there is much speculation due to concept art. Based off the art, it definitely looks like a Mega Man game. The gameplay will be 2D and have side-scrolling movement. Based off the Kickstarter page, you will be able to steal items from your enemies, run, jump, blast, and transform. Definitely an older styled game that has new thoughts and will be made for the PC.

Kickstarter Details

For those of you who aren't going to check out their page, know that they're definitely offering a lot for you guys to be involved. Like with any Kickstarter, they will be taking money to help produce the game and will also be giving out many goodies for as much as you give. Some can be very extensive as for you to help design and enemy or have your face in the game. You'll know every step of the way how the game's going during development, with surveys and polls.

The idea based off the Kickstarter is to raise $900,000 by October 1st which only gives them 31 days, starting today! I sure hope they can get this all funded by the time, because it looks to be a very good game!

Editor's note: Mighty No. 9 has already been funded on Kickstarter as of September 2nd, 2013.

PAX Prime - "Achieving Gender Diversity in Gaming: Ok, Now What?" Sat, 31 Aug 2013 21:28:18 -0400 Courtney Gamache

For those of you who know, PAX Prime is being held this weekend in Seattle, and lucky for us stuck at home, we are able to catch it on their twitch tv. I was able to catch the panel, "Achieving Gender Diversity in Gaming: OK, Now What?" which proved to be insightful and very community oriented.

The panel was full of editors, writers, and journalists from many different sites including IGN, Polygon, and Microsoft. This goes beyond the normal girl versus guys within gaming, I had the pleasure of listening to a very intellectual discussion about how games can influence and alienate people. The role of gender in games includes comments, social media, and how audiences and gamers are changing.

How the Panel Started Out

In the beginning of the panel, it started out with a quick rundown from Samantha Allen, from Borderhouse Blog, with definitions about gender identity, gender expression, and assigned sex. It continued into speaking about problems many people face when stepping outside of their 'gender roles' which causes much unneeded hostility. This is found very regularly within video games, and video game reviews.

Social Media and Comment Sections

Many journalists within social media, who write articles about video games or anything else, should understand the terminology and start using them in correct ways. Everyone will take these words differently, and perceive them their own way. Some people might get offended while others don't care much at all.

Within sites such as IGN, Polygon, and even GameSkinny, comments can be hurtful and cause a lot of bashing. Much of this can be tolerated by moderators, admins, and editors.

A representative on the panel from Polygon, Reviews editor Arthur Aegis, stated that at Polygon it can be difficult to 'police' all comments that don't particularly violate their terms of service. Many comments they face aren't strictly vulgar but show subliminal messages that are considered "line stepping." Arthur also put it: editors at Polygon "need to moderate our comments so they don't go to absolute dog shit."

"[We] need to moderate our comments so they don't go to absolute dog s&$^." - Arthur Aegis, Polygon

Even those who are trying to stick up for their opinions and defend other people can be flagged for violation if they take it too far.

Holly Green, a Managing Editor at Gamerax put it very bluntly saying that when people visit a website and check out an article such as this one, comments will tell them straight off the bat what kind of community they're looking into. A way she put it within the panel was using a brick wall as an example for a company. If someone were to put a graffiti swastika on the wall and if no one would remove it, many would believe that the company either didn't care enough to do something about it, or provoked it. A comment section is like a "welcome mat" to what community or website you're looking into.

Carolyn Petit, Editor and Writer at GameSpot explained the era of the NES. At that time the target audience was on young men and boys, and when websites came out after that, they also targeted the same demographic. This reigns true in some instances in today's world, where they still aim for the same demographic and find it difficult to move toward games being open to everyone, no matter what gender or sexual orientation.

The Audiences of Games are Changing

The culture of games and those playing them are rapidly changing. For example, when reviewing a game, it's no longer a black and white review only involving ratings and how you thought the gameplay was. Now reviews are more in-depth with how the game portrayed the roles of any gender. People start to really analyze why the game includes a very "busty" female, or how the game exaggerated the female anatomy, for example.

Not only are reviews changing but people who comment on them can also change the ball game. Some comments are hostile, or question why it's relevent to the game.

Creating Games - Character Development Problems

A writer and narrative designer from Microsoft, Tom Abernathy, has the difficult job of putting a hand in creating games that many people will receive differently. He understands that this gender diversity within games is an issue but finds it very difficult to push within the workplace. It goes beyond just trying to make a game, it can lead to repercussions from work decisions.

"It's not that most people don't feel sympathetic when wanting characters [gender specific, ethnic ect], the problem is they fear for their jobs and that they know if the thing does not sell, they won't care why it doesn't sell. They will just care it didn't sell, and they might get laid off".

What do you think about gender diversity in video games? If you caught the panel, was there anything you'd add?