Super Mario Maker  Tagged Articles RSS Feed | Super Mario Maker  RSS Feed on en Launch Media Network Super Mario Maker 2 Needs to Happen Mon, 26 Jun 2017 16:14:46 -0400 Adreon Patterson

In the recent generation of video game consoles, the Wii U has struggled to keep up with the sales and output of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The lackluster fanfare for the console can be chalked up to the lack of a launch title, barely any third-party support and Nintendo's bad marketing.

While the Wii U has struggled, the one saving grace for the console has been Super Mario Maker. The game expands on the Super Mario universe by allowing players to create, play and share their own custom courses based on the elements and designs of Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario World and New Super Mario Bros. U. Throughout your time with the game, new editing tools unlock, thus allowing courses designed by other players to be downloaded and played.

This game has kept the Wii U from dying the expected death that everyone originally assumed. The excitement for the title has been building since its release with rumors of a sequel being in the works, but to many fans disappointment, it was just that -- a rumor

Even though the sequel rumor proved untrue, the fact that there was a rumor speaks high volumes of the fanbase's desire to have one made. Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS didn't exactly satiate their appetites, so one can only hope that Nintendo will prick up their ears and listen.

Internet Popularity Equals Sequel?

The key to Super Mario Maker's popularity is the Internet. Everyone from platformer streamers to Youtubers are fascinated by the creative freedom and endless gameplay it contains, alongside the tutorial video possibilities waiting for them. The game also seems to have formed an online community that speaks a specific language -- the language of Super Mario. Watching players get frustrated by the level of difficulty in the fan-created courses can be quite hilarious and the obsession has got to the point where there is an entire page dedicated to Super Mario Maker on Youtube Gaming.

But videos are just the beginning as many forums, blogs, social media pages and websites dedicated to the game have popped up in the two years since the game's release, as well as more nuanced sites devoted to downloading and mastering various courses. The rise of this online community justify the overall need and viability of a Super Mario Maker sequel.

Why This Sequel Must Happen

All the loyalty and admiration for the game is hitting palpable levels. Sadly, though, the one thing bringing Super Mario Maker to an unwanted grave is the Wii U itself. The lackluster performance of the console doesn't support the community the title has built, so the only solution is to create a sequel for the Nintendo Switch. As mentioned before, the anticipation for a sequel eventually petered out, but there's still a chance to make a follow-up happen.

If the Super Mario Maker community isn't enough, Nintendo should really think about its bottom line. As it sold over 3 million copies on its only platform, it could have easily sold even more if not for this hindrance. Just imagine the sales damage Super Mario Maker 2 could achieve if it was put into production and released on the Nintendo Switch within the next year or so. 

The hybrid nature of the Switch also meshes extremely well with the creativity and endless gameplay associated with Super Mario Maker. With the functionality of the Joy-Con at its fingertips, that creativity could be multiplied. This is surely a great incentive to get a sequel in the works for Nintendo's latest system.

What Improvements Could Be Made?

With the reasons for the sequel established, now is the time to talk about what works and what needs improvement. Every game has its strengths and weaknesses, and Super Mario Maker is no exception.

First, the strengths. A definite keeper is the course editor. This is the true selling point of the game as players can create and play something of their own design. Another advantage is the rich online database of user-made content. The ability to hop in and play through a player-created course is something that really helps to strengthen the appeal of the Super Mario world as a whole. The mixing and matching of game elements across the series is another factor that has also skyrocketed its popularity. Giving players iconic items and settings to tinker with is something that is appealing to just about everyone.

With that in mind, one can't discuss strengths without touching on weaknesses. Super Mario World's checkpoint system was sorely missed in Super Mario Maker. Without checkpoints during gameplay, players have to constantly start afresh whenever they meet their demise. A follow-up would do well to incorporate this mechanic into the core gameplay. Another gameplay related quip is the lack of vertical and horizontal movements. Even as a side-scrolling game, Super Mario Maker lacks fluidity and proper mechanics while jumping and sliding across the courses. Adding in these features would provide an extra ounce of style in a potential sequel.

With the Nintendo Switch still relatively fresh in the market, Super Mario Maker 2 is a game that must happen sooner rather than later. Being able to play the new and improved version would be a thrill with the console's functionality, user-friendly gameplay and unique controls. Hopefully, fans can start spreading the word and make this dream a reality.

Have you played Super Mario Maker? What are your thoughts on a sequel? Let us know in the comments!

Wii U Super Mario Maker Level Creators Should Be Hyped For Its 3DS Release This Week Wed, 30 Nov 2016 06:38:57 -0500 SarahKel

Super Mario Maker will finally see its anticipated release for the 3DS this Friday, December 2nd. And level creators should be shaking with anticipation -- because it's a new outlet for what they do best. 

Players have always enjoyed creating courses for the game, reveling in the nostalgia and fun of Super Mario Bros and Super Mario World. The very success of the game is owed to the fact that courses can be created, played, and shared with others. 

So how will this work for the 3DS? What does it mean for Wii U level creators?

Firstly, the Wii U is now pretty much an obsolete console, so the numbers of users has really dropped. That means there are less people to play and share the game with.  But Super Mario Maker for the 3DS brings with it nearly everything from the original game – and makes it portable!

It is exactly the same game that we know and love from last year. Players can play and create side-scrolling Mario levels, built from a toolkit of familiar elements collected from a few entries in the decades old series. These range from simple remixes of familiar tropes to more elaborate creations that truly push the boundaries of how the items were originally used -- such as the bullet hell dodging exercises.

Super Mario Maker is a natural fit for the 3DS due to the short nature of its levels and free-form design mode lend themselves perfectly to playing in short bursts, dropping in and out of the game on the go. For the 100 Mario challenges, where players try to complete a set of user created challenges with 100 lives, those games can be downloaded from the Wii U, to the 3DS port. The recommended courses for the game allow players to browse the most popular courses from the Wii U’s library too.

The very fact that there is no noticeable drop in quality reported for the game, due to the change in platform is great to hear and the retro style of the game works perfectly for a device with a much lower resolution.  The touch sensitive lower screen, with a stylus works perfectly for building levels with the game’s editor and the full feature set will be available for course building -- so even though the Wii U base is slowly declining, this port can totally revitalize the game and allow level creators to keep doing what they love to do. 

Levels created on the 3DS can be shared with other 3DS players via local wireless.  Friends can collaborate on levels by passing them back and forth via Local Play. This is a great feature and superior to the Wii U's global creator community, as it creates a stronger social networking effect. This is a perfect feature for a handheld device, for a fun and competitive gaming experience.

For a fun, portable and replayable Mario experience, this game is going to be great. The 3DS version will launch with 100 exclusive levels and access to the vast majority of user-created online content. In addition, for the most established Mario level makers, the game can also work as a supplement for playing with ideas on the go too.

This guy proposed to his girlfriend in Super Mario Maker (and you can too!) Wed, 01 Jun 2016 12:09:20 -0400 JessDambach

Someone used Super Mario Maker to propose to his girlfriend, and he caught it on video. Genius, I know. (These are just the perks of living in one of the best and techiest generations in history.) It might be a little out of the ordinary to most people, but that doesn't mean it's any less beautiful than the traditional proposals we see plastered everywhere.

Are you not tired of the typical perfect proposal that has been happening for thousands of years? You see them all over social media day in and day out. But after a while, they all kind of look the same. We are a lot more creative than we think we are, and we really need to tap into that. Like this guy did.

It is a common sentiment that technology is separating people and making them less social and less human. I disagree. We have an opportunity to use technology to make life more fun and creative -- to make us more human! Shane Birkinbine's proposal using Super Mario Maker isn't an instance of technology controlling his life, but a moment in which he uses it to expand his human experience and do something different. (Pam are a lucky woman.)

If you would like to propose to your significant other in the same way that Birkinbine did, you can do so by using the following code in the game: 7A61-0000-0245-8DE8.

Here's hoping this is just one of many cool, techy proposals we'll see in the future. Personally, I can not wait until the first person uses a hologram to propose to their significant other. 

Gamer Gift Guide: Fool-proof games from 2015 that will make you look good Sun, 22 Nov 2015 10:51:17 -0500 Daniel R. Miller


And those are the games that will make you look good this holiday season. Are there any I missed? Let us know in the comments below and Happy Holidays to you all!


The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt


Platforms: PC, Xbox One, PS4


Rating: 4.5/5 (605 Customer Reviews, 93 metascore)


Buy: Amazon


Price: $49.99


The best may very well have been saved for last. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is the ultimate Witcher experience; a dream come true for series fans and a testament of incredible world building and exploration. To say the game is huge would be an understatement. Wild Hunt comes packed with 150 hours of content plus 16 free pieces of DLC, among a number of other goodies if you buy a physical copy of the game. There's currently an expansion, Hearts of Stone, that adds on at least another 10 hours that you can buy for $10. There is also another one, Blood and Wine coming Q1 2016, that is due to add another 20 hours.



The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is currently the favorite to land the award for Game of the Year at the Game Awards, and is nominated for a number of other categories. Whether you are buying for yourself or someone else, Wild Hunt deserves a spot in any gamer's library. 


The Talos Principle: Deluxe Edition


Platform: PS4


Rating: 4/5 (8 Customer Reviews, 88 metascore)


Buy: Amazon


Price: $49.99


The Talos Principle snuck in the back door of 2014 as a PC exclusive (which can be found on Steam) but was re-released in a Deluxe Edition exclusively for PlayStation 4 that also included the game's DLC, Road to Gehenna. The Talos Principle is a brain-busting first-person puzzle game with a unique narrative that ponders the notion of existence. The Deluxe Edition is the best value you can get for the game and a real find for that PlayStation gamer than seemingly has every game.



Super Mario Maker


Platform: Wii U


Rating: 4.5/5 (400 Customer Reviews, 88 metascore)


Buy: Amazon


Price: $59.99


Super Mario Maker appeals two types of gamers, those looking to create, and those looking for the most bang for their buck. Long time Nintendo fans finally have a platform to lay down all of the creations they have had in their head for the last 20 years and the with the shear amount of community driven content there is, the game will keep you busy for a long time to come.



Super Mario Maker is another nominee for the Game of the Year award, and is undoubtedly the best game to come out on Wii U this year.


StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void


Platforms: PC, Mac


Rating: 4.5/5 (24 Customer Reviews, 88 metascore)


Buy: Amazon


Price: $39.99


StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void is the last entry in the StarCraft II trilogy and ends the overarching StarCraft narrative that began with the original game back in 1998. Legacy of the Void's campaign focuses on the Protoss race and their leader, Artanis, as they battle to defeat an ancient evil that threatens the existence of life in the universe. It's an epic conclusion that will help to keep StarCraft II relevant to Strategy gamers for years to come.



Ori and the Blind Forest


Platforms: Xbox One, PC


Rating: 4.5/5 (50 Customer Reviews, 88 metascore)


Buy: Amazon


Price: $19.99


Ori and the Blind Forest is meatier than it appears on the surface. What looks like a relaxing adventure is actually a demanding, Metroid-vania platformer that expects its players to be skillful and attentive. It's art style and soundtrack are also top notch, and the game has been nominated for Best Independent Game this year at The Game Awards.



Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain


Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, PC


Rating: 4.5/5 (599 Customer Reviews, 93 metascore)


Buy: Amazon


Price: $59.99


By now, everyone knows about the Konami/Hideo Kojima drama but what's actually important is the game the two sides came together to make a reality. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is the definition of open world stealth and has pushed its genre further than any game released this year. Sure the story may not make a lick of sense most of the time, but if you can find a way to get on its wavelength, you're in for a treat.



Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is currently one of the favorites to win Game of the Year and is a culmination of quality game design and cinematic prowess that has grown and evolved over time as a series that has always been at the forefront of both.


Fallout 4


Platforms: PC, Xbox One, PS4


Rating: 3/5 (180 Customer Reviews, 85 metascore)


Buy: Amazon


Price: $59.99


Fallout 4 is a post-apocalyptic wanderer's dream world. It's filled with danger to face, dilapidated dungeons to dive into, loads of customization options, and amazing community driven mod content. Fallout 4 is a true evolution of Fallout 3 in nearly every sense of the word, and fans of the series will not be disappointed.



Fallout 4 is another one of the Game Award's five contenders for Game of the Year, and if history is any indication, Fallout 4 has a pretty good chance at taking the title.


Divinity: Original Sin: Enhanced Edition


Platform: PC, Xbox One, PS4


Rating: 4.5/5 (19 Customer Reviews, 89 Metascore)


Buy: Amazon


Price: $59.99


Divinity: Original Sin started as a Kickstarted PC exclusive that released back in 2014. This year, it made its way to consoles in the form of Divinity: Original Sin: Enhanced Edition that seamlessly translated the keyboard and mouse controls to work with game pads. PC players were automatically upgraded to the Enhanced Edition via a free upgrade.



Divinity: Original Sin is role-playing personified, targeting fans of old school RPG's. The game throws you into world of near limitless customization with combat that forces you to carefully consider your options before executing them.  Divinity: Original Sin demands your time as it is quite a meaty experience, but if you are a fan of the genre, you are doing yourself a disservice by missing out on this game.




Platform: PS4


Rating: 4.5/5 (1,045 Customer Reviews, 92 Metascore)


Buy: Amazon


Price: $29.99


Bloodborne initially released as a PS4 exclusive back in March of this year to widespread critical acclaim. Inspired by the Souls' series, Bloodborne builds on the successful foundation laid down by its predecessors, and tweaks it in a way that rewards offense and careful aggression. The game's DLC package, The Old Hunters, was later revealed at the Tokyo Game Show and will be packaged with a Game of the Year Edition starting November 27.



Bloodborne is currently one of five candidates for Game of the Year at the Game Awards this year, so if you are looking for a game that embodies death and insanity while maintaining a high level of quality, you can't go wrong with Bloodborne.


Brand loyalty. It's a big deal and a huge crutch for businesses all over the world. In gaming, we associate series' with past accomplishments which plays on our nostalgia each time a new iteration of our favorite game comes out.  Unfortunately, reality is not the same as nostalgia and just because one company makes one great game in a given series doesn't mean every game they make after that will retain that same level of quality.


The point of this guide is to point you in the direction of top notch games that anybody for an eye for quality can appreciate.

Super Mario Maker updating incoming: Checkpoints included! Tue, 27 Oct 2015 08:24:28 -0400 tobes325

If you've been living under a rock the past couple of months, I'm sure you would have heard of a small Nintendo title by the name of Super Mario Maker. People all across the globe have been creating levels and using their imaginations within the Mario universe, and new details of a free update scheduled for the game on November 4th have been brought to light.

The first thing to mention is the inclusion of the checkpoint flag, up until now you have not been able to insert checkpoint flags on any levels you create. You can watch the handy little video up above there to see how they have integrated the checkpoint flag into the game, it seems pretty nifty and I'm sure will stop a lot of those rage quitters as I've seen some of the levels are punishingly difficult.

There will now be new Course World categories as well, this means that Nintendo can highlight (favourite if you will) certain levels that are of particular interest. They may be made by a partner of theirs or someone outside the company, one example that has been made is the Event Course tab that features a level called 'Ship Love' and was created at the Facebook HQ in Menlo Park; the first to be made in the US by an outside partner.

A couple of gameplay changes feature new ways to use items, for example if you place a fire flower and a mushroom in a question mark block then the smaller Mario will receive the mushroom and the bigger will get the fire flower.

What do you think of the update? Worth the wait? The inclusion of checkpoint flags will bring about a new wave of levels I think, let me know in the comments below!

Super Mario Maker: 10 of the coolest and weirdest levels we've found so far Wed, 16 Sep 2015 05:45:20 -0400 Emily Speight


Nintendo has always embraced the bizarre and the strange -- from baffling microgames in the Warioware series to more recent presentations. It's no surprise that fans have responded with some pretty weird Super Mario Maker levels! Be sure to give your favorites a go by using the IDs listed on each slide, and let us know how you go!


Image source: Forbes



ID: 50CE-0000-0026-7FC4



Just... what's happening here? I'm just a writer, I didn't sign up for this psychotic cacophony, this aural bombardment, this... admittedly cleverly designed level.


There's no real gameplay to speak of. Head to the right and jump occasionally to clear this level. Constant movement is required, prompted by stray hammers falling from above. All around you, enemies jump, spring, and otherwise cavort on Note Blocks. At the start of the level, it seems like there's the shadow of a melody, but it quickly descends into something altogether weirder.


The Great Bar Fight

ID: CB44-0000-002A-0192

It's just so satisfying to see a level accomplish exactly what it says it's going to in the title. Play as Peppy Hare and engage in a series of no holds barred fights with rowdy Goombas, all inside imaginatively set up bars. Bright lights and plenty of music mean that this fun level borders on a ballroom blitz.


P-Block Dash

ID: B9FA-0000-001C-A251

Make no mistake: this level is difficult. Hit the P-block and take off over a landscape of transformed coins, racing the clock through difficult terrain in order to make it to the next P-block. In a weird way, this Super Mario Maker level reminds me old checkpoint-based arcade racing games like Daytona.


Green Hill Zone (amiibo mod)

ID: 47BE-0000-000F-66FE

Younger gamers might not bat an eye, but this faithful Super Mario Maker re-imagining of Green Hill Zone absolutely floors me. Don your blue spikes and tan arms (there's not a weirdly controversial blue arm to be seen!) and navigate springs, admire loops, and go fast! The themed sound effects that accompany the Sonic costume really help to sell this enjoyably absurd level.



ID: EA73-0000-000F-86C2

Enable the comments to get the best experience out of this Splatoon-themed zone. There's something about that crowd that seems to draw in the artists and the jokers alike.


"Are you a kid or a squid?" asked a bemused drawing of Professor Oak. I zoomed past him, tentacles undulating gently.


Things only got better from there, as I polished off the remainder of this quirky Super Mario Maker level and was confronted by a shoal of unhappy squid.


Premiére Création

ID: 7180-0000-000F-AF5D

The best way to appreciate this level is through a pulled-back perspective. Just look at the amount of content squeezed into the limited space provided so soon after the game's release. Perhaps the weirdest aspect of this level is the wheel of fire embedded in a wall towards the right of the level. During ordinary gameplay, it isn't visible, leaving me filled with questions but impressed by the creator's devotion to dangling hidden content right in front of my face, tauntingly.


Super Meat Bros.

ID: BA34-0000-0015-F84C

As of writing, this level has a completion rate of 0.04 percent. Just one look at the screen is a great indicator of why -- it is a fiendishly, lovingly, completely crazily crafted tribute to Super Meat Boy. As a reminder, you must beat your own Super Mario Maker level before uploading it to share with others. This means that somewhere out there is a level creator with frame-perfect walljump timing and a penchant for round saws, and I bet they're laughing.


Full disclosure: I never made it past the first walljump. A sea of crossed balloons said to me that not many others did, either, taking a little of the sting out of it. Only a little.


Automatik Epic!!

ID: 0598-0000-000F-8D66

There are few things that can like up to Kumikyoku, the last word in automatic Mario levels, set to a medley of songs popular on Japanese video-sharing service NicoNico (formerly Nico Nico Douga).


Given its limited resources, this level makes a damn good attempt.


There's an immensely satisfying line-up to the level's music at a couple of points, peppered with details that must have taken a boggling amount of time to assemble -- as well as a healthy dose of weird.


Press right, run, and enjoy!!

ID: 7CA1-0000-0011-1B5D

There's only one competitor to outrace on this track -- a Spiny Shell! Per the straight-to-the-point title of this level, you only need to press right to complete this stage. It's all about the journey, though: fraught with neat stunts and well-crafted scenery. An underground sequence does wonders for extending what would otherwise be a fairly short stage.


Super Shmup Bros.

ID: 4EDD-0000-0013-6E08

Ever wanted to engage in a daring aerial battle with your foes, reminiscent of the aerial dogfights of yore? Then hop into the Koopa Clown Car, grab a Fire Flower, and be prepared to battle your way through masses of well co-ordinated enemies to complete the Super Shmup Bros. stage. It's a fiendishly difficult stage with a distinctively weird end boss, as seen above.


There's something just a little off-kilter about these levels. Whether it's the inherent strangeness of another franchise rendered so well in Mario's clothing, the inspired, or the just plain slightly mad... we've collected some of the weird and the wonderful from the newly-released Super Mario Maker for your pleasure. Included with each level is an ID, so you can download each level on this list and play them for yourself. Be sure to let us know how you go in the comments!

Super Smash Bros. meets Super Mario Maker in new DLC stage Tue, 15 Sep 2015 11:04:43 -0400 David Fisher

Super Mario Maker was just released 4 days ago, and already the game has taken the gaming world by storm, almost beating Metal Gear Solid V for sales in the United Kingdom. 

But the fun's not over yet folks! Nintendo has just announced a Super Mario Maker themed stage for Super Smash Bros. Wii U/3DS that will be released on September 30th!

From the gameplay footage featured in the above video it seems that the Super Mario Maker stage will feature all four tilesets from the Super Mario Maker game. This means that the stages will feature designs from: Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario World, and New Super Mario Bros. U.

While players cannot design the stages as they would in Super Mario Maker, the stage does randomly generate its own stages. However, it is unclear whether the Super Mario Maker stage will have its own preset stages, or if each stage will be completely random. If the latter is true then this stage will be utter chaos as players try to figure out how to best navigate a bunch of wacky random stage setups!

There's one thing I'm sure everyone can agree on though: this stage will be banned during tournaments!

Why Super Mario Bro's 30th Birthday is special for me; memories and chivalry Tue, 15 Sep 2015 02:30:01 -0400 Courtney Gamache

On that fateful day 30 years ago, September 13th 1985, Nintendo released a game that would become a phenomenon for decades to come, called Super Mario Bros..

Though Super Mario Bros. was before my time, I grew up playing it along with the Mario games that came along in the following years; helping to shape my love of gaming and fondness of chivalry.Shaping a generation of gamers including myself

When many gamers look back to their first encounter with video games, they might remember the original Legend of Zelda or Kirby's Dream Land, but my most memorable moment is Super Mario Bros., where an Italian plumber takes on a magical adventure to save his precious princess, Peach. When looking back to one of my first Mario games, I can distinctly remember Super Mario Bros., and how it developed my love of chivalry, as a plumber overcomes the obstacles that Bowser puts in the way to save the princess. 

From the SNES to the Wii U, Nintendo has stuck true with their legacy of Mario games; leading to the recent release of Super Mario Maker which I'm highly anticipating. Through the past few decades I've enjoyed numerous Mario games including Super Princess Peach, Super Mario 3D Land, and Mario 64, all with the same plot in saving a character in dire need - which I find classic and beautiful.
Chivalry in video games

The idea of saving the princess from an evil force is a theme with Nintendo, and has imprinted the thought of chivalry in all shapes and forms to many gamers, including myself from their iconic Super Mario Bros.. When watching a plump Italian plumber jump through hoops and pipes to save his darling princess from the evil Koopa Bowser who has taken her for his own, not only did I get enthralled with the story, but inspired to take a stance of my own and stand up for what's right in a world filled with Bowsers. Nintendo took it upon themselves to develop games that could speak to their fan base, and created the influential Super Mario Bros., that shaped a generation of players and developers, especially myself. I will always be thankful for how much thought Nintendo has put into their games; thinking about their audience without talking down to children. 

Happy 30th birthday Super Mario Bros.!

Do you have any fond memories of playing Super Mario Bros.? Did Super Mario Bros. influence your fondness of gaming? Share your thoughts below on the 30th birthday of the iconic Nintendo game. 

Super Mario Maker partnering with Game Truck Mon, 14 Sep 2015 19:48:18 -0400 Khadija Dukes

Nintendo has partnered with Game Truck in order to promote the game Super Mario Maker

Nintendo partnered with Game Truck earlier this year in order to promote the game Splatoon which resulted in 5,000 parties, 1,500 events and over 600,000 guests served worldwide. 

[Source: Flickr]

The obvious popularity and success of Nintendo and Game Truck's initial partnership has lead the pair to continue working with one another.

Beginning on September 18, over 100 trucks will feature the exclusive Wii U game, which hit stores on September 11.

In the game, players will be able to create their own Super Mario Bros. levels. Players will also have the ability to share their recently created levels and to play levels from people all around the world.

Guests of Game Truck will be guided through the level-making process and will have the opportunity to submit their best game levels to Game Truck to have their level shared across the country. Game Truck will also be holding a drawing for the best level once a month for a chance to be featured on Nintendo's website

To share in this gaming experience and to reserve a spot on one of the hundreds of trucks, visit this website. 

6 Super Mario Maker tips & tricks to make you a master level designer Mon, 14 Sep 2015 11:06:18 -0400 Larry Iaccio

Super Mario Maker for the Wii U finally gives players the opportunity to fulfill their fantasies of making their very own Mario levels. With a toolbox loaded with every tool imaginable, 4 different Mario game themes, the option to build sublevels upon sublevels, and anything else you could imagine, it's very easy to get overwhelmed. 

Fear not, though, for if you follow these simple tricks, you can become a level-creating pro in no time.

For all of the basics the game has to offer, please refer to our article Everything you need to know about Super Mario Maker. This guide will go a little more in-depth and provide information to quickly and effectively make the best levels you possibly can.

1. Build it and They Will Come

When you first start off designing courses in Mario Maker, your tool palette is fairly limited. This was an intentional choice made by Nintendo to allow players to master tools before throwing too much at them all at once. Initially, new tools would be unlocked daily, but with the new update, more tools are delivered based off how much time you invest in the game along with how many levels you build.

What your toolbox initially looks like (top), and what it will look like when you unlock everything (bottom).

With that being said: BUILD, BUILD, BUILD. Even with the most basic tools, there is so much you can do that you may not even be thinking of.

2. Test Your Levels

This may sound redundant, but play the levels you make! Make sure you can not only actually finish them, but that you have fun with them as well. It's easy to lose focus designing a course you think looks great and will be so much fun, in theory, but until you play it, you can't know for sure.

On top of this, try and have other people play, and test it before uploading it.

You'll be amazed at just how differently other people can interpret your levels than you had initially thought they might play out. Once you do upload a level, pay attention to any comments players may make about it!

The "ghost" feature that trails Mario's movements will become your best friend, especially when you start designing more intricate levels that require precision movements and timing.

3. Read The Manual

I can't remember the last time that I ever needed to look at a video game manual to give me information, but with Super Mario Maker I find myself doing it constantly.

Not only is it fairly funny to read, but it gives you real insight on how to modify certain things, that you may have otherwise never thought about doing before. The manual will also give you insight in how to do shortcuts that will save you time and stress when designing levels. 

For example, the shoulder and trigger buttons will let you copy, select chunks of the level, and even quickly erase things depending on the combination you press.

The Idea Book is not only a cool thing to look at, but can also give you.. ideas. Who would've thought?

Along with the manual, it's also a good idea to check into the Idea Book that comes with the game. Not only is it a fitting homage to Mario's history, but there are codes in there that you can use to unlock some impressive levels and draw inspiration from.

4. Don't be the devil
Be sure to reward players with some kind of powerup after making it through a challenging spot in your course 

It's a good idea to build challenging levels, but it's also a better idea to be fair. 

Super Mario Maker sadly offers no checkpoints in levels, so if your course is not only challenging but long as well, you run the risk of frustrating players. Be sure to reward players with some kind of powerup after making it through a challenging spot in your course to not only give them a fighting chance, but to make them feel like your level isn't impossible.

5. Outline, then Fill In

It's a good rule of thumb to create a rough draft of what you envision your stage to look like. Start off with the basic grounding, sublevels, blocks, and doors. Make sure the player knows exactly where to go by guiding them with coins, arrows, or dead ends.

Blind jumps and unclear paths are never fun for players unless properly communicated. After you have the skeleton of your stage made, then you can go back and start adding in all of the frills and fun stuff that will give your stage that special feeling.

Practice restraint and making the most out of everything you place and remember that more enemies on a stage doesn't necessarily make it a better and more challenging course.

Once the groundwork is laid out, then you should go back and start adding in enemies and obstacles.

6. Draw Inspiration from Others to Inspire People

There's a reason you can download other player's levels. Sure it allows you to relive some amazing levels over again and share them with your friends, but more importantly it allows you to draw inspiration from them. The ability to be able to edit a downloaded level allows you to see just how the course was designed, and there is nothing wrong with taking inspiration from an incredible course.

With that being said, do not copy and rip off someone else's work. It can be super simple to download a popular level, change the theme, add a few things, and then upload it as your own, but where's the integrity in that?

These are just some basic tips that will hopefully help you design courses much more effectively. There is no one right way to build a level, though. Whether you follow all of these tips, some of them, or none of them at all, just keep building levels, push the game and your imagination to the limits, and have fun.

Fast Forward Review - Super Mario Maker Fri, 11 Sep 2015 21:02:38 -0400 David Fisher

Hello, and welcome to Fast Forward Reviews! This column is all about giving you the day 1 lowdown on video games that have been newly released, and what you can expect in your first hour of gameplay!

Today we'll be looking at Super Mario Maker, a game that has been really hyped up since it was announced during Nintendo's 2014 E3 conference. We got a lot to go through, so let's fast forward and get right into it!


The Beautiful:

Super Mario Maker is all about getting the player into the Mario level making spirit, and that means giving you near-immediate access to all the tools you could possibly need to start making your very own Super Mario Bros. levels. A quick tutorial at the start of the game shows you absolutely everything you need to know about making your very own Super Mario Bros. levels, and does so in a very brief - yet informative - matter.

Don't take this the wrong way either. Super Mario Maker is extremely accessible. Nothing about the maker is complex, as every tool and pathing AI is already set up without you needing to do anything more than plop each tile into the grid.

Super Mario Maker's interface is so simple a child could use it!

 Super Mario Maker is very adaptable, and so players can even create enemies otherwise never seen in a Super Mario Bros. game by simply placing an enemy tile onto another existing enemy. But why stop there? Why not attach wings to something that should never fly? Why not have a death-ball of enemies by stacking them on top of each other? The possibilities are far from endless, but the combinations are various enough that you will have fun messing around with the level editor until you feel like playing a level for yourself.

 A Toy Koopa riding a Bob-Omb, who is on a Koopa Troopa, riding a Goomba, on top of a Hammer Bro, riding Bowser, defended by another Goomba. Why? Because why the heck not?

As for the actual gameplay, each Super Mario tile set comes with the engine of that particular game. That means that - technically speaking - Super Mario Maker is 4 games in 1, namely: Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario World, and New Super Mario Bros. U.

After completing the 3 minute tutorial you will also be granted access to the main menu. There you will find the Course Maker, 10 Mario Challenge, Course World, Coursebot, options and more.

10 Mario Challenge involves playing 10 pre-designed levels made in Super Mario Maker. In regular Super Mario Bros. fashion you will have to rescue the princess by getting to the castle after a series of stages. However, if you complete the 10 Mario Challenge 7 times you get access to the 4 NWC 2015 levels that were seen during the Nintendo E3 2015 event. Beat these and you will get access to the elusive Luigi Mushroom.

It just wouldn't be a Super Mario game if Princess Toadstool didn't get herself captured by Bowser, would it?

The Course World gives you access to the 100 Mario Challenge, Courses, and Makers submenus. The 100 Mario Challenge allows you to play random levels developed by fellow Makers until you run out of lives. Meanwhile, the Courses submenu gives you access to featured stages, and the Makers submenu lets you check out the overall star rankings (think of them as the total "Likes" from Facebook) of other players.

This game is definitely a game I would recommend to amiibo collectors. Almost every single amiibo in existence to this date is compatible with Super Mario Maker and unlocks costumes that can be used in original Super Mario Bros. levels. While these can be randomly unlocked by playing the 100 Mario Challenge, it is certainly a nice little gift for supporters of the amiibo franchise. You can see all the costumes in the video below:

(Video courtesy of Kotaku, via YouTube)

Don't try to fool us RR-sama, we know it's you under that disguise... What's the catch with Super Mario Maker?

Catch? What catch? This is literally the game you've been waiting for if you ever wanted to make your own Super Mario Bros. levels! I'm not kidding! 10/10, I'm sold!


... Okay, so I wish that the amiibo support or costumes were permanent instead of functioning like a regular super mushroom that changes your looks. But seriously, considering that this feature isn't even part of the game, I can't find a logical reason to complain without being nit-picky!

Okay, so there's 3 minor concerns...

Firstly, Super Mario Maker limits you at first to a select few enemies and tile types. The rest need to be unlocked, and I'm not entirely sure how to do it. Secondly, the older Super Mario Bros. styles have been tweaked a bit as to make the game more accessible to newer players. This means that Mario feels a little more like he does in newer games, but not so much that it feels out of place. Thirdly, there's no Super Mario Bros. 2 (USA), or Yoshi's Island tile sets, so no Birdo or Shy Guys. Sorry fans of those games.

I would personally like to see Super Mario Bros. 2 make a comeback in Super Mario Maker. The gameplay mechanics could make for some really interesting level designs in the right hands!

But hey, Nintendo has been pretty good for DLC lately, and other sources have already indicated that Nintendo has confirmed that there will be DLC support in the future. Maybe we can expect some funky new tile sets or gameplay style DLCs in the near future? Maybe we'll even get a Super Mario 64 DLC! Okay, that's a bit of a stretch, but only time will tell!

The Presentation

Everything looks and sounds the way it's supposed to. In fact, it's a bit better. You can add random music tracks and effects to stages that are not characteristic of their game, and although this looks a bit wacky, that's the point of the game. No complaints here.

I'd love to give you guys a sample of how the game sounds, but I'm pretty much limited to giving you guys pre-release footage as I'm unable to record anything myself. Instead, enjoy the below clip of the game's Super Mario World editor music as it pretty much sums up the original sound design of this game.

(Courtesy of AlfredDerCreeper via Youtube)

The Verdict

Have you been reading this? Buy this game. Buy it now! I cannot stress this enough: if you don't have a Wii U, but you love - or loved - Mario games, buy a Wii U and this game now! This is the game you have dreamed of, and more!

What about other fans who got this game the second it showed up? Does it meet your expectations? Did you find something bad about it that I missed? Leave your opinions and thoughts in the comments section below!

YouTube Gaming: Until Dawn at the top of August 2015's most trending games Thu, 10 Sep 2015 20:30:32 -0400 Charly Mottet

YouTube Gaming has taken up, since June, publishing the top trending games of the month, and the results for August 2015 are in! It is without much surprise that Supermassive Games' popular Until Dawn is at the top of the charts. 

The much awaited survival horror game has most likely found it's way to the top of the list because of its different ending possibilities. The game was not only critically accepted, it was also a big hit with YouTubers. It was more than tempting for all gamer fans to put up videos of their own take on getting the "best" ending in the PS4 exclusive. 

Until Dawn is followed closely by Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. As a reminder, the game is not yet released, so the popularity of the game rests on the multiplayer beta testing. The game will be released on the 6th of November, 2015

To complete the top 3 podium, Madden NFL 16 takes up third place in August's top trending games list. Number 4 is Pac-Man 256, a game from the creators of the popular mobile game Crossy Road, and further down the list in sixth place is Metal Gear Solid V. Super Mario Maker is on there as well, right behind Kojima's baby. 

At the bottom of the list, almost 11-year-old World of Warcraft holds a place in the top 10 thanks to the new expansion pack: Legion.  

So there you have it for YouTube Gaming's top trending games for August 2015. Now, to see if the list changes much in the months to come with the expected fall releases. 

There is already a trolling level on Super Mario Maker Fri, 28 Aug 2015 20:32:39 -0400 Aaliyah Bandy

As soon as we heard about Super Mario Maker some of us knew that trolling levels would make their way into the game for other players to rage over. Well, a level surfaced that trolls you in a way that everyone has experienced way too much.

Rick Rolling.

The level is titled "All the costumes unlocked" but once you actually play it you find yourself on a converter belt and objects fall onto note blocks off-screen to play the music. There is a roof of blocks on top of you so you can't jump and swarms of enemies try to attack you but fail to do so adding more trolling to this level than just the music.

You can tell just by hearing the music that someone spent a ton of time working on the on trolling level. 

This level seems to have a lot of mixed comments from people who hate it to people that absolutely love the level and want more like it.

Click the video above to check out the video and leave your take of it in the comments!

Pre-order for Super Mario Maker Wii U Bundle available at Walmart Tue, 25 Aug 2015 20:25:30 -0400 Courtney Gamache

A new Wii U bundle has hit the Walmart website for pre-orders, themed around Super Mario Maker.

While the bundle is the whopping price of $299, it comes with the complete Wii U console, a download code for Super Mario Maker, Super Mario Maker idea book, and an 8-bit Mario that was created for Mario's 30th anniversary.

Why this bundle is so great

This bundle is perfect for the creative mind who prefers to design instead of compete against the AI. There have been Wii U bundles in the past for Mario Kart, but this bundle stands out with a theme of Super Mario Maker, emphasizing creativity.

If you haven't been following information regarding Super Mario Maker, I can tell you it's a game that Nintendo has produced. From amiibo interaction to level customization, the user is in full control of designing Mario levels to their preference. By integrating personal sound effects through the microphone and costumes for Mario, every level can be wholly original.

Below are numerous articles on GameSkinny that can give you more information on new features and options found in Super Mario Maker if you're still unsure of how epic the gameplay can be.

The bundle is planned to be a Walmart exclusive and will ship out on September 11th. If you are set on getting your Wii U with Super Mario Maker I suggest pre-ordering it as soon as possible to ensure your edition. 

Is anyone planning on buying the Super Mario Maker Wii U Console Deluxe Set? What really makes you want the bundle? Share your thoughts below!

Nintendo Patents Console Without Optical Drive Fri, 21 Aug 2015 20:05:29 -0400 Curtis Dillon

Nintendo has patented a home console that does not contain an optical disc drive. All things considered, this likely means the mysterious Nintendo NX will be a digital only console.

To further clarify, the Wii U, along with every other console since the PS1, has an optical disc drive, which is a fancy term for the place where the disc is inserted and read. All of this means that the next Nintendo console, currently codenamed NX, is very likely to be a digital game only console and not support physical discs. It will however have slots for storage, i.e. USB's or hard drives. You can check out the patent below.

While this may not be that surprising, considering the industry has been heading to an all-digital future for quite some time now, (Microsoft almost removed the optical drive from the Xbox One), it is surprising that Nintendo are the first to take the leap. The reason I say that is because the Nintendo eShop has never been the easiest or most reliable platform for buying games. Furthermore Nintendo's consoles do not have large internal hard drives, the Wii U sports a pretty tiny 8GB with a premium version extending to 32GB. If this system were indeed to be digital only it would need a serious upgrade in storage.

Perhaps more interesting than the lack of an optical disc drive is that the controller will seemingly have a "display unity", much like the Wii U GamePad. This was revealed in another image from the patent. However, that doesn't necessarily mean another tablet style controller, it could be the controller/handheld that many have assumed the next console would have. Check out the patent below.

It was recently rumored that Nintendo would be revealing and releasing the NX next year, which means we don't have too long left to wonder what exactly it is. Until then you can check out all of our coverage on the upcoming Super Mario Maker. But If you're hungry for more NX, check out our best guesses at what the system could be.

Are you OK with there being no optical drive? What do you think the controller might be? Let us know in the comments below!

Secret mini-game in Super Mario Maker: Fly Swatting Fri, 21 Aug 2015 11:46:11 -0400 Courtney Gamache

After playing some of Super Mario Maker, Nintendo Life discovered a secret mini-game that Nintendo placed in their new installment. This fly swatting discovery is an homage to the earlier Mario game, Mario Paint on the SNES.

Since the level creation is bound to get daunting to some users, discovering little secrets like this is a perfect addition to a game that could be otherwised considered casual or boring over time.

Unearthing the Flies

Nintendo Life detected the mini-game by moving a simple block which then erupted with flies, and by tapping them, unlocked the mini-game that was secretly placed. 

The secret mini-game works by using the stylus and tapping flies to swat them away. There's a specific time-limit, and a certain amount of flies to remove. Using a music choice that emulates Mario Paint, it's definitely a fitting throwback to the classic SNES game. There are up to three levels in the mini-game, resulting in a boss battle with a giant mechanical fly that replicates the Mario Paint boss. Skilled gamers from Nintendo Life were able to beat level 3.

When Nintendo Life attempted to re-play the mini-game they were unable to activate it again, even when moving the same block they had previously moved. It seems as though this mini-game can also be a random occurence, since they weren't able to find it again from the same source.

It's not a huge surprise that Nintendo placed this Easter Egg mini-game themed after Mario Paint. I expect that as more people get their hands on Super Mario Maker, more developments will be made that show how in-depth Nintendo's thought process was on creating the new Wii U game. 

Do you have plans to add this game to your Wii U library? What would you love to see as an Easter Egg? Share your opinions below.

Skinny Mario from Super Mario Maker will haunt your dreams Wed, 19 Aug 2015 20:49:23 -0400 Courtney Gamache

The new Wii U game, Super Mario Maker comes with some amazing customizations and interactions with amiibo cards and figures, but Nintendo took it to a whole new level by giving Mario a new ability that stretches him into a Luigi replica.

Some gamers might think this is a cool alteration, but I expect it will haunt my dreams for weeks to come.

Gangly Mario is Scary

When it comes to playing Mario games I've grown accustomed to seeing the chubby adorable plumber who worked his way into our hearts nearly 30 years ago. As new information for Super Mario Maker is being released, I caught a glimpse at this "Skinny Mario" and immediately cringed from the gangly arms and lengthy body. Not only was my precious petite Mario gone, but his charming plump appearance was no more.The whole idea behind "Skinny Mario" erupted from a mushroom error that occurred in Super Mario Maker, which turned Mario into this stretched form, instead of a larger appearance of himself. Since that fateful accident, the mushroom that caused such havoc has been dubbed the "Luigi Mushroom".

While using "Skinny Mario", Mario also adapts to all the skills Luigi has with running and jumping which also opens up new level design options within Super Mario Maker when using the creepy deforming mushroom. This will probably be one of the effects I'll never want to use when I get Super Mario Maker near the September 11th release, but I respect those who are daring enough to use such an abomination in their game. 

Along with this addition Nintendo also included some new costume designs from amiibo interaction, where details involving such connections can be found on the article, "Super Mario Maker costume options and '100 Mario Challenges'".

What is your opinion on this new ability in Super Mario Maker? Does it give you the heebie-jeebies as well?

Super Mario Maker costume options and "100 Mario Challenges" Wed, 19 Aug 2015 19:53:04 -0400 Courtney Gamache

One of the coolest features in Super Mario Maker is how Nintendo incorporated numerous costumes that user can dress Mario in, which span over tons of games. By incorporating the amiibo cards and figures, Super Mario Maker becomes an even more customizable game.

Costumes Shown in Game Play Video

There are so many costumes I'm excited for and while private copies of Super Mario Maker are slowly showing up, the costume options are spreading on the internet. As I scowered the web I came across a YouTube video from NintenDaan who showed off some of the costumes in action. 

While the shrunken down costumes look a bit silly at first, Nintendo went a step ahead and included some voice clips and sounds that the characters have done in previous games. Even completing a level by ascending the flag pole gives an array of sounds that pertain to that character, and their game.

The costumes shown in NintenDaan's game play video include:

  • Bowser
  • Isabella
  • Link
  • Luigi
  • Marth
  • Princess Peach
  • Yoshi
  • Wii Fit Trainer
  • Donkey Kong
  • Question-Mark Hiding Mario
  • Goomba
  • Pikmin

Be sure to listen carefully during the video to hear some of the sound clips and effects that Nintendo added for each specific character.New Costumes Surface

A few new costumes surfaced from Super Mario Maker today, and they include:

  • Sonic
  • Splatoon
  • Pit
  • Kirby
  • Waluigi

Gamers may be wondering how special costumes will be added to Super Mario Maker, and the answer is through completing the "100 Mario Challenges" within the game. To ignite the costume change Mario has to absorb a Mystery Mushroom, which then triggers the character change. The game is scheduled to be updated past the purchase product, will be for public purchase on September 11th. 

Are there any costumes you're hoping to see in Super Mario Maker? Which ones don't really fit in the game?

11 awesome Easter Eggs in Super Mario Maker's title screen Tue, 18 Aug 2015 10:18:26 -0400 Courtney Gamache

Since Super Mario Maker is dated to be released next month, September 11th, some press copies are going out to large publications, and they're already having a field day with them.

GameXplain has received a copy of the game and discovered that in the title screen Nintendo has added some adorable Easter Eggs if you're a curious soul who searches for the extra bits. Below is a compilation and description of the 11 that were found and featured in GameXplain's YouTube video.

Nintendo themed Easter Eggs

While Super Mario Maker is yet to be released publicly, 11 Easter Eggs on the title screen were found, and there's bound to be plenty more once the public has their hands on the game. Below is the full list of Easter Eggs that are found so far, so beware there are spoilers if you plan to find them yourself. 

The Easter Eggs all revolve around the title "Mario Maker" in the headline, where pressing letters brings awesome effects.

  1. the "M" in Mario turns into a W and makes Wario sounds
  2. the "A" in Mario causes shooting stars to spray through the screen and a train whistle
  3. the "R" in Mario causes an array of coins to shoot out with a cash register sound effect
  4. the "I" in Mario makes a bird fly over and sit on the letter
  5. the "O" in Mario causes one of the flying contraptions that the Koopalings use to pop up, letting Mario fly in it
  6. the "M" in Maker causes a shell type helmet to appear where Mario can wear it
  7. the "A" in Maker turns into a rocket ship with a vocal countdown and disappears off-screen to the top, and reappears coming from the bottom of the screen
  8. the "K" in Maker alters the screen temporarily with an old-timey theme resembling sepia, where pressing the K again turns it off
  9. the "E" in Maker causes a jumping platform to fall from the letter giving Mario an extra boost
  10. the "R" in Maker drops down a Yoshi egg, bringing the dynamite team of Mario and Yoshi back together again, where you can ride on Yoshi through the title screen
  11. Finishing up the Easter Eggs is the classic ending to any Mario level, where Mario is able to ascend upon the flag pole and take off Bowser's flag, replacing it with his own.

I have to say when I thought of Easter Eggs within the title screen some of these weren't that surprising, but instead a nice refresher to what we all loved about the original Mario games. 

What Easter Eggs would you have preferred to see? 

Super Mario Maker includes custom music and amiibo action Wed, 12 Aug 2015 20:56:37 -0400 Courtney Gamache

Nintendo's been very generous releasing new information on their highly anticipated new Wii U game, Super Mario Maker. Some new details that have been announced include amiibo action within the game and customized music and sound effects that can be imported.

The amiibos are coming

There are over 50 known amiibos that will be supported by Super Mario Maker, and can be played in the game's 8-bit Super Mario Bros. level design. Characters that have been announced to work in the game include:

  • Link
  • Wii Fit Trainer
  • Bowser
  • Luigi
  • Kirby
  • Samus
  • Pit
  • Little Mac
  • Pac-Man
  • Mega Man

A new amiibo is being released in honor of the Super Mario Bros. 30th anniversary. It is also accessible within the game and causes enemies to become mustachio'd like our favorite plumber, and give Mario super-human strength with the power to smash through all blocks. While this super-human strength can be given with a large mushroom, it's cool that the amiibo also has the affect.

Composers at Heart

As if designing your own Mario level wasn't cool enough, Nintendo added in the feature that gives gamers the power to compose their own music within Super Mario Maker. Note blocks will have the attribute that gives off different musical tones when touched, and depending on their placement within the level. In addition, you can add in your own sound effects using the Wii U gamepad's microphone. The power to make levels original has come true, with your own voice.

Other Nintendo Products

While Super Mario Maker has been making huge waves in the water, Nintendo is retailing a Premium Wii U Pack themed for Super Mario Maker. Within the pack will be the anticipated game, a black Wii U console, two special 30th anniversary Mario amiibos, and an art book. Outside the world of games and consoles, Nintendo will also be teaming up with Loot Crate to produce a Nintendo Crate that delivers Nintendo products straight to your front door. 

Are you excited for Super Mario Maker to release on September 11th?