Enter the Gungeon out for release April 5th

Enter the Gungeon will have players shooting, looting and scooting their way to the ulitmate treasure.

Ever since the Enter the Gungeon demo was shown at E3, players have been anxiously waiting for this title. Starting April 5th, the wait is officially over. Created by Dodge and Roll games and produced by Devolver Digital, players can expect puns of damage and high quality pixelated action in this top down dungeon crawler.

Enter The Gungeon is a fast-paced, table-flipping, gun-slinging bullet hell dungeon crawl. Players can choose from a band of misfits who are all looking for the Gungeon's ultimate treasure: the gun that can kill the past. With challenging bosses and the Gundead in your way, players must shoot and loot their way to the bottom of the Gungeon to claim their prize. Players must gather other guns and discover all that the Gungeon has to offer in order to gain an edge.

Enter the Gungeon is a mix of bullet hell and the Binding of Isaac meets Broforce. With meticulously designed and regenerated levels, players might have a hard time putting this game down. Also, the possibilities are endless with the cast characters and a variety of unique weapons for the player to choose from.

If guns and puns is completely what you are after you can get your hands on Enter The Gungeon starting tomorrow April 5th 2016. This title will be available on PlayStation 4 and Steam.


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Published Apr. 4th 2016

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