Top 8 Characters We Want to See Added to Super Smash Bros. for 3DS/Wii U

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Super Smash Bros. for 3DS/Wii U/ is a game steeped in Nintendo history. There are a huge number of franchises included in the game and with 49 different characters available, there's a lot of choice in how to play.

However, we gamers always want more and there are still several Nintendo IP that are are not represented at all in the game. Whilst Nintendo will surely include more characters in the game's inevitable sequel, gamers may not want to wait another six or seen years just to get extra fighters.

We already know that Nintendo is planning to add Mewtwo to the roster post-release, so why not go all the way and add DLC to the game?  Many gamers are wary of DLC and rightly so, but Nintendo has shown with Mario Kart 8 that they can handle downloadable content in a way which does not annoy consumers.

If they do chose to go down this route, I have a few suggestions for who they should include. While many people want to play as Ridley or King K. Rool, I'm going to go off the beaten path and only include characters from unrepresented franchises. Here are my Top 8 characters that should be added to Super Smash Bros. for 3DS/Wii U.


The first character in my list is the most obvious. Now that Bayonetta has appeared in a Nintendo published title, it makes sense to include her in the company's biggest fighting game. Not only has she shown herself to be incredibly skilled in combat but her hair-based summoning moves would make for a great final smash.


Issac has already appeared in the Smash Bros. series as an assist trophy. Yet Golden Sun was one of the best games on the Game Boy Advance so it's only fair that its main protagonist be upgraded to a full fighter. Smash Bros. already has a lot of magic users but Issac has power over the Earth element, which sets him apart from the other fighters.  His final smash would summon Judgement, a winged knight that wields a sword and a cannon shaped as a lion's head.



Dillon is one of Nintendo's more recent characters. While his début game was only a downloadable title, it was successful enough to spawn a sequel, which doesn't often happen with modern Nintendo IPs. His character design is unlike any other fighter in Smash; plus his rolling and claw attacks would give him a great combination of speed and power.

Raymond Bryce

Disaster: Day or Crisis may be one of Nintendo's least successful games but it's also one of my favourites. Protagonist Raymond Bryce is a former US Marine who's proved that he has what it takes to handle himself in a fight. With Snake removed from the roster, Ray would make a good replacement as one of the very few Nintendo characters to come from the modern world.


Elite Beat Agents

One of the DS's best recieved games was Elite Beat Agents, a new IP about suited men who help people through the power of dance. Their fighting style would all be about linking their attacks in rhythm to create powerful dance move combos. Using palette swaps, players would be able to fight as any of the Elite Beat Agents or Elite Beat Divas.


The protagonist of Pandora's Tower is a veteran of the War of Independence. Aeron wields the Oraclos Chain in battle which would give him a very unique fighting style as a melee character with a very long range. Pandora's Tower was a strong action game that deserves more recognition and what better way than to include its main character in one of Nintendo's most popular games.



This next fighter may not be from Nintendo but the company has already shown that they are willing to include third party characters. Having already added Sonic, Pac Man and Mega Man, Bomberman deserves his place in Smash Bros. as one of gaming's most recognised icons.


Splatoon may not be released yet but it's clear that Nintendo is betting big on this new franchise. The game's characters are proving to be very popular and there's already a lot of fan art depicting them. Releasing the Inklings as playable characters in Smash Bros. would be a great way to help spread the word about Spatoon. Plus, Smash Bros. has a clear lack of squid characters.

I hope you enjoyed my list. If there are any characters I've included that you disagree with, feel free to comment and offer suggestions of your own!

Published Nov. 25th 2014


Based in the UK Adam spends most of his time honing his Monster Hunter skills and conquering the world in Total War. In the not so virtual world you'll probably find him travelling or enjoying live music. Follow him on twitter @AdamKoziol3


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