The Sights of New York Comic Con

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New York Comic Con has come and gone. I took several pictures along the way, so let's take a look at what I have on my camera.

Here we have the best Misty Cosplay I saw all week. When I asked these two to take the picture, I assumed they were together. They had never met, and thought it was funny I was putting them together.


We got to the Con early on Thursday and were able to take a few pictures of the exhibitors putting the finishing touches to their booths before everyone filed in.

The line outside waiting for the Con to begin. The Block contained many of the artists and toys and such that were for sale.

The line actually looped around the lobby 3 times. When the doors opened everyone just rushed in like the lines didn't matter.

The Con floor now inhabited with people.

An Xbox One. I wasn't able to get a hold of it but it looks very small. Much smaller than I expected (roughly two-thirds the size of the 360).

The South park aisle showed demos for South Park: The Stick of Truth.

The Call of Duty Mega Blok car.

The now delayed Watch Dogs booth was a thick black enclosed building that showed exclusive gameplay videos.


Apparently I am the only one who thought that guy looked exactly like Micheal J. Fox.

"Oh it's that Batmobile" - Batman Fans

I thought that guy looked exactly like Ernie Hudson... Oh Wait!

There were plenty of awesome collectibles on sale at the Con. Here is a 3 foot tall Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.

I wish I had more money to buy these things. Why is Catwomans $400?

Scale Torque Bow. Awesome.

Now the Cosplay! Here is a meat man. I can only think of Carrion Cake from Timesplitters but can someone tell me what this costume was from?

Some of Batman's villains. I only knew the two in the middle were Raven from Injustice. Love the glow eyes though.

Editor's note: Left is Penguin, Right is Two-Face.

Meanwhile, Batman and Robin await back-up (Robin is on his phone).

Modern Lara Croft from the recent Tomb Raider.


That guy was so excited to see this blue thing he jumped in my picture. Anyone know what the blue thing is?

Skeletor was on the prowl.

Ratchet from Ratchet and Clank.

Mysterio was 6'6. I thought it was a statue at first.

Sailor Moon rocking out.

Ninja Gaiden Z.

This guy was on all fours all day. Very impressive just purely based on his stamina.

Don't Blink... This was by far my favorite of the week.


To finish, I was playing Arkham Origins: Blackgate on Vita and turned around to see Whoopi Goldberg staring at me. Why don't you take a picture Whoopi? Jeez, this lady, am I right?

Published Oct. 15th 2013


My name is Steve. I consider myself a casual gamer but lover of nerd culture. Things interest me I don't even understand half the time.


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