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Earn your highest scores and easily clear every Alphabear level with these 10 tips and tricks!

10 Alphabear tips and tricks to be your beary best

Earn your highest scores and easily clear every Alphabear level with these 10 tips and tricks!
This article is over 8 years old and may contain outdated information

Word game lovers can now play on the go with Alphabear, a game loosely based on Scrabble where players try to make words out of scrambles of letters.

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The difference between Alphabear and other word games is that there are different bears you can equip while you play that give you different power ups. You can also score more points based on how many letters you use that are touching the bears.

Maximize your Alphabear experience with these 10 tips and tricks to increase your high scores and clear levels faster than ever.

1. Don’t Waste a Turn Only Saving Expiring Letters

Another important contrasting factor in Alphabear is that every turn you don’t use a letter it changes color. Once the letter is red, you’re only one turn away from the letter turning to stone and preventing you from using that space for the rest of the level.

Since knowing this is a little intimidating, many players will be tempted to use a turn or two using a word limited to only the red letters that are about to turn to stone. Not only will this hurt your overall score, but it will put you behind for the rest of the turns as well.

The best way to handle a situation where you’re about to lose a few spaces due to unused letters is to look at the whole board and make a word using both the red letters and some of the new ones worth a lot of points.

Combining the two will save your spaces while also making your points jump up.

2. The Bigger the Bear, the Bigger the Score

Since bears are such a big part of the game, it’s important to pay attention to the bears on the board and try to expand them as much as you can.

The bears always start out the same size in every level but they grow every time you use letters that are adjacent to each other.

Try to keep this in mind when you’re looking for words within the letters because if you can make 2 words that will score the same amount of points, the one with letters touching will be the better choice.

3. Choose Your Bears Carefully Based on Each Level

Before you come to the conclusion that the bears are only there to make you feel all fuzzy inside and want to hug something fluffy, it’s important to note that they’re more than just aesthetics and feelings.

Once you’ve been playing the game for a while, you’ll be able to choose 3 separate bears to power up your game. Choosing these bears with others in mind will turn out a better score at the end for you.

Don’t Use More Than One “Letter Bear”

Some of the bears cause letters to show up more frequently than others, which can be a good thing depending on the level. However, if you use more than one in one level you may be looking at a lot of the same letters and no word options. If you can help it, don’t use more than one “Letter Bear,” in one game.

Use “Timer Bears” For Time-Sensitive Levels

Some of the bears affect your time limit, such as increasing the time it gives you to make your move or slowing down the timer indefinitely. Use these on the timer levels to ensure maximum concentration and to make sure you can effectively make the best word choices!

When to Use Toddler Bear

Toddler Bear is an ultra-powerful bear that is very high-risk high-reward. He removes the difficult letters Z, X, and Q and gives you a 130% bonus at the end. Save Toddler Bear for a level that you know will give you trouble so that you can capitalize on his bonuses.

Use Rare Bears in Treasure Events and Boss Fights

Speaking of using bears in particular situations, players will soon find out that some bears aren’t available to you for hours once you use them, so it’s important to be aware of the bears you’re using and when.

Treasure Events and Boss Battles will earn you even more rare bears, so this is the perfect time to use your most powerful bears to give you that extra boost. Don’t waste them on common levels.

4. Getting the Same Bear Twice Isn’t a Bad Thing

Some players may groan when they finally complete a level to see that the bear they got at the end is one they already have.

Players, don’t fear! If you get the same bear twice it will actually upgrade the power-ups on the bear you already have, making your efforts not in vain!

Keep this in mind when you’re playing so that you know to use the leveled up bears in situations where they can be even more powerful.

5. Refill Your Honey By Watching Videos

The currency in Alphabear is measured in Honey, which allows you to play the levels.

After you use a certain amount, your Honey will slowly, automatically regenerate. You can pay $4.99 for infinite honey, but if you don’t want to spend any money you can refill it faster with a few tricks!

In your game client, click on your Honey and you’ll see an option to “watch videos” for 40 Honey. You can earn up to 300 Honey each day if you don’t mind spending the time to watch the ads!

6. Get by With a Little Help From Your Friends.. and Other Apps

If you were a Words With Friends fanatic like some of us (I won’t admit to anything), you may be aware of some of the other apps available to unscramble letters into actual words.

Some applications are available to download on your mobile device that allows you to enter your available letters and it will give you a list of available words you can make from them.

This way you can do your best to use all the letters that are about to expire and combine them with letters coinciding with your power up bears.

Some may call this cheating, but I call it being efficient.

7. Use Coins to Buy More Honey…

Each time you complete a challenge, you’ll be awarded coins. If you ever run out of Honey but want to continue playing, there is an option to purchase more Honey with your coins!

Simply open the Honey menu by clicking on the icon in your game client. Go down to the last menu option in the center that reads “Pay 100 coins GET 120 HONEY.”

Now you can continue your Alphabear adventures!

8. …But Don’t Use All Your Coins on Honey!

Although you can spend some coins for some instant Honey gratification, it’s also important save some of them for later on in the game when you can participate in the treasure challenges!

Treasure challenges give all players the opportunity to earn rare bears that can significantly turn the tides of a game. Make sure you have coins to use on these so that you can use these rare bears on other levels!

9. Start with Smaller Words and Build as You Go

Although it may be tempting to start out strong with a long, impressive word, it’ll work out better for you in the end if you start off small.

One reason for this is because using more letters in the beginning will leave less for you to use later on. This sometimes makes completing the level much more difficult at the end when you don’t have many letters to choose from.

The second reason is because the more letters you use in the beginning translates to those spaces turning red faster. This will put you in a tight spot because now 5 letters will be closer to turning to stone instead of 3. Remember this when you’re starting a new level.

10. Always Look For the Plural and Past Forms of Words

As your forming words in Alphabear, remember to always look out for an S or an ED. For example,”jump” can turn into “jumped,” or “run” can turn into “runs.”

These letters will usually transform these words into their plural form, scoring you more points and ultimately getting you closer to clearing the level.

Go Be the Beary Best, Like No Bear Ever Was!

Now that you’re a professional Alphabear player, it’s time to put your hard work to use!

Download the game in the Play Store for Android users or the Apple Store for iPhone users, or visit the Spry Fox website.

For more information, discussions, and tips on Alphabear, check out our GameSkinny hub page!

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