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10 Best Games to Play Like Dredge

If you're looking for games like Dredge, these are the best ones to play.

Dredge is a unique game that combines relaxing fishing with atmospheric and psychological horror. Whether it was the simulation or the Lovecraftian fiends that you loved most, your journey doesn’t have to stop in these waters. Here’s my list of the 10 best games to play if you like Dredge.

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Top 10 Games Like Dredge to Play Right Now

10. Dave the Diver

As the name suggests, Dave the Diver has you heading underwater to catch various sea creatures, bringing them up from the depths and back to land to … cook them in your sushi restaurant. Equal parts adventure game and (light) restaurant simulation, Dave the Diver is fun and full of heart.

It was nominated for Best Independent Game at The Game Awards 2023, as well as Best Indie Game and PC Game of the Year at the 2023 Golden Joystick Awards. In addition to that, the two titles collaborated to create the Dredge DLC for Dave the Diver. Featuring the abominations of the deep, you’re able to catch some of the iconic fish of the horror game.

9. Sunless Sea

When I first heard of Dredge, I instantly thought of Sunless Sea. They both share a similar haunting vibe, and even the overall aesthetics share some similarities. The big difference here is that developer Failbetter Games kicks the horror all the way up to 20. Sunless Sea isn’t just an exploration game where everything can go wrong — and often does — it’s a terrifying exploration game where everything can go wrong and often does.

Set in a Lovecraftian inspired universe (though not the same as Dredge), you’ll encounter living icebergs, giant creatures, and eldritch horrors aplenty throughout an underground sea. If you fail to confront the madness, you’re crew may just suffer a cannibalistic death at your hands.

8. Subnautica

Like Dredge, Subnautica is a beautiful experience on the surface, filled with all kinds of nameless and unspeakable horrors beneath. Similar to Dredge, you’ll encounter eldritch horrors from the deep: mammoth leviathans, creepy head-crab creatures, and the Bladderfish (seriously, that thing’s terrifying). The main difference here is you’ll be in the water with them instead of on a boat.

Stranded on an alien planet, you must plunge into the depths to survive. Though it’s a survival game with plenty of building and crafting elements, instead of a simulation experience, they both share themes of exploration and psychological horror. Those with thalassophobia needn’t apply.

7. Outer Wilds

Outer Wilds is another game where you encounter alien creatures from space. Though much more of an adventure title and certainly far less expansive, this is the horror movie version of No Man’s Sky. You’ll brave strange waters and face off against creatures from the deep, or you may even encounter eldritch monstrosities on dry land! Featuring a time loop mechanic and an interesting story, this game has the same atmospheric mystery tone as Dredge.

6. Little Nightmares Series

I hear ya’: What’s a platformer game is doing on a list about Dredge? Well, let me tell you. The Little Nightmares franchise actually shares quite a bit in common with Team17’s title. Filled with various horror elements, such as monstrous creatures, suspenseful music, and foreboding shadows, Little Nightmares 1+2 will give you nightmares.

Playing as a child, you’ll need to overcome various puzzling obstacles to solve the mystery plaguing you. The art style is vaguely reminiscent of the low-poly, sketchbook style designs from Dredge, as well, and there’s just something that tells me this is what could happen on land within the larger Dredge universe.

5. The Sinking City

If you wish Dredge had a little more action in it, then you should check out third-person-shooter The Sinking City. It has all the Lovecraft elements you could want, from tentacled creatures and spooky settings to the potential for insanity. You can even explore part of the city by boat and if you want to go even farther, in a diving suit.

There are some heavy themes present, so it’s not suitable for all audiences, especially younger horror fans. It does, however, allow you to solve various mysteries the way you want, granting a different possible ending for different playthroughs.

4. Call of the Sea

Call of the Sea is an adventure game with puzzle elements set on a remote island — a perfect setup for fans of Dredge. While it may not seem to be similar to the Team17 hit, there’s a lot more commonality here than you might initially think.

Call of the Sea‘s atmosphere is as thick as the dark waters you cut through in Dredge, and the graphics and sound design do everything to elevate the mysterious aura that surrounds the game and the mystery you’re trying to solve. Call of the Sea also has some underwater areas to explore, though you won’t be fishing here (well, except for clues). This is a good game to check out for anyone who wants more mysteries set in eerie or alluring locations.

3. Cat Goes Fishing

If fishing’s the primary draw for you in Dredge, and you love the game’s Passive Mode, then Cat Goes Fishing should’ve be on your playlist yesterday. As the name implies, you’re a cat. And you enjoy throwing out a hook and reeling in a watery snack. It’s not too much more complicated than that. A cozy fishing simulator with simple graphics, this is perfect for those wanting to relax, cast a line, and not worry about horrors from below.

2. Moonglow Bay

Moonglow Bay is another cozy game for those that love the fishing aspect of Dredge. There’s a lot of charm in this one, and while it’s much brighter than Dredge — and doesn’t have monstrosities swimming about — the mechanics and design will be familiar if you’ve spent time in Dredge‘s waters.

Implementing a pixel-graphic style, Moonglow Bay is closer to farm and life simulation than exploration and adventure (thought both are present here), you have more opportunities to befriend the local villagers, and you still get to reel in impressive catches. There are even local mythical creatures you can attempt to hook.

1. Sailwind

Sailwind focuses on its namesake: sailing. It’s a great game for those who just want to explore open water, gliding along the waves without too many worries. You get to explore the local area, complete delivery missions, and try your hand at fishing. Alternatively, you can head out to the ocean and start an adventure. It’s relaxing, has realistic navigation and boating mechanics, and doesn’t have massive tentacle creatures waiting to break your ship.

Those are my 10 best games to play if you liked Dredge. While most are cozy fishing games, or some form of psychological horror, there are a couple that combine both quite well. Either way, there’s something on this list for everyone, and hopefully, you found your next favorite game.

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