10 Best Street Fighter 6 Mods (2023)

Looking to have even more Street Fighter 6 fun on PC? Check out these mods.

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The best Street Fighter 6 mods take what can already be a fun (and cooky) game — especially in Battle Hub and World Tour — and go a step further. The creative possibilities with the SF6 character creation suite, the clothing options available for Avatars, and the ability to mix and match moves from different Masters means there’s already a lot going on. But then there are PC mods. From outfit/model swaps to more convenient alterations, there’s something for everybody. These can all be found on NexusMods

10 Best Street Fighter 6 Mods (2023)

Here are the 10 best Street Fighter 6 mods:

Fluffy Mod Manager

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Installing mods can be a complicated process, especially if the game in question wasn’t made with mods in mind. While Nexus has its own Vortex program to alleviate some issues, other games require someone to streamline the process for others first.

This is why we’re starting off with Fluffy Mod Manager. This mod manager makes installing SF6 mods as easy as dragging and dropping the RAR/ZIP files. All of the examples on this list, and in general, utilize it, so this is a necessity.

Quick Start Game — Absolute Zero Logo

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Street Fighter 6 does a wonderful job of allowing you to rematch against opponents to keep the momentum going, but there’s no denying that it has a little bit of a lengthy startup. At the very least, you’re sure to notice it as you’re downloading and swapping between mods.

Quick Start Game — Absolute Zero Logo shaves off quite a few seconds by skipping a majority of the intro screens. Admittedly, it’s a fix for a minor inconvenience. That doesn’t make this mod any less appreciated, though.

Battle Hub Stage

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There are plenty of great-looking stages to fight in, with even more simple stages being available in the World Tour mode. One of the most interesting is in another mode entirely and is solely used for Avatar Battles.

The Battle Hub Stage mod does exactly what it sounds like — it makes the Battle Hub Stage selectable. The only downsides are that this replaces the Surva’hal Arena stage (albeit some elements have remained) and looks empty without any NPCs in the background.

Ryu Power Ranger

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Capcom is no stranger to allowing its characters to crossover into other titles. A great and surprising example of this was when Ryu and Chun-Li appeared in the Power Rangers Legacy Wars mobile fighting game. Their Ranger designs are also playable in the Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid fighting game.

Ryu Power Ranger brings this unique outfit into Street Fighter 6. It features both a helmet and no helmet versions. Even if you’re not into Power Rangers, this is a fun costume for Ryu. For any Chun-Li fans out there, a separate mod with her outfit exists, as well.

Chun-Li Tifa Cosplay Outfit 01

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Whether it’s referencing something from another of the developer’s series or something else entirely, crossover costumes and characters are a big part of modern fighting games. Naturally, characters that have been in something recent sit at the top of what many players request or hope to see.

Chun-Li Tifa Cosplay Outfit 01 isn’t a model swap to the famous Final Fantasy 7 character, but it does see everyone’s favorite spinning bird kick user try on a familiar outfit. The clothes themselves look pretty great, and barring some clipping issues with the skirt, I wouldn’t blame someone for thinking it was an official crossover. I’d still rather see Tifa Lockhart officially in the game, but this works too.

Bosch Swap Over Luke

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Bosch is an important character in the World Tour mode of Street Fighter 6. His design stands out strongly among other characters you meet, and it wouldn’t be hard to imagine him as part of the main roster. Even though we already know what DLC to expect for the rest of the year, that hasn’t stopped many players from voicing their desire to play as him.

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Bosch Swap Over Luke is an SF6 mod that takes the former’s model and transplants it with the latter. Luke’s voice is still heard, which can be weird at first, but it looks good and matches well, considering he uses Luke’s fighting style in World Tour mode anyway.

Luke Morrigan Darkstalkers

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Morrigan Aensland is one of the most iconic Capcom characters of all time. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say she’s far surpassed the popularity of the Darkstalkers series she comes from, especially since she’s been seen in far more crossover games and content than entries Darkstalkers has.

We could see an official Morrigan outfit added later on for a character, but for now, you can fulfill the need with the Luke Morrigan Darkstalkers mod. This overlays the succubus outfit over SF6’s poster boy. A separate color even adds a Lilith version, too.

PlayStation DualSense PS Button Mod

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If you’re not used to the buttons on an Xbox controller, you may have some trouble when traversing menus. Some games offer the option to switch between Xbox and PlayStation prompts, but Street Fighter 6 sadly doesn’t.

The PlayStation DualSense PS Button Mod fixes that problem for you and offers some variety between the DualSense White colors and classic PlayStation button colors. The mod has some issues changing the minigame button prompts in World Tour mode, but it’s bound to be a helpful change for some players.

Realistic Stage Lighting

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Although Street Fighter 6 does feature more realistic textures and less exaggerated designs than previous entries, the art style and lighting still provide that familiar Street Fighter flair.

Realistic Stage Lighting takes the overabundant lighting down a few notches on a handful of stages. Another option also removes the front lighting on characters. The result is something more muted and arguably pushes everything toward a more natural look. This Street Fighter 6 mod isn’t going to be for everyone; however, it’s fun to see the game in a new way.

Kermit the Frog (Ken)

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It’s practically a rite of passage that a video game with mods needs something to push things into the bizarre. For some, it’s adding in Thomas the Tank Engine or Barney the Dinosaur. There are plenty of eye-popping mods for Capcom’s latest fighter, but nothing quite compares to this.

Kermit the Frog (Ken) doesn’t need an explanation. Download this if you want to Tatsumaki some people dressed as your favorite Muppet. I promise it’s very entertaining.

That covers our picks for the 10 best Street Fighter 6 mods so far. New mods pop up every week, if not every day sometimes, so it’s good to keep an eye out. If you’re looking for some help with the game itself, make sure to Drive Rush your way into our Street Fighter 6 guides hub page.

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