10 More Minecraft Seeds for Lazy People

Whether you want to spawn next to a temple, a cool village, or a bunch of easy to find resources, we've got you covered -- here's ten more seeds for lazy people.

Whether you want to spawn next to a temple, a cool village, or a bunch of easy to find resources, we've got you covered -- here's ten more seeds for lazy people.

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Do you want to experience all that Minecraft has to offer but you don’t have the time, patience, or obsession with digging required to uncover all of its secrets? Look no further! Here’s a collection of seeds with interesting, valuable, and unique elements waiting for you right at the spawn. No wandering, trekking, or dangerous adventuring required (unless you want to)!

Spawn Right in Front of a Village seed will wheaton

Spawn Right in Front of a Village

Who’s got time to hunt down villages these days? You’re a busy person and you’ve got things to do! This seed spawns you right in front of a village — you don’t even need to turn! Set up a base nearby or just raid the village for goodies and be on your way.

Seed: Will Wheaton

best minecraft temple seed -4992085063125376233

Spawn Right in Front of a Temple

Always wanted to check out a Minecraft temple but you’re too lazy to trek across the desert just to find one? Never fear! This seed spawns you right in front of a temple, taking out all of the guesswork. There’s even a little green space so you’re not left to starve in the desert and the temple’s got three emeralds in it. Nice!

Seed: -4992085063125376233

574159740232942345 spawn near diamonds minecraft

Spawn Near 10+ Diamonds

Diamonds are pretty darn great, but it can be a real drag to try to dig them out the old-fashioned way. Why not skip the tedious digging and exploring and spawn right next to a desert temple with ten diamonds in it! Walk straight ahead from spawn and enjoy your totally deserved bounty. There’s also horse armor, saddles, gold, and iron for you if you feel like exploring the other temples nearby.

Seed: 574159740232942345

Desert Temple with Gold and Enchantments minecraft seed

Spawn by a Desert Temple with Gold and Enchantments

Not impressed by a spawn with a whole bunch of diamonds? Need to get an even better leg up on the competition? Look no further! With this spawn, you’ll start with a desert temple in sight ahead of you that’s got two enchantment books — Smite IV and Looting III — as well as a bunch of gold and iron. If you continue on past the temple you’ll find a desert village where the blacksmith has iron leggings, boots, and a sword in his chest. Not bad for a lazy start!

Seed: 53526209

Mesa seed with a minecraft Desert Temple Nearby

Spawn on a Mesa with a Desert Temple Nearby

Do you want all of the freebies that a desert temple has to offer without having to be stuck in a desert biome? We’ve got just the thing! This seed starts you in the middle of an awesome mesa biome, and if you follow the canyons down to the water, you’ll find a desert temple with iron, gold, horse armor, an enchantment book, and even some diamonds. There are woods nearby if that’s your thing or you can start building your mesa home right there on the bluffs.

Seed: 47748584

Survival Island with a large Ravine seed minecraft

Spawn on a Survival Island with a Huge Ravine

Are you feeling only a little lazy? Do you want to engage in some high-stakes hack-and-slash excavation, but don’t want to waste your time on boring old caves? Well, if you’re looking for some easy-access adventure without a lot of wasted time, this is the seed for you. You’ll spawn on a tiny island with a hole in the corner that leads into a huge ravine full of gold, iron, diamonds, lava, and all kinds of other fun stuff. Get to adventuring right away, no messing about!

Seed: -1042433889

big mushroom island seed

Spawn Next to a Huge Mushroom Island

Sometimes you just want to build a home or a base without worrying about nasty critters knocking down your door in the middle of the night, and there is nothing better for that than a mushroom island. With this spawn, you start on a small island just south of the larger mushroom island, with just enough trees for you to make some tools and get to building.

Seed: 7911508363305478340

perfect village spawn seed

Spawn Next to a Another Great Village

Even if you’re too lazy to hunt down that perfect village, you don’t have to live without a great community of trading partners nearby. This spawn plops you right next to a huge village with tons of villagers with lots to trade (or pillage, if that’s your thing). If you’re not feeling too lazy, there’s a whole bunch of desert and ocean temples to pillage nearby as well.

Seed: -912156475508463006

awesome village and cave seed for lazy people

Spawn Next to an Awesome Village and a Cave

This seed has everything the lazy adventurer needs, pre-packaged and within easy walking distance. There’s a nice big village right by spawn, lots of trees and animals, and a cave full of iron and other goodies just down the way. If you don’t like having to wander too far between your home, the closest village, and your main dig, this is the seed for you.

Seed: 5136309071356783230

best mushroom island seed

Spawn Across from Another Huge Mushroom Island

Another great place for you to get your start without having to worry about creepers or zombies messing up your interior decorating. The island you start on has trees and animals to get you going and then its just a short swim to the land of infinite food and perpetual peace. Nice!

Seed: -6540480168944818668

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