3 Tips On Being A Good Mayor in Animal Crossing

Some helpful tips to being a good Mayor.

Some helpful tips to being a good Mayor.
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Being the Mayor of your town might sound like it is hard, but once you figure it out it is simple. Here are some tips for people who are still having trouble. 

1. Listen to your citizens

The citizens in your town will ask you for things and ask you to help with things. It is your job as Mayor to make sure your citizens are happy. When your citizens ask for things like for you to build a fountain for your next public work project, then you should build a fountain because it will make your citizens happy.

2. Keep your town clean

If you did not choose the ordinance that keeps your town beautiful then it is up to you to keep it clean. You should patrol for weeds every chance you get and water the flowers until they sparkle. If you don’t have very many flowers, then you should start a garden for the citizens of your town to admire.

3. Be social

One of the most important things you can do is talk to your citizens. Something that I do every time I play is talk to everyone in my town at least once. Talking to your citizens is an easy way to make friends with them and find out what they need from you.

Following these simple tips should help you be a great Mayor!

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