5 Incredible Minecraft PE Seeds [Updated!]

The best and most appreciated seeds so far found in Minecraft Pocket Edition.

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A seed is in short terms a random total of characters which you can type into a field when creating a new Minecraft world. Each seed makes a unique world terrain and that’s one of the beauties of Minecraft. Spawning in one seed and you can find yourself in a desert while spawning in another seed and you can find yourself deserted on an island somewhere out in the ocean. It creates a unique experience each time when creating a new world in Minecraft PE.

As all the seeds come in so many different types some are considered more fun and cool than others. Here we have collected 5 seeds which we personally adore and find enjoyable playing in. All seeds have originally been posted by MCPE DL in their seeds category.

Update: Below is a list of 5 seeds working for 0.9.x – the most recent version of MCPE!

1408106526: Epic Mountain Villages & A Floating Island 

Just a few blocks from spawn you will find a huge mountain. If you climb that mountain then first off you will get to a mountain village. Go past that mountain and further down you will find another village (that’s the one displayed in the image above). There are multiple fun surprises like farms inside mountains, pigs falling uncontrollable to their deaths and mega islands floating.

1407434958: Village Island

If you enjoy unique seeds, then you will surely enjoy this one. Basically you spawn on an island village and as far as I know this is the only one yet known such seed. You’ll find villagers, farms and everything expected to find in a village. Perhaps try grow the village into a larger town?

Super Pink Sheep: UFO’s!

Not exactly real UFO’s but close to it! On multiple locations across this seed you will find huge floating islands floating just a few blocks above ground. It sure is a fun and rare seed to find yourself in!

-1: Weird Mountain Village

A huge mountain standing tall with a village inside and on top of the mountain. It sure is one unique seed with fun surprises.

106854229: Mushroom Island

In this seed you will spawn on a normal grass covered island. Approximately 50 blocks away you will see a huge mushroom island with lots of caves, tunnels, mushroom cows and more cool things.

[Update] Here are 20 more Minecraft PE seeds and a bunch of awesome Minecraft PC seeds.

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