Here the 5 must have items in Terraria! Everyone wants them!

5 must have items in Terraria

Here the 5 must have items in Terraria! Everyone wants them!
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Whether you’re a die-hard Terraria fan who has been playing for years, or a brand new player, we all need certain items to help us make progress or just to have fun and goof off. Here is a list of items that could be used for both.

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The Meowmere Sword

This new 1.3 sword is every cat lover’s dream. Yes, it’s a post-Moon Lord weapon, but it’s worth the work to get it. Not only is it cute, but powerful as it stands at tier 10 (tier 11 if you reforge it to a good modifier). I definitely recommend you work towards getting this sword as quickly as possible.

Summons, pets, and light pets

Playing Terraria can sometimes be lonely, so when you’re all alone it can be nice to have a small companion at your side. Pets can be the one thing that makes the game a little more cozy. While pets aren’t useful for battle or mining, light pets are just like pets, but they provide some light when it’s dark. And better yet, summons are like pets…on steroids. Summons are always killing any nearby enemies or bosses, they even attack practice dummies so you can see how much damage they do before you take them into action.

Whether you like adorable pets, bright light pets, or a strong summon, or all three, Terraria has a nice companion that is perfect for you. 


Dyes are more on the fun side of Terraria than useful, but it’s good if you want to stand out! Dyes can be mixed and matched for your armor, vanity outfits, and equipable items. It makes searching for strange plants both fun and a chore. It’s great to see how many combinations you can make with all the different types of dyes.



While boots that increase your speed and wings are nice, mounts can be very helpful. There are many different types of mounts from a unicorn to the ever so desired drill. Some can run quickly, some can fly for a limited time and some can fly forever. No matter which one is your style, you have to admit that mounts are both helpful, and cool.

 Dev vanity outfits

Everyone on the Terraria forum has been ripping their hair out trying to get their hands on just one of these outfits (especially the people who don’t dare try to play on expert mode). Dev outfits are very creative and unique. Each set was made specifically for one of the developers of the game. You have a chance to get one of them from a treasure bag. If you’re lucky to enough to get one, hold on to it!

There might be better items in Terraria, but you can’t deny that these items are pretty sweet, now the goal is to collect them all. Good luck!

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