As a casual Destiny player, there are some amazing things you should do to get way more out of your game.

5 things in Destiny you HAVE to do (that you probably skipped)

As a casual Destiny player, there are some amazing things you should do to get way more out of your game.
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Destiny has so much content it’s ridiculous. Sure, a huge chunk of what you’ll do is grinding Crucible matches and Strikes, but there are some specific things you’ll have to do to get the most out of your game.

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What we have compiled here are the top five things you really have to do in Destiny that neither the game nor the community remembers to emphasize. Some of these things are taken for granted, and others are done so rarely that people forget to share them with others.

So if you haven’t done these things yet, get ready to add another 50 hours of gameplay to your logs.

Finish the Crucible quests to get weekly bounties

Remember the weekly Crucible bounties you can pick up from Lord Shaxx? Probably not, since most players never earn them.

If you haven’t slogged through the 10-15 hours it takes to get there, you’re actually missing out. In order to ever earn the bounties, you have to finish a series of quests for Lord Shaxx.

The quests are labeled with the big red Crucible symbol (you may have to check your abandoned quests list in the tower if you quit before).

If you have The Taken King, basic playing skills, and lots of time, it’s something you really have to do.

Once you get through the quests, the hard part is over. The weekly bounties are easy to finish, they give high experience and faction rewards, and completing them can get you an item up to 335 light, which is pretty useful these days.

Collect the Calcified Fragments and Dead Ghosts

If you do a lot of player-versus-environment (PVE) in Destiny, you need to collect your Calcified Fragments from Oryx’s Dreadnaught in order to finish the Eris Morn quest, Hunger Pangs.

Aside from getting new achievements and Grimoire cards, you’ll also gain a little faction with Crota’s Bane and earn your Touch of Malice, one of the best exotic weapons in the game.

The Ghosts are a little less valuable because they don’t help you finish a quest or earn a sweet piece of exotic gear, but if you’re a completionist, it’s a fun distraction that may pay off even more down the road.

Rank up your Gunsmith faction

The Gunsmith, a vendor in the Tower by the name of Banshee-44, might seem completely unimportant. Basically, he asks you to test out his crappy guns in very specific situations in order to get some reputation with him.

Nothing in the storyline will force you to rank up your Gunsmith, and if you’re like my friends, you won’t even talk about the Gunsmith.

Gaining Gunsmith faction levels is so very rewarding, though. Each level up to three will allow you to get more new legendary weapons each week on Armsday.

You’ll also get class legendary and exotic items up to rank three, random legendary packages at every level, and a quest for The First Curse, an exotic hand cannon, at level five.

So pick up the awful weapons Banshee-44 wants you to test, take them to an easy sandbox patrol, and get your reputation each week. It’s a grind, but it’s well worth the investment.

Hit rank 25 in one faction

Given enough play time, you should eventually complete this one on accident, but it’s much easier to do it with a purpose.

Every level you reach with any faction will give you a random legendary item, but hitting level 25 in one will give you a quest for an exotic class item that you can equip while wearing another exotic armor piece.

First off, you’ll have to join a faction. It’s important to stay with just one faction, as ranks don’t carry over. As you gain reputation, remember to use your Crucible and Vanguard reputation boost consumables and items, because the benefits transfer over 50% to your faction gains as well.

Here’s the one most people don’t tell you: Spend your glimmer with the Gunsmith for weapon parts. Trade these weapons parts to your current faction in exchange for reputation (forget the ugly lie that heavy ammo synthesis works better).

You can’t hold over 25,000 glimmer anyway, and you can hardly spend it faster than you earn it.


Gather a fireteam of reliable friends to play with

It doesn’t matter how many randoms you link up with as a necessary evil; to get the most out of your game, you’ll need to have consistent, dependable guys and gals to count on for some of the coolest content.

Here are the big things you need to bring your own fireteam to complete:

In addition to dropping unique gear at the highest light levels, these parts of the game are incredibly challenging and fun.

Plus, it’s just much easier and more fun to complete any content with people you like and can talk to. You can even share your newfound knowledge on must-do tasks with your buddies and pay it forward.

If you’re just having trouble with finding or managing a group, you can use our sister site Gamer Launch’s Recruitment Tool. You can find an active group or start your own, and Gamer Launch now includes Destiny API integration so you can analyze your Guardians from their interface.

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