A Guide to Super Training in Pokemon X and Y

This guide will give you the full details of Super Training and the best way to go about doing it.

This guide will give you the full details of Super Training and the best way to go about doing it.
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After hours of trying out Super Training in Pokémon X, I have found all the answers people may be looking for. EV training, which is fighting a certain Pokémon to raise your base stats, is still in the game.

Stat boosting items like protein and calcium are still in and still can only raise your base stats to 100. There are 510 points that can be distributed to your base stats, and each stat can only be raised to 252. For every 4 points you get in Super Training or EV training, that stat will raise 1 point. This means that you can max out two stats and raise one point of another stat, since you will have 6 points left over.

For beginners, or attacking Pokémon called Sweepers, it is best to raise either attack or special attack, depending on which is naturally higher, and speed. This will make your attacks do the most damage and give your Pokémon a high chance of attacking first. I will do a future guide that goes into more in-depth options for stat distribution.

Now that you know how stats work, let’s go over how Super Training works.

If you haven’t done Super Training yet, then press either L or R until you see Super Training on the bottom screen. You have to do a tutorial first, which will give you Defense points.

The object of Super Training is simple, you tap the touch screen to shoot balls at the targets on the enemy Pokémon balloon. You can use the circle pad to move your Pokémon around to avoid being hit by the enemy. Each score you make will increase your points. Reach the target score displayed on the screen to complete the training. You can hold your stylus on the screen to charge up energy for Energy Shots. Energy shots will give you more points. If you are hit by the enemy, you will lose some of the points you have gained so far.

After the tutorial is done, you will unlock level 1 Super Training for every stat. Every time you complete a Super Training, you will gain a training bag. On the Super Training screen, select the training bag icon, then select which bag you want to use. You can either have your Pokémon raise use it passively, or tap the screen until they finish the bag. If left passive, Pokémon will only hit it once a minute, so it is much faster to tap until it is done. These training bags can either raise your base stats, just like Super Training, or double the points you get from the next Super Training you do.

If you keep the bottom screen on Super Training, your Pokémon will have a chance to find these bags, and others as well. The other bags that can be found either give you benefits during the next super training or reset all your base stats to 0.

There are 3 levels to Super Training and you have to complete each stat training to unlock the next level. You can either use a Pokémon that you don’t want to train to unlock the Super Training levels, or just do it and use a Reset bag later. Raising your attack or special attack will increase how many points you get from each shot, making the Super Training go faster. Speed lets you move faster to avoid getting hit, defense and special defense lets you store up energy faster for Energy Shots, and HP makes your shots more accurate and lose fewer points when you are hit.

You can easily see where your stats are distributed.

Level 1 gives 4 base stat points, level 2 gives 8, and level 3 gives 12. Once you have all of them unlocked, it is best to do level 3 because it will go by faster. Depending on the level of your Pokémon, it may be pretty difficult, so you may want to do a few on level 1 or 2 first.

It is best to keep track of how many points you have by recording it somewhere after every Super Training you do. Once you hit your max in a stat, it will not let you do Super Training for that stat anymore.

Overall, the amount of base stats you can get has not changed and the old methods are still there, but Super Training makes it a lot easier and lets you easily keep track over which base stats you have. Hopefully this will get more people into the competitive battling scene and discourage hacking.

I hope this guide has proven helpful and if you have any questions, let me know in the comments.

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