A Link Between Worlds Bosses Guide

This guide will walk you through each boss in Legend of Zelda A Link Between Worlds.

Some of the bosses in The Legend of Zelda A Link Between Worlds can be difficult. In case you are having trouble, and don’t feel like reading the entire dungeons guide, then just read this guide for explanations for each boss. If you do want the entire dungeon explanation, then visit my Guide to all Guides and select which dungeon you want.

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Hyrule Bosses

Eastern Palace Boss – Bow required
  • [Cut Scene] When you go through the boss door, a conversation will start with Yuga.
  • After the cut scene, two enemies will appear. Defeat them to make Yuga appear.]

Yuga is a crafty one. He will constantly morph into a painting and move along the wall. When this happens, he cannot be attacked. Shoot him with the bow when he reappears to stun him and do damage. After that, you can shoot him again or get close to hit him with your sword.

  • Hit Yuga three times to enrage him. Keep attacking until a cut scene happens.
Tower of Hera Boss – Hammer required to get in, optional for boss

This boss is a giant snake-like enemy similar to those found earlier in the tower.

  • Use the hammer to stun it for a second, then hit the red orb on its tail.
  • Repeat this until it is defeated. It will change colors and get faster as the fight goes on.
  • Grab the heart container, then the Pendant of Power.
House of Gales Boss – Tornado Rod required

The House of Gales boss is a spinning disk with an eye on top.

  • Use the tornado rod to get on top of the boss, then attack the eye. It will knock you off and generate more disks underneath it.
  • Destroy the disks until the eye disk is left, then use the tornado rod to get on top again.
  • Repeat until defeated.
Inside Hyrule Castle Boss – Master Sword required

Yuga’s much craftier than before. This time he splits into 3 versions of himself.

  • Attack the one with the glowing staff. Repeat until he’s defeated.
  • Go north through the doorway and follow the path through another doorway.
  • Cut the curtain on the north wall, then wall merge through the crack.

Now that the easier ones are done, its time for the more challenging fights.

Lorule Bosses

Ice Ruins Boss – Fire Rod required, upgrade recommended

This boss will encase itself in ice that you must melt before you can attack. It has two different attacks.

One attack involves shooting 3 balls of ice at you like a boomerang. It has limited distance, so you can just run away from him.

His second attack will summon 3 ice points that form a triangle. Stay out of the triangle to avoid damage.

He will constantly move around and get faster as you do more damage. Towards the end, he will summon 2 triangle at once and 4 balls of ice.

The trick is to avoid his triangles because he pauses afterwards. That is your chance to melt his ice easily.

  • Melt the ice around the boss until it is all gone, then attack while it flails around.
  • Repeat until defeated.
  • You will get the portrait of Rosso the miner and free him for completing the ice ruins.
Thieves’ Hideout Boss

This boss has a wall shield and a sword. If you try to hit him, he will put his sword up. When this happens you must wall merge into his shield. He will get confused, then you can exit and attack.

  • Wall merge into shield, then exit and attack.
  • Repeat until Phase 2.

Phase 2 he will get rid of the shield, then come after you. He will swipe at you with his sword and do a spinning attack. He will also shoot black stuff out of his mouth. Just attack when he’s done attacking.

  • Avoid his attacks, then attack after.
  • Repeat until Phase 3.

Phase 3 he will launch his head away from his body. It will spin around shooting black stuff, while his body tries to attack you. Attack his body.

  • Avoid both head and body attacks, attack his body.
  • Repeat until defeated.

After you defeat the boss, the thief girl will take you to the painting of Osfala and a heart container. Touch the painting to free him.

Skull Woods Boss

This boss is a giant metal hand. It will charge at you and slam on the ground. The floor has many cracks that will be broken by the hand. When it hits the cracks, the floor will disappear.

Phase 1 – Wall Charge

  • Wall merge when the hand is about to charge at you.
  • When the hand hits the wall, exit then attack.
  • Repeat until Phase 2.

Phase 2 – Wall Charge and Ground slam

  • When the it does the ground slam, just avoid it. Wall merging makes it easy to avoid.
  • Wall merge again when it starts to charge, then attack.
  • Repeat until defeated.
Desert Palace Boss – Sand Rod required, upgrade recommended

This boss is a giant sand worm that shoots sand and flying enemies. This is not too difficult if you have the upgrade for the sand rod. The boss moves constantly so you have to make several walls. It will also move if you aren’t fast enough.

  • Form sand pillars so that you can get next to boss. Without the upgrade they disappear quickly, so you have to move fast.
  • Attack the boss until it moves to a new place.
  • The boss will periodically shoot flying enemies out, avoid or attack them if they get close.
  • After attacking the boss enough times, it will add a sand blast to its attacks. It tracks until just before it fires, so move from in front of the boss at the last second.
  • Continue forming sand pillars, dodging attacks, and attacking the boss until defeated.
Dark Palace Boss – Bomb required

This boss is a giant lizard with rupee armor. Only bombs can destroy it. As you walk in, immediately go east and light the torch, After that, go to the northwest corner and light that torch to start the boss fight.

Phase 1 – Rupee Armor

  • Throw bombs at the boss to damage.
  • Repeat until armor breaks to start phase 2.

Phase 2 – Shadow Lizard

The armor will be gone in this phase and the lights will periodically go out. You don’t need bombs anymore and you can attack the red gem on his head to damage him.

  • Attack his head and avoid him.
  • Light torches when they go out.
  • Repeat until defeated.
Swamp Palace Boss – Hookshot required

This boss is a giant monster with one eye. It is also covered in eyes that can be pulled with the hookshot. You have to get rid of the eyes before you can attack the boss.

Phase 1 – Many Eyes, handle it

  • Use the hookshot to pull an eye off of the boss.
  • Attack the eye until defeated.
  • Repeat until all eyes are gone to start phase 2.

Phase 2 – One eye to rule them all

The boss will do two different attacks in this phase, a ground pound and beam.

  • Move when he is about to ground pound, then quickly attack after he lands.
  • Keep moving when he starts to shoot beams until he stops.
  • Repeat until defeated.
Turtle Rock Dungeon Boss – Ice Rod required

This boss is a giant molten rock turtle. It will first spin around underneath the platform, then jump up to the platform with you.

Phase 1 – Turtle Fortress

  • Wait for the boss to go under the open parts in the platform, then use the ice rod to attack him. He will periodically shoot fire up, so watch out for that.
  • Repeat until he hops on the platform for phase 2.

Phase 2 – Snapping turtle

While on the platform the boss will move around, extend its head to snap at you, spin, and shoot smoke out in all directions for an attack.

  • Use the ice rod or attack its head with the sword.
  • You can freeze the fire that shoots up to deflect the boss when it starts spinning.
  • Repeat until defeated.

I hope this guide has been helpful and I will update it with the remaining bosses as I finish them. If you have any questions or suggestions, then let me know in the comments!

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