A Link Between Worlds Eastern Palace Guide Part 1 Guide

This is Part 1 of the Eastern Palace guide for A Link Between Worlds.

Now that you’ve gotten past the intro, you can make your way to the Eastern Palace. Things are a little more tricky this time around, both getting in and finishing it. Don’t worry, I’m here to help you through the rough spots.

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This guide picks up right after talking to Sahasrahla and includes:

Road to Eastern Palace: How to get there.

Heading back home: Rental items and how they work.

Eastern Palace Entrance: How to get in and a chest along the way.

Eastern Palace 1st Floor: Complete 1st floor guide

Road to Eastern Palace Guide

  • After talking to Sahasrahla, head east towards the location marked on your map.
  • Cross the bridge to the east of the castle with an electric enemy.
  • Head south past the dirt mounds and octopi, then east on the path.
  • Take the first northern pathway. Keep north until you see bow symbols and Ravio signs. Read the sign.

Heading Back Home Guide

  • Head back home to Ravio, the house directly south of the castle. You can place a pin on the map for future reference.
  • Once you talk to Ravio, he will ask what symbol you saw. Select the bow and he will explain the rental system after giving you a rental bow.
  • Items needed to progress through dungeons can be rented from Ravio. They usually cost, but this time it is free.
  • After you leave the house, a gauge will appear on the left side of your screen. Every time you use a rental item, the gauge decreases. It will replenish over time.

Eastern Palace Entrance Guide

  • Head east, then north across the bridge.
  • Go east on the path, then north to get back to the bow symbols.
  • Go up the stairs, then shoot the orbs on each side with the bow to open the door.

  • Go through the doorway, then take the western path until you reach a set of stairs going up.
  • Head up the stairs, then east until you reach a chest with 20 rupees.

  • Jump off the ledge to the right, then head south until you see a statue next to another set of stairs.
  • Jump off this ledge to the right also, then head north up the stairs.
  • [Cut Scene] Keep going north up more stairs until a conversation starts with Osfala. Don’t forget the weather vane.

Eastern Palace 1st Floor Guide

  • Once you enter the Eastern Palace, shoot the orb to the right across the gap make a path to the north.


  • Before going north, head east to step on a switch that opens the eastern door.
  • Go through the door to pick up some rupees.
  • Go back to the entrance and across the path through the doorway.
  • In the next room, shoot the orb to the left to open the western door at the entrance.
  • Go back to the entrance, then through the newly opened door to get a chest with 20 rupees.

  • Head north until you reach a room that shoots boulders to the south.
  • Dodge the small ones, then hide in the alcoves when the big boulder comes.
  • Head west through the doorway to a room of enemies.
  • Defeat the enemies to make a chest appear, then head south directly underneath the platform to the next room.
  • Step on the switch to make another chest with 20 rupees appear.
  • Head back out, then take the southwestern entrance back into the room.
  • Go up the stairs and around through the northern doorway. This leads to the first chest that appears, which contain a compass.


Compasses show you the locations of chests and locks that you haven’t opened yet. These are extremely helpful, so always be on the lookout for them.

  • Go back through the door way, then step on the switch to open the eastern doorway.
  • Head through the doorway then north past the first set of statues.
  • Grab the rupees and you will be pushed back down.
  • Head back up the stairs, then cross the grating.
  • Go north past another statue to step on a switch that opens the eastern door. Head through the door.
  • This room has two orbs you need to shoot, an elevating platform, and a chest with a key.
  • Get on the elevating platform. Shoot the left orb when it lowers and the right orb when it raises. You have a short time to grab the chest to the north after shooting both.

  • Go west to get back to the boulder room and open the door with the key to unlock the 2nd floor.

Part 1 of the Eastern Palace is now over! Continue to Part 2. You can also refer to my Guide to All Guides for help with anything else.

If you have any questions or advice, let me know in the comments.

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