A Link Between Worlds Eastern Palace Guide Part 2 Guide

This is Part 2 and conclusion of the Eastern Palace guide for A Link Between Worlds.

This is Part 2 and conclusion of the Eastern Palace guide for A Link Between Worlds.

This guide is Part 2 of the eastern palace. Please refer to my previous Eastern Palace Part 1 Guide if you need help getting there and/or the 1st floor.

This guide picks up right after the 1st floor of Eastern Palace and includes:

Eastern Palace 2nd Floor: Complete 2nd Floor guide.

Eastern Palace Boss: Defeating the boss.

Eastern Palace Exterior: Getting around the walls, getting all the treasure.

Eastern Palace 2nd Floor Guide

  • Once on the second floor, step on the button in the middle of the room to activate attacking statues.
  • Defeat them all to open the doors and activate a portal. The portal connects this room with the entrance.
  • Head east into the next room. This room has arrows shooting from several places.
  • Go east under the walkway and up the stairs.
  • Follow the narrow path south, defeat the enemy, then step on the switch to open the door to the south.
  • Jump off the ledge to the right, then go to the southeast corner.
  • Defeat the enemy that appears to make a chest appear in the north with monster guts. You can bring 10 of these to the witch in exchange for purple potion.

  • Go west back to portal room, then through the western door to another boulder room.
  • Stand on the switch to the far western side until the stairs fully appear. Quickly go up the stairs to the platform.
  • Wait for two boulders to pass, then go east and down the stairs.
  • Stand on the switch until the stairs completely disappear to reveal another switch.
  • Quickly step on this switch to drop a chest with more monster guts.

  • Step on the southwestern switch to open the southeastern door, then head through.
  • Head down the path, up the stairs, then north to the big door.
  • Shoot the orb to the left of the door to start an elevating platform to the west.
  • Go south a little, then east to the edge of the platform.
  • Stand on the left square diagonally to shoot the northeastern orb.

  • Jump off the right ledge, then go around to the closed door.
  • Shoot the orb to the left to start another elevating platform south of you.
  • Get on the platform, then head east into the next room.

This room is tricky. There are revolving platforms around the middle platform with orbs to shoot. Arrows are constantly shot across the room.

  • Get on the platform, avoid the arrows, and shoot the orbs as you move around the room.
  • Once you shoot them all, a chest with a key will appear to the east and the arrows will stop.

  • After grabbing the key, head back to the previous room.
  • Now go west to the other elevating platform and open the locked door. Skeletons will appear in the room.
  • Defeat them by either throwing pots at them or shooting them with arrows.
  • A big chest with the big key will lower for you afterwards.

  • Go south up the stairs, then east through the doorway.
  • Hit the orb to reveal another orb in the middle room.
  • Head back to the middle room, then shoot the orb when the platform is fully raised.

  • The big door in the middle of the room will now lead to the 3rd floor and boss.

Eastern Palace Boss Guide

  • [Cut Scene] When you go through the door, a conversation will start with Yuga.
  • After the cut scene, two enemies will appear. Defeat them to make Yuga appear.]

Yuga is a crafty one. He will constantly morph into a painting and move along the wall. When this happens, he cannot be attacked. Shoot him with the bow when he reappears to stun him and do damage. After that, you can shoot him again or get close to hit him with your sword.

  • Hit Yuga three times to enrage him. Keep attacking until a cut scene happens.
  • [Cut Scene] After defeating Yuga, he will trap you in the wall as a painting, then slither through the crack in the wall.

Eastern Palace Exterior Guide

After the scene is over, you will be able to morph in and out of the wall. This uses energy and when it runs out, you will be forced out of the wall.

  • Grab the heart container, then morph into the wall to the left of the crack.
  • Slip through the crack, and follow it to the platform. Grab the energy potion and rupees, then head back to the boss room.
  • Morph into the wall to the right of the crack this time and follow the path to the platform.

  • Grab the rupees and energy potion, then morph back into the wall.
  • Head east all the way around to the other side to grab more rupees and energy potion.
  • Morph into the wall, then head west again. This time you will end up on the platform with a chest with 100 rupees.

  • Morph into the wall and head east again to the platform.
  • Get on the elevating platform, which takes you to the 2nd floor.
  • Follow the path south, merging into the wall when the platform starts to disappear. Get on another elevating platform to go to the 1st floor.
  • Merge into the swinging wall to the east, then move to the second one to reach the next platform.
  • Merge into the wall, then head west. The platform has a chest with 50 rupees.

  • Go back to the previous platform, then slip through the crack to get back to the entrance.
  • Merge into the far east wall and go through the crack. The platform leads to another chest with 100 rupees.
  • [Cut Scene]: Exit the Eastern Palace to start a conversation with Sahasrahla.

The Eastern Palace is now complete! I hope this guide has been helpful and visit my Guide to All Guides page for other helpful tips.

If you need more help, or have any questions, let me know in the comments.

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