A Link Between Worlds House of Gales Part 1 Guide

This is part 1 of the House of Gales Guide for A Link Between Worlds.

This is part 1 of the House of Gales Guide for A Link Between Worlds.
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Finishing the House of Gales will give you the Pendant of Wisdom. This is one of the pendants needed to get the Master Sword. You already have one from Zelda and the other is in the Tower of Hera. Refer to my Guide to All Guides if you have not reached the point where you can enter the House of Gales yet.

Required Items:

  • Zora’s Flippers
  • Tornado Rod
  • Bow
Optional Items
  • None

This guide will cover the first part of the House of Gales including:

Reaching House of Gales: What you need and how to get there.

1st Floor: Complete Floor Guide.

Reaching House of Gales

If you don’t already have the Tornado Rod and Zora’s Flippers, refer to my Items Guide on how to get them.

  • Head to the “X” location on your map to the southeast.
  • The House of Gales has windmills and a weather vane right outside it.
  • Once you reach the lake, swim to the location.
  • Use the tornado rod at the entrance to reveal a switch.
  • Step on it to open the House of Gales. Don’t forget to get the weather vane!

1st Floor Guide

  • Step on the switch in the entrance to generate wind.
  • Use the tornado rod underneath the wind current to reach the top platform.

  • Head north into the next room, then east off the platform.
  • Hit the switch to lower the right platform.
  • Go north through the doorway, then up the northern stairs.
  • Light the two torches to reveal a chest with 20 rupees.

  • Head east through the northeastern door.
  • Defeat the enemies, then hit the orb to stop the wind.
  • Grab the chest with monster guts, then go back to the middle room.
  • Head back to the ledge near the entrance, then wall merge to the east doorway.
  • In the next room, 3 fire enemies will appear. Use the fire rod to get rid of the fire, then attack. Defeat them to reveal a chest with a small key.
  • Go back to the middle room, then west to open the locked door.
  • Merge into the moving wall, then exit on the platform to the north with a chest that has the compass.

  • Wall merge to the other moving wall in the north, exit when it reaches the west platform.
  • Head up the stairs, then on the moving wall.
  • Go on the other moving wall to the eastern platform with a switch. Step on it.

  • Head through the doorway, then step on the switch to the south to activate a wind current.
  • Ride the wind current to the northern grating.
  • Merge with the western wall and head to the northwestern platform. Go through the doorway.
  • Go along the beams to the south, then wall merge to the south to grab rupees and heart. Go up the stairs to the south to the next room.
  • Merge into the western wall, then south to a platform with a chest that has 100 rupees.

  • Wall merge to the east, then ride the wind back to the platform with the switch. Go through the doorway back to the middle room.
  • Ride the current back to the northern grating.
  • Head east, then wall merge to the southern platform.
  • Hit the orb to activate a fan to the 2nd floor.

This concludes part 1 of House of Gales. Continue to my House of Gales Part 2 guide to finish it.

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