A Link Between Worlds Tower of Hera Guide

This guide will go through the entire dungeon of Tower of Hera.

This guide will go through the entire dungeon of Tower of Hera.

Finishing the Tower of Hera will give you the Pendant of Power. This is one of the pendants needed to get the Master Sword. You already have one from Zelda and the other is in the House of Gales. Refer to my Guide to All Guides if you have not reached the point where you can enter the Tower of Hera yet.

Required Items:

  • Hammer
Optional Items
  • Boomerang, Hookshot, or Bow

This guide will cover the Tower of Hera including:

Tower of Hera 1st Floor: Complete Guide

2nd-3rd Floor: Complete Guide

4th-5th Floor: Complete guide

6th-7th Floor: Complete Guide

9th, then 8th Floor: Sounds confusing, but this is the right order.

10th-12th Floor: Complete Guide

Tower of Hera Boss: Defeating the boss.

Tower of Hera 1st Floor Guide

  • Use the Hammer to get past the faces.
  • Hit the switch to lower the walls, then go past either side.
  • Hit the switch, then head to the northwest faces next to the platform.
  • Hammer the faces, then stand on one to launch to the platform.
  • Wall merge to the east through the bars to reach a chest with 50 rupees.

  • Head back through the bar to the platform.
  • Wall merge to the south and head towards the spinning spikes.
  • Wall merge across the gap of the entrance to the east.
  • Launch to the platform with the big face, then use it to get to the 2nd floor.
  • Drop down the middle hold to get the chest with the compass, then use the face to get back to the 2nd floor.

2nd-3rd Floor

  • Use the face to the west to get to 3rd floor.
  • Wall merge either north or south and hit the orb to the lower the wall.
  • Step on the two vertical lines, then hit the orb to raise yourself. Walk on the platform and grab the key.
  • Head east, up the stairs, then open the locked door.
  • Get on a platform, then ride to the western side of the tower.
  • Wall merge into the first wall, then move south on the elevating platform to get to the 4th floor.

4th-5th Floor

  • Hit the orb when you go inside, then use the face to get to the 5th floor.
  • Hit the orb to lower, then stand over the line and hit the orb again to raise yourself.

  • Jump off to the right, then grab the chest with 5 rupees.
  • Step on the line, then hit the orb to raise yourself again.
  • Wall merge to the east and through the bars.
  • Get on a moving platform. Wall merge with the first wall, then West to get back on the moving platform before it leaves.
  • Wall merge to the next wall, then west on the elevating platform to get to the 6th floor.

6th-7th Floor

  • Skeletons appear as you enter the room. Defeat them to activate the shortcut portal and elevating platform to the 7th floor.
  • Go north, hit the orb to lower the wall, then hammer the cracks in the ground north of the wall.
  • Drop through the hole to grab the chest with monster guts. Use the face to get back up
  • Hit the Orb to lower the wall, then head west.
  • Hit the next orb, then hammer the cracked ground in the northwest.
  • Drop through the hole to grab the key, then use the face to get back up.

  • Open the locked door, then get on the moving platform.
  • Use the face to get to the 9th floor platform when it reaches it.
  • Wall merge east just before you hit the corner, then jump out to reach the chest on the 7th floor that has 100 rupees.

  • Wall merge back west until you reach the platform. Get on the moving platform and go back to the 9th floor.

9th, then 8th Floor

  • Get on the moving platform, then time the hammer right so that the face launches you through the middle hole to the above platform.
  • Go on through the doorway and to the middle of the room.
  • Keep swinging your sword to destroy the floor panels that fly at you and activate an elevating platform.
  • Drop down the hole when the platform raises to reach the 8th floor.
  • If you need to, grab the fairies to heal, then the chest with 50 rupees in it.

  • Use the tile to the east to teleport back to the 9th floor, then ride the elevating platform to the 10th floor.

10th-12th Floor

  • Hit the four orbs around the platforms to activate a face platform in the northeast. Use it to get to the 11th floor.
  • Get on the moving platform, then use the right face to reach the big key chest when it gets close to it.

  • Wall merge to the east, all the way around to the big locked door, then open it.
  • Use the faces to get to the 12th floor.
  • Grab any hearts you might need, then use one of the faces to get to the boss floor.

Tower of Hera Boss

This boss is a giant snake-like enemy similar to those found earlier in the tower.

  • Use the hammer to stun it for a second, then hit the red orb on its tail.
  • Repeat this until it is defeated. It will change colors and get faster as the fight goes on.
  • Grab the heart container, then the Pendant of Power.

If this was your 3rd pendant, then you can get the Master Sword. Refer to my Items Guide on how to get it. If not, then you must do House of Gales next. Stay tuned for more walkthroughs.

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