A Link Between Worlds World Link Locations Guide

This guide will show you the world links between Hyrule and Lorule
This article is over 10 years old and may contain outdated information

World links are those places around the world that let you switch between Hyrule and Lorule. Most can be done from either side, but some may only be accessible from either Hyrule or Lorule.

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Hyrule Entrance

  • Outside Link’s house – Vacant house in Lorule
  • In Kakariko Village to the west – Same in Lorule
  • South of Link’s house. Wall merge on a tower to the north of the small lake. – North of Swamp Palace.
  • Inside Miner’s house – East of Skull Woods in Lorule
  • Sanctuary. Inside on the back wall. – Cave with a philosopher in Lorule.
  • Lost Woods. Take the northwest entrance from Kakariko Village. Wall merge on the tower in the northwest.

  • South of woods where you get pouch. – Northwest of Swamp Palace.
  • East of Southwest Desert Area. – East of Desert Palace in Lorule.

House of Gales Area
  • West of Racing Bro – Northwest Turtle Rock Dungeon area

  • Southwest of House of Gales above cave. Wall merge south of the shop, around to the world link. – Southwest of Turtle Rock Dungeon
Death Mountain Area
  • Death Mountain. Rosso’s ore mine.
    • Go east of the Tower of Hera, then into the volcanic cave.
    • Take the southern platform down, then exit the cave.
    • Head west, up the slope, and continue west to the link. – Death Mountain. Path to Ice Ruins in Lorule.

  • Bottom of Death Mountain weather vane. Wall merge to the west. – Wall under Treacherous Tower in Lorule.

Eastern Palace Area
  •  Dirt mound area southwest of Eastern Palace. Wall merge on the metal tower, then move to the north. – Southwest of Dark Palace in Lorule

  • East of bridge northwest of House of Gales.
    • Swim northeast from House of Gales to the next screen.
    • Follow the stream west until you get to land near the bridge.
    • Wall merge back to the east to the world link. – North of Swamp Palace in Lorule

Desert Palace Area
  • To the west of the world link from northwest of Misery Mire weather vane.
  • Take the world link from northwest of Misery Mire weather vane.
    • Go to the southeast until you see stairs.
    • Go up the stairs, then use the sand rod to cross to the western platform.
    • Wall merge to the world link to the west.

Lorule Entrance

  • Wall above graveyard.
    • Go east outside the Sanctuary world link, then up a ladder.
    • Blow the rocks away with a bomb to reveal it. – Above cave near graveyard in Hyrule.

Death Mountain Area
  • Top of Death Mountain.
    • Head east from Death Mountain world link, then north into the cave.
    • Get on the moving platform and keep switching platforms until you get to one you can’t walk on.
    • Wall merge, then move around and exit when it reaches the next one.
    • Wall merge when you reach the wall, then move west on the platform.
    • Defeat the enemies with fire, then wall merge west to another platform.
    • Defeat the enemy with fire again, then get on the moving platform to the west.
    • Get on the north moving platform, follow on the next moving platform.
    • Use the tornado rod once you reach the edge to get on the north moving platform. Wait a second before doing it.
    • repeat on the next platform, then leave the cave to the north. The world link is to the east as you exit. – Piece of Heart location on top of Death Mountain in Hyrule.

Swamp Palace Area
  • Directly west of the world link that’s on an above cliff. – West of the world link that is south of the pouch forest in Hyrule.
Misery Mire Area
  • Northwest of Weather Vane.
  • Go south across a bridge after going through the second world link in the Desert Palace area in Hyrule.
    • Go west across another bridge to the world link.

I will continue to update this guide as I find more world links. Let me know in the comments if you know any not listed here or need more help. Visit my Guide to all Guides for other A Link Between Worlds guides.

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