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A Little to the Left Solutions Guide: All Solutions and Answers

Here are all the solutions and answers for ever puzzle in every chapter of A Little to the Left.

A Little to the Left isn’t your typical puzzler. It requires precise positioning and careful shifting. You’ll have to place the objects in each level just right to succeed. To help, my guide provides you with all the solutions and answers to every puzzle in the game.

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Puzzle Solutions and Left Books Solutions

There are five chapters in A Little to the Left. And there are 15-25 levels in each one. I found all five chapters quite complex, so you can definitely expect some serious challenges. Well, unless you use my guide from beginning to end. Let’s get solving!

Chapter 1: Home Sweet Home Puzzle Solutions

  1. Make the cat painting straight.
  2. Put every cat toy inside the basket.
  3. Sort the pencils by lightest to darkest color.
  4. Arrange the sticky notes so every note connects into a doodle.
  5. Make the paintings straight.
  6. Arrange the sheets in ascending order from largest to smallest.
  7. Sort the books by height or thickness.
  8. Sort the CDs in a vertical alignment.
  9. Continue the designs on the envelopes using the stamps.
  10. Ensure that the doodle connects to every note in the grid by placing the sticky notes.
  11. After counting how many pins there are of each color, place them inside the plant with the equivalent number of berries.
  12. Place the stickers on the written dates.
  13. Sort the books so that every book has the same pattern running across the base of the spines.
  14. Rotate the paintings so that the subjects and perspectives are shown from the right side up.
  15. Ensure that the doodle connects to every note in the grid by placing the sticky notes.
  16. Sort the pencils from the sharpest to dullest tips.
  17. Organize the items so there aren’t any gaps and they completely fill the desktop.
  18. Arrange the books to reflect the rainbow gradient.
  19. Sort the pencils according to height, starting with the tallest.
  20. Push the record player’s arm to the second song without scratches, and turn the dials until the light above turns on.
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Chapter 2: The Lost Recipe

  1. Turn the soup cans so the tomatoes face up in each one.
  2. Sort the jars from yellow to green by a gradient order.
  3. Place the largest spoon on the bottom of the stack and the smallest spoon on top.
  4. Make sure that the design appears on every bowl by spinning them.
  5. Move the jars until the color gradient is in place in both rows.
  6. Organize the eggs into a checkered pattern.
  7. Arrange the bread ties along the sides to click together like a puzzle.
  8. Shake off all the stickers by spinning the fruits.
  9. Arrange the noodles from straightest to curliest.
  10. Turn the glasses around so that one picture aligns with the exact same one on the reverse.
  11. Keep arranging the table correctly each time until the level is over.
  12. Arrange the food symmetrically on the platter.
  13. Sort the cans so there’s only one color in each column.
  14. Turn the postcards so that each one connects to the water.
  15. Connect the items to the subsequent items via labels.
  16. Sort the pictures to show a cat dropping and breaking items.

Chapter 3: Nitty Gritty

  1. Sort the cleaning products to fit together like a puzzle.
  2. Arrange everything so they fit by turning labels.
  3. Sort all the items from largest to smallest.
  4. Organize the cookware to fit everything perfectly.
  5. Arrange the lightbulbs precisely.
  6. Arrange all of the items perfectly in every slot.
  7. Align the paint drips by spinning the paint cans.
  8. Arrange the buttons according to hue.
  9. Sort the keys by height, starting with the tallest.
  10. Fit everything into the toolbox precisely.
  11. Align the labels to fit everything in the cabinet precisely.
  12. Arrange the tools to fit on the pegboard.
  13. Clean each penny with the cloth.
  14. Arrange the items according to hue.
  15. Align the arrows with the boxes.
  16. After cleaning the vase with the cloth, raise the flowers until fully open.
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Chapter 4: Inner Nature

  1. Reassemble the vase using the parts along the bottom.
  2. Wipe up spills and paw prints with the cloth.
  3. Remove either one of two specific leaves from the plant.
  4. Sort the leaves by color gradient.
  5. Arrange the plants with the leaves in a straight line.
  6. Sort the jewels by color gradient.
  7. Arrange all the items symmetrically.
  8. Trim the appropriate number of leaves.
  9. Put the items in the appropriate compartments.
  10. Arrange all items symmetrically.
  11. Arrange the rocks to blend their hues.
  12. Fit all jewels as in the puzzle.
  13. Arrange all clovers symmetrically.
  14. Align the pattern with its components by dragging and zooming. Do this three times.
  15. Snatch up the bugs and arrange them in the opposite direction of the bug that has previously been captured.

Chapter 5: Near Earth Organizer

  1. Sort the five paintings on the left in the order indicated by the hints on the screen.
  2. Turn the hands of the clock to correspond with the shadow.
  3. Arrange all shadows to fit the figures.
  4. Connect the stars until you get an image of a cat on its back.
  5. Adjust the icons on the laptop screen to correspond with the surroundings, then use those to arrange the surroundings symmetrically to the screen.
  6. Put matches into the matchboxes according to the hues.
  7. Use a match to melt candles until they’re all the same height.
  8. Arrange the objects as they appear in the mirror.
  9. Use the light shade to highlight the nearby electronics.
  10. Every time the pulsating, colored circle becomes the same size as the larger background circle, pet the cat and keep petting it.
  11. Turn the pencils around.
  12. Arrange the cat toys from left to right symmetrically.
  13. Click the sticky notes in reverse to continue the pattern.
  14. Rotate the rings until only one color remains in each stack of cans.
  15. Remove the eggs, strawberries, and forks from the screen by spinning them.
  16. Turn the soup cans so that only the tomatoes are visible.
  17. After positioning the knut correctly, click on the backward sections to flip them.
  18. Arrange the scrapers by spinning them.
  19. Sort the ladybugs by fewest to most spots.
  20. Turn the shadow rings until the appropriate piece is behind each shadow.
  21. Sort the Tupperware by size, stacking the larger ones first.
  22. Fit everything, including crumbs, into the Tupperware container.
  23. Place the Tupperware where the cat can jump on it.

That’s my complete guide to all the solutions and answers in A Little to the Left. It’s an interesting puzzle game that certainly tested my puzzle-solving skills, and if you enjoyed it, you might also like Witch Beam’s Unpacking.

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