A Plague Tale: Requiem has a variety of different upgrades Amicia can purchase, but it's best to invest in a specific few first.

A Plague Tale: Requiem — Best Upgrades to Get First

A Plague Tale: Requiem has a variety of different upgrades Amicia can purchase, but it's best to invest in a specific few first.

Just as in the previous game, A Plague Tale: Requiem has a variety of equipment upgrades you can purchase to make Amicia’s stealth or combat abilities even better. The improvements you want to purchase largely depend on your playstyle, but even with that in mind, there are a few you should invest in early on to make the entire experience easier. 

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Below, we’ll pinpoint some of the best upgrades to get first in A Plague Tale: Requiem.

Best Upgrades in A Plague Tale: Requiem 

To purchase upgrades, you’ll need to find two different materials: pieces and tools. Both of these are found scattered throughout the environment.

  • Pieces look like little brown sacks.
  • Tools look like little items wrapped in a piece of fabric.

You should be exploring each chapter thoroughly, especially when you’re presented with stealth or combat segments. Stealth segments usually have tons of buildings and chests scattered about that hold valuable alchemical materials, on top of pieces and sometimes tools. With that in mind, here’s what to spend your hard-earned materials on first. 

All Three Instruments Upgrades

The very first upgrades you should purchase should be in the Instruments category. These won’t immediately lead to combat or stealth boosts, but rather help with your pieces and upgrades.

The first rank in this section lets you turn any extra items into pieces. This means if you have a full stock of pots or knives, and you find can be turned into pieces, which is a massive help. The second upgrade lets you craft upgrades anywhere, not just at workbenches.

The really useful one, however, is the third upgrade, which lets you purchase upgrades without needing tools. This means two things: you don’t have to worry about finding tools, but if you do find some, you can turn them into extra pieces. Buy these upgrades first, as they’ll help maximize what you can do on your first playthrough. 

Second Alchemy Upgrade

The alchemy category can be incredibly useful for defensive options, but the second option, in particular, can really be a boon. This upgrade lets you burn an enemy alive by throwing a jar mixed with Ignifer, which can really save you in a pinch or help when you’re trying to remain hidden.

Ignifer is the easiest resource to craft, and the materials needed are always plentiful. Because you’re using a jar, the attack also has an area of effect, meaning you can burn multiple enemies at once. 

Third Crossbow Upgrade

The crossbow is easily Amicia’s deadliest weapon, and if you really want to focus on an aggressive playstyle, it’s absolutely your best option. With that in mind, it’s a good idea to invest in crossbow upgrades, but the third one is easily the best.

This upgrade lets you retrieve used bolts from dead enemies, meaning you basically have an infinite ammo supply. You need to get this upgrade before the last couple of combat encounters, as being able to reclaim bolts is key when you’re facing dozens of enemies. 

That should give you a good idea of where to put your upgrades first, and keep in mind that all of your upgrades will carry over with New Game+. Make sure to take a look at our review of the game, and our other A Plague Tale: Requiem guides.

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