A Plague Tale: Requiem — Where to Find All Flowers and Feathers

A Plague Tale: Requiem has flowers and feathers you can find on your adventure, and they can be a bit tricky to track down if you don't know where to look.

A Plague Tale: Requiem has flowers and feathers you can find on your adventure, and they can be a bit tricky to track down if you don't know where to look.
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A Plague Tale: Requiem sends siblings Amicia and Hugo on a new adventure to foreign lands, contending with plenty of new dangers along the way. While the game is largely linear, there are still quite a few collectibles to grab along the way. Apart from souvenirs, the other major collectibles pertain Hugo’s Herbarium, which sees you picking up a variety of different flowers and feathers.

There are 12 total items to find, scattered across the game, and some are surprisingly well hidden. With that in mind, we’ll help you find every flower and feather in A Plague Tale: Requiem. Keep in mind that not every chapter has one of these collectibles, so we’ll be skipping over any that don’t have one. 

Chapter 2: Newcomers

  • Sub-Chapter  Ignifer
  • Collectible: Arrowhead

The very first flower, Arrowhead, is easy to find, as it’s practically part of the main story. After solving the puzzle with the cranks and the elevator, Amicia and Lucas will end up back in town and find a small vegetable garden.

Lucas will remark about seeing a flower and then run over to it, so simply follow him to grab it. 

Chapter 3: A Burden of Blood

  • Sub-Chapter  At the Edge of the City
  • Collectible: Chamomile

The main goal of Chapter 3 is to find the herbalist, but early on, you’ll find the herbalist captured by guards. You can try and save the herbalist if you want, but it’s not necessary to do so. Instead, go through to his house to find the blocked door. To get through, simply look to the left of the door for a branch you can jump over, then head through a crack in the wall.

Before going into the herbalist’s house, head to the left to a big tree. If you look in the branches of the tree, you’ll notice a couple of pots that can be knocked down by hitting their chains with your sling. The pot on the left side of three has the flower, Chamomile, so just knock it down and pick it up. 

Chapter 4: Protector’s Duty

  • Sub-Chapter — Night Work
  • Collectible: Gentian

Early in Chapter 4, Amicia and Lucas will emerge from a tunnel into the harbor, where Lucas will notice the boat they need.

Head down the hill to the harbor, but take a right and follow the path. Head around some boxes, and you’ll see a patch of purple flowers. Walk up to the patch, and you’ll be able to pick up the Gentian flower. 

Chapter 5: In Our Wake

  • Sub-Chapter — Bridge Under Construction
  • Collectible: Anemone

Partway through Chapter 5, the boat will arrive at a bridge, and Amicia will need to find a way to get to it. Before going onto the bridge, head to the left side and look up and to the left to find a chain you can break to drop down a small bridge.

Now go around the first column to find a cart on the other side, and push the cart forward and to the left to a ledge.

Now go across the bridge you dropped, then up a couple of ledges on your left. At the top, you’ll find a pink patch of flowers, and an Anemone flower among them. 

Chapter 6: Leaving All Behind

  • Sub-Chapter — Towards the Sea
  • Collectible: Jay Feather

This is the first feather of the game, and it’s also impossible to miss because it’s directly a part of the story. After starting the chapter, the siblings will walk through a field of flowers before racing to a tree.

Once you get to the tree, Hugo will be looking at a feather on the ground, so simply interact with it to get the Jay feather

Chapter 7: Felons

  • Sub-Chapter — Arrival at the Beach
  • Collectible: Black-Headed Gull Feather

Go through Chapter 7 until you arrive at a beach and Hugo asks if he can run into a flock of seagulls. After the seagulls fly away, head up to the left and look for a little shack.

Go into the shack and then through the window on the left. Now just follow the little path until you reach the Black-Headed Gull feather at its end. 

Chapter 8: A Sea of Promises

  • Sub-Chapter — Celebration of the Brighter Days
  • Collectible: Black Kite Feather

At the start of Chapter 8, the party will arrive on the island and get the chance to explore the festivities. Follow the path until you reach a plaza with a bunch of stands set up, then hug the left wall until you see a little amphitheater with a tree behind it.

Walk around the villagers and up the hill to the tree, which is where you’ll find the Black Kite feather

Chapter 9: Tales and Revelations

  • Sub-Chapter — Entering the Sanctuary
  • Collectible: Barn Owl Feather

Roughly halfway through Chapter 9, you’ll have to sneak into the sanctuary while staying hidden from the guards. Using stealth, navigate around the guards and up to the top of the hill. At that point, you’ll see the door you need to go through, but it will be closed and locked by a guard. Head to the left side of the door and into the grass, then through a window and up the stairs.

At the top, you’ll find another door Amicia will lock behind her. At this point, you’ll be in a winding tower, so head up but ignore the first exit. Go to the very top, then climb the wall to get to a new path.

Follow this path, and you’ll stumble upon the Barn Owl feather, just before it drops back off to the main path. 

Chapter 10: Bloodline

  • Sub-Chapter — The Old Temple
  • Collectible: Raven Feather

Partway through Chapter 10, you’ll run into a puzzle where Amicia needs to use a chandelier to break through a door. Directly after that, you’ll be following a path. Go left when it forks.

Follow the small hill up and to the right, and you’ll see a dropdown point that leads to a ledge over the ocean. Head down, and follow the path. You’ll come to a pile of Raven feathers. To get back, just head back up and take the ledges to the left. 

Chapter 11: The Cradle of Centuries

  • Sub-Chapter — Byzantine Technology
  • Collectible: European Goldfinch Feather

After the door Sophia blows up with Greek Fire, you’ll come to enter a second room with another blocked door on the left. Directly across from that door, on the right side of the room, is a small alcove with a barrel of Greek Fire. Hit the barrel with Ignifer, and you’ll open a small hole.

Crawl through the hole, and directly in front of you will be the European Goldfinch feather

Chapter 13: Nothing Left

  • Sub-Chapter — Ruined Village
  • Collectible: Greylag Goose Feather

Near the end of Chapter 13, the trio will have to make their way through a ruined village. Follow the chapter as you go through an enemy encounter, across a collapsed tower, and through some rooms until you get to a small area with a cart that you can push.

Instead of pushing the cart to the next ledge, bring it back to the doorway you just came through, and you’ll see a ledge just to the right.

Position the cart and jump up. Then, on the ground to the left, you should see the Greylag Goose feather

Chapter 16: King Hugo

  • Sub-Chapter — Marseille
  • Collectible: Carnation

The final flower, Carnation, is practically impossible to miss. At the start of Chapter 16, you’ll move into the destroyed city and Lucas will go over to a flower, noting that something has survived. Simply pick up the flower, and you’ll have every piece of Hugo’s Herbarium. 

Now that you have every feather and flower, you’ll get the Herbalist and Ornithologist trophies and/or achievements for your hard work. Make sure to head to our guide hub for A Plague Tale: Requiem for even more tips and tricks. 

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