Achievement, The Hunt for Gamerscore

Easy games to boost your gamerscore

Easy games to boost your gamerscore

Xbox achievements have become a staple for core and hardcore gamers alike. Hearing the awarding sound and obtaining a long awaited achievement is satisfying for whatever stupid reason. I am guilty as any other achievement hunter.

Out of the two hundred seventy five games I have played, not all are retail releases, there are arcade titles in that count. Out of all retail games I have played though, which game has the easiest achievement set. (This excludes Avatar: The Last Airbender) This is out of any game you had to progress and play through.

Out of these multiple retail games I voted The Darkness 2 as the easiest to obtain a 1000/1000 gamer score on. The game did not require any guide to find collectibles. The Darkness 2 also allowed the hardest difficulty to be played through on New Game +, allowing the player to have already upgraded their character. In less than a weeks time , only a couple hours a night I was able to 100% this game. All things considered it wasn’t a half bad play either.

Other Easy Games:

King Kong (Use level select for easy 800)

Lollipop Chainsaw (Use guide for collectibles)

Avatar: TLA (Combo in tutorial)

Portal 2

Easy RPGs

Lord of the Rings: War In The North

Enchanted Arms

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