AEW: Fight Forever — Best Skills to Unlock in Road to Elite

These are the best skill and abilities to focus on in Road to Elite when playing AEW: Fight Forever.

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Road to Elite is AEW: Fight Forever‘s career mode, where you control a wrestle through a whole season of the promotion’s bouts. There are around 17 matches available, as well as additional ones for Rampage and Dark. Victories and other actions will net you skill points that you can use to build up your superstar. Below we list the best skills to unlock in each category to help you on the road to victory.

The Best Road to Elite Skills to Get in AEW: Fight Forever

Before diving into the list of best skills for Road to Elite, it’s important to note a few important points:

  • Skills are separated into the following categories: Stat Skills, Action Skills, and Passive Skills.
  • Only custom wrestlers/CAWs are able to earn new skills/stats. AEW wrestlers might gain skill points, but you can’t use them since their skills are fixed and permanent.
  • You need to complete a full Road to Elite run with your CAW if you want to save their unlocked skills.
  • Once a CAW has completed Road to Elite, you can try to rerun the whole thing. However, their skills will be reset (for that playthrough only). As such, there’s no point in doing multiple runs with the same CAW.

Best Stat Skills

AEW: Fight Forever doesn’t have attributes (i.e., akin to an OVR rating, for example). However, there are still a few stats that determine your offense. From playing 100s of matches, I can say these are the most important ones:

  • Momentum Rate — This determines how much Momentum you gain when you do your moves.
  • Movement Speed — A CAW that’s just starting out will feel slow and sluggish.
  • Finisher/Signature Slots — You can unlock these later, but only if you need additional finishers/signatures for your repertoire.

Generally speaking, I don’t recommend damage-boosting stats unless you have enough points to spare. That’s because basic mechanics already allow you to spam your signature moves once you’ve gained enough Momentum. As such, performing signature moves a few times will easily take out your opponents.

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Best Action Skills

When talking about the best skills in AEW: Fight Forever, we have to pay close attention to Action Skills. These are performed or activated during a match and depend on certain situations. Below, I’ve listed some viable options, starting with mandatory ones, followed by optional picks:

  • Bail Out — This lets you slide out of the ring when downed, which is amazing to have since you can avoid someone’s offense or potential pin attempts.
  • Jump Start — This allows you to attack before the bell is rung.
  • Kip-Up — This allows you to do a kip-up when you’ve got a signature or special active. As such, you’ll be able to get back into the fray instead of being at the mercy of ground attacks.
  • Optional: Quick Mount — This lets you jump up the turnbuckle. It’s most viable for those who play as a high-flyer.
  • Optional: Desperation Impulse — This gives you an opportunity to perform low blows or roll-ups when in the Danger state. It’s only useful if you’re going up against tougher AI difficulties since you could get hit with signatures and finishers often.

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Best Passive Skills

Finally, the best Road to Elite skills wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Passive Skills. As the term implies, these are triggered automatically in certain situations (usually with a slight chance of happening). Here are the ideal picks:

  • Grit — Chance to kick out of match-ending finishers.
  • Submission Toughness — Chance to break out of submissions.
  • Elite Defense — Chance to reverse/counter finishers.
  • Taunt Buff — Gives a Momentum boost when taunting.
  • Optional: First Attack Buff — This is viable since it grants a minor Momentum boost if you’re the first one to land a hit during a match.
  • Optional: Diving Attack Buff — This is a good choice for those who like high-flyers.

In any case, that’s all you need to know about the best Road to Elite skills in AEW: Fight Forever. For other tips and info, you can visit our AEW: FF guides hub.

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