AEW: Fight Forever — How to Increase Match Ratings

Here's how you can get a 5-star match rating or higher in AEW: Fight Forever.

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Knowing how to increase match ratings AEW: Fight Forever give you the ability to obtain higher cash rewards — and everybody loves making more money. However, there are some key actions you need to do to have the best chance of reaching a 5-star grade or the highest rating or 7 stars. Our guide tells you what those actions are.

Match Ratings Explained: Factors That Affect Your Grade

After finishing a bout, there’s always a potential to earn any of the match ratings depending on your performance. Generally speaking, the grade is affected by the following factors:

  • HP — The more HP you have, the higher the score.
  • Match Time — The faster you can complete a match, the higher the score.
  • Move Selection — Executing more moves nets a better score.
  • Match Evaluation — This considers the above factors and some hidden modifiers, which I’ll mention below.

In most cases, you’ll generally have 3-star or 4-star matches by adhering to those criteria above. However, if you maximize certain actions, you can reach a 5-star match rating or higher — perhaps even a 7-star grade.

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The Guaranteed Way to Increase Match Ratings

Perform Signatures and Finishers

One of the key factors that can greatly increase match ratings in AEW: Fight Forever is being able to do signature moves and finishers. The idea is to keep on the offensive until you gain enough momentum for a signature move, which can be used over and over.

You’ll also want to perform a taunt when a signature is ready but before using it. This activates your special, which lets you do a finisher. Perform three to five signatures and finishers on your foe before pinning them for the win to increase your grade at the end of a match.

Use Thumbtacks in a Hardcore Match

Another key part to increasing match ratings is starting a Light’s Out (hardcore) match with thumbtacks. Once the bell rings, exit the ring, then press L2/LT when standing next to the ring apron. This will make your character pick up a weapon. With luck (and RNG on your side), you find a pouch with thumbtacks.

Once you have the pouch, re-enter the ring and pour thumbtacks by pressing L2/LT. Then, perform your signature/finisher on your opponent, making sure that they also hit the thumbtacks when you drop them. In some cases, you may need to reposition them via lifts and grabs.

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Wrestlers that get hit with a signature or finisher on thumbtacks boost your match rating score significantly due to the violence and blood (something rabid pro-wrestling crowds love in the real world). Earning a 7-star rating also nets you the “Match of the Year” achievement/trophy.

But that’s the best way to increase your match ratings in AEW: Fight Forever. With these tips, you’ll get 5-stars or higher every time. For other tips and tricks, such as our Road to Elite skills guide, click the link or visit our AEW: FF guides hub.

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